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  1. Black_Boots

    Onlymaker - how long to get a reply to email?

    They reply quick, we are in summer period, they may be off... Send a reminder...
  2. Black_Boots

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Pretty cool!
  3. Black_Boots

    New Shoe size!!!

    I was walking last Saturday in Mong Kok area in Hong Kong when I saw the attached ad telling the shop was providing shoes from very small to very large shoes... Interesting point for us no? P.S Sorry I forgot to take photo of the shop...
  4. Black_Boots

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    I love these boots! You say you already own similar pair, for sure they fit you very well! I would have kept them for sure! By the way, I am looking for such pair!
  5. Almost same look as me, almost same photo studio! I like it!
  6. Black_Boots

    For sale: Booties Amanda Gregory size US10 / EUR 42

    The boots are sold!
  7. Hello Bio, Thank you for the compliment! The boots are from "Onlymaker", easy to find on amazon. Bye.
  8. My today's outfit.
  9. Black_Boots

    My Girlfriend's Heels!

    Hi, well you ask to say something, so let me do it! First of all, let me congratulate your wife, as it seems she wears amazingly high heels on a daily basis, and for all of us, I mean men who wears heels, we can honestly know how hard and painful it can be! Secondly, among her love for high heels, she has very good taste and wers sandals perfectly! And this last photo shots of your vacations are my favorites, just amazing! Thank you for sharing your life which from the pictures point of view looks sexy! One question, does your wife get noticed, looked at, get compliments regularly, as the kind of shoes she wears is not really common? Bye.
  10. Black_Boots

    For sale: Booties Amanda Gregory size US10 / EUR 42

    Happy new year! So far I got no contact, I just put the Thread on the top of the list! They are really amazing! Go ahead! Cheers.
  11. This is a beautiful pair of Amanda Gregory booties. They are made in Italy and of a superb leather, Inside and outside. I bought them brand new, they have some very light scratches (see pictures), and have been worn (by me) only once. This pair is of really high quality of execution, the leather is wonderfull, soft and smells very good! I sell them because they don't fit me. I wear US11 / EUR 43 and they run a bit too small for me. I recommand them for a US10 / EUR 42. I don't want to throw them away, they are so nice...I just want someone else to enjoy them! Make me an offer, I can ship worldwide.
  12. Black_Boots

    Interesting device...

    Check this out: http://bit.ly/2zSoL8R
  13. Black_Boots

    A special shoe

    Hi all, I was yesterday at the EMO (World Machine Tool Exhibition) in hannover for Professional purpose and when walking around the booths, I came across this amazing piece of art! A high heeled shoe completely milled out of a solid piece of aluminum! Normally the manufacturer show technical parts, but some of them show some artistical or non conventional pieces. It was 1:1 scale and quite well realized as you could see. I wanted to share with you, enjoy! Bye.
  14. Black_Boots


    Thank you Tom! They look a bit different on Amazon, perhaps due to a smaller size then yours. I'll check them out!
  15. Black_Boots


    Hey I like the booties, what is the name or model? Thank you! Matt.

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