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  1. OK, I think I see the picture you are referring to.  The blue cowboy boots.  I bought those used, they are Champion Attitude boots with 3" heels...Don

  2. Way to go on wearing your heels to the event, and BTW you look great in them. Feminine and masculine put together with perfection. BTW, I have started to wear my 3.5", 4.5", and 5" heeled cowboy boots to my clients and not a single negative word, only compliments or nothing at all from men and women. I have climbed ladders with them on running cabling in the ceiling and amaze the hell out of the other guys. I think if we all keep pushing the envelope it will become normal sooner than we think.
  3. Welcome Back!!!!

  4. Where are you getting your boots from and are they possibly Miguel Jones boots?

    1. pebblesf


      Well, the white boots actually belong to a buddy, but I know they were not MJ boots.  I do have a few pairs of MJ boots with 5" heels.  The quality is pretty good for the price, although the sizes seem to run a bit big.  In other words, I usually wear size 10 USmen's boots, but had to order size 9s from MJ.  My last purchase was a few years back, so he may have updated his sizing since then.  To be honest, the MJ boots aren't as easy to walk in as my conventional women's 5" boots.  I wish that I had the sense to buy some boots from "Western Ranch" in Canada, dream of owning a pair of their 5-6" boots.  WR went out of business a few years back. 

      The other pictures I have posted here are women's boots from thrift stores. 

      Not sure if I have answered your question, let me know buddy.


  5. Thank you for the response and update, Bummer!!!!!
  6. Great boots and great outfit to relax in!!!!! :-)
  7. Anybody in Houston that enjoys going out in their heels and boots and would be interested in meeting up for coffee, lunch, and or dinner? I will be in Houston next week Wed, Thurs, Fri and interested in going out and meet new friends. Let me know.

    men in heels

    Go ahead and do it, you will find you will get more compliments than you think and not many if any negative comments. More people than you think want to see and or want guys to wear heels. Have a great time and enjoy the rush!!!!!
  9. I hope I look 1/10 as good as you when I am 50 and I am 46 now. You look great and smoking hot in that outfit. Great taste and great outfit!!!! Go as long as you can!!!!!
  10. I think it just depends on the outfit, the mood, and what you are planning on doing in them.....
  11. Those are Giaro Boots and I purchased them on eBay.  They are amazing boots and great to wear.   Thank you for your compliments.

  12. Just went through all of your photos and what an amazing collection of heels and boots.  Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Thanks for all of your input everyone. I am traveling from Denver to Houston this week and I was planning on wearing my stiletto boots to the airport and through security. I will update you all on how it all goes.
  14. My experience has been good with 4.5" stacked heel cowboy boots and stacked heeled boots like my grey ones in my photos. But, what are your experiences with going thru wearing stiletto heels? I look forward to hearing your responses...
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