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  1. GAH!!! I love those!! If anyone followed my curiosity about Poshmark, oh my goodness...Got these Neiman Marcus pumps for $25! They fit well and are pretty much brand new! What an amazing/dangerous site haha. Will post pics wearing them, a little bit lower on the height for a change
  2. Thank you everyone! This is all good to read! I’m seeing like Louboutin’s and some designer heels on the not so ridiculously priced side as well! But also other really cute shoes. I appreciate the feedback
  3. I have the Domina 420 and I remember when I first bought them, I went with my true size (US12) and they were actually a bit tight. With pantyhose I could wear them, then after being broken in a bit they fit wonderfully. The Domina in larger sizes isn't quite "super arch" but more the slope of maybe a 5 inch heel. I have the "Scream-01" and they do wanna make you scream lol. They are Super Arched. Hope this helps!
  4. I was curious if anyone has purchased from this site. It's gently used shoes as well as other clothing from sellers. I've recently fell in love with the site due to lots of heels that are in my size but I'm not sure how logistically it works and how it's shipped. Still trying to do discreet shipping...
  5. Hello my fabulous high heel wearing people! Making a reappearance after a long while. Saying hello again and hoping everyone has been well! Yulia ♥
  6. My Pleaser Scream - 01's, they also have an ankle strap that be put on them. I love these, my first extreme heels and looking to get more! ^_^


    1. CAT


      Those are awesome spikes !!!!  I need to put those on my list for 2018!

  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/fashion/the-end-of-high-heels.html I found this on the NY Times. It's a good read, but I find the title very misleading. Sure it's been the symbol of women for the longest time. But maybe what this article may be implying is that with all the Gender Neutrality in today's day in age. Maybe, just maybe things are making a turn for everybody wearing them as open, accepted, expression? I was kind of getting that vibe slightly from this article. It does bring up a lot of good points, and is worth a read. Thoughts?
  8. Hmmmm the pumps may be of some interest to me if they're still for sale. I just have to convert EU 43 to US which I think is women's 12.
  9. I tried on my friend's ballet heels, I only lasted 10mins, and I'm miss "I can wear any heels" lol. Seriously you do have to learn to work up in increments, I bought the Devious Scream pumps about a month or two ago and after about 45mins my feet were screaming lol. I guess the shoe lives up to its name. But seriously it worried me because I could have easily injured myself. 24hrs in Ballet Heels would be an amazing feat, but you just have to be real careful.
  10. Saw some of these from Aliexpress as well, what do you think of them???
  11. Not sure if I flaunted these already, I've had them for a while. Michael Kors Skid Wedge, the deal I got on them was unreal. They were $70 I think from thredUp
  12. JEALOUS, I love those!! so casual!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm back on the site a little more active, I had a long band of not really chatting on forums and just trying to be able to live out my love for shoes. Things have gotten better, I have a few more pairs, I'll never stop loving shoes! I hope everyone has been well and I'm looking forward to seeing at the cute heels you all are flaunting! Yes the profile picture is in fact me, I'm actually a guy and list myself as so in my profile. I just tend to dress up full femme sometimes ♥ I go by the name Yulia commonly, especially when talking about shoes. I hope to contribute some more feedback on people's threads and can't wait to see some people's adventures and stories! Again, it's lovely to be back ♥ Yulia
  14. If I do the +2 rule for women's sizing, it's....42-43 in EU or 12 US. I can fit in "some" size 11/41-42's so I'm not sure what to reference since shoes are so different (sigh) I was looking at the Danubia model or something similar.
  15. Instead of posting a new thread, I figured I'd "bump" this one for the moment. Has anyone purchased from ItalianHeels.com? I've been looking at their shoes and just have a lot of questions. Still searching for that perfect pair of super arch pumps ♥ I'm just nervous that because of my shoe size, the 6inch heel won't be steep like it is in the pictures... Any intel/suggestions, let me know ♥ Thanks again everyone, I do appreciate all the feedback a lot.
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