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  1. I bought these boots few years ago but still love them!
  2. I jost order these. It doesn't have heels but anyway I like it! http://www.fashiondays.hu/p/melissa-fekete-barna-térdig-Érő-bőrcsizma-női-frye-3403648-1/?p=1&lt=search
  3. What do you think these boots for a guy? Waiting for girls voice too! https://www.fashiondays.hu/p/melissa-fekete-barna-térdig-Érő-bőrcsizma-női-frye-3403648-1/?p=90&lt=search
  4. What do you think these boots? Thinking about to get one for winter. https://www.fashiondays.hu/p/jackie-fekete-térdig-Érő-bőrcsizma-női-frye-3518185-1/?utm_source=rtbhouse&utm_medium=retargeting&utm_campaign=rtbhouse-retargeting
  5. Hi, What do you think about these boots for street. Are these to feminine? http://www.mangooutlet.com/HU-en/p0/woman/accessories/shoes/boots-and-ankle-boots/leather-high-leg-boots/?id=53063669_99&n=1&s=accesorios.zapatos
  6. Yep great looking boots. I love the heel. Tell us a little more about them, Brand, size, where you found them,... The brand and the model, L.A.M.B. Hylda. I bought them on the ebay. US size 10, which is a little bit large or me. The heel is 4.75" and the shaft is approxometly 23", also has a little platform which is totaly invisible.
  7. What do you think about these boots? I don't think they are too feminime, I'm thinking to buy them! http://shop.mango.com/GB/p0/women/new/buckle-leather-ankle-boots/?id=53053646_99&n=1&s=nuevo&ident=0__0_1441188865706&ts=1441188865706
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