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  1. Exactly, photography is all about the light! 👍
  2. My wife herself is mixing styles quite often, not always to my amusement ..... 😉 For example baggy pants and heels, i consider that as "strange". 🤓
  3. That's better, the lighting is much improved. I am normally no friend of patterned stockings, but with your legs it is OK. 👍
  4. Good looking pumps, and a nice style together with the jeans! 👍
  5. No it´s not. There is just not enough light to make it shine. This picture was too dark and was brightened in postproduction, sometimes that works very well. Try it!
  6. I´ve tried it, but didn´t get the hang on it. For me it is good enough when i come home and my wife greets me in heels ..... 😉 or when we leave for shopping / entertainment and she is in heels. 😍
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