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  1. You need to go shopping in places with big women's basketball teams programs.  Volleyball programs are good too.  They tend to carry larger sizes in the stores near by.

    But I have  U.S. women's size 10, so I am lucky.

  2. I usually drive in heels. Even for 5-6+ hour trips.  Mostly wedges. I sometimes take my stilettos off when driving for two reasons. 

    1.  I have worn a hole in my floor mat and the stiletto can get stuck in it. Not good on the mountainous roads I drive.
    2.  It mess up the outside of heel on the shoes. I tend to rest my foot on the back side.  

    So I have been known to take a driving wedge with me.

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  3. I wear my hoodie with jeans and heels a good deal of the time.  Also my hoodie with shorts and heels.  For example, yesterday I had my new 3.5 inseam velvet shorts with a hoodie and heels.

    Today its a hoodie, mock turtleneck, skinny jeans, and wedges.  Chilly this morning.

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  4. Mike:  That's why I hope this trend to higher heels is taking place in your area as well.  Don't forget about our South America and Australian and New Zealand members.

  5. I got good news.  I visited the shoe boutique in town the other day.  The manager came over to talk with me. She knows that I want at least a 4 inch difference between the toes and the heel. They only had one model in that range but not in my size.  But here's the good news.  Since our state is opening up a bit and women are going back to work, she said that the women have been asking for heels again.  So the next shipment they have already ordered will have a lot more heels, higher heels.  I hope you see this trend in your neck of the woods.

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