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  1. I had a wardrobe malfunction today when I got to work and had to change my pants. Luckly I had some other pants in the car, but they were shorts.  Chilly wet windy day here with tempertures 47-50 F (8-10 C). You do what you have to do.


  2. I got a $15 discount email from DSW yesterday AFTER I bought the Jessica Simpsons. Since I had to return the Marc Fishers, I asked if they could apply the $15 discount to what I bought. Didn't get the $15 discount, instead got at $39 discount. They went on clearance and I got $15 off. Final price: somewhere around $55. A WIN WIN.

    water proofed the new boots yesterday and wore them for over 11 hours today.  Got lots of compliments on them too.

  3. 2 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    Just out of curiosity, in what way did they not fit? I am also curious about how those very thin straps work in the real world, but since you sent them back, I guess that is something we'll never know.

    I have a thick toebox and the straps are too thight to get my toes in. I was hoping they would stretch more.

  4. As I said in the tall-boots post, I went to DSW today.  This large DSW store use to have about 15% sneakers.  Now it's over 50%. Front of the store.

    Anyway, I found the tiny real estate for boots and found these Jessica Simpson Lexie boots.  man-made material BUT it's rain so much here this year hat I haven't wore my suede or leather boots.  We have had 7 "atmostpheric rivers" hit us this year.  Water proof them so that I can wear them during the next river tomorrow.

    JS Lexie_smh.jpg

    Picture in them tomorrow.

    They are sooooooo comfortable.

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  5. I have two different red Jessica Simpson stiletto booties.   But yes are suede and yesterday was a servere weather day with heavey rain and winds gusts above 80 mph.  I wore my blue faux suede boots, wanted to satisfy my inner Elvis.  A colleague came by while I was talking with another colleague and told me "don't you know, you don't wear suede in the rain." I laughed and told her they were fake suede. I get so many comments in these, I also have the black, that I should have also bought the red. Besides they were cheap.

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  6. No picture today, but yesterday I wore my blue faux suede Impo (almost) knee boots. I stop by the division office to check on my medical leave request,  The first comment I got was "I'll been looking for boots like those." I explained they were years oldand I got the black pair too, but didn't get the red version.  I was told "you should have got the red version too.  The adminstrative assistant came around to see my heels and agreed that I should have gotten the red pair too.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Puffer said:

    There are these, however, which appear to have been made under the 'Timbaland' [note spelling] label; 13.5cm heel and 3cm platform.

    Just the job for Mike to wear for a stroll in the country.


    Must be designed for the urban jubgle.

  8. I know it is a longshot, a very very longshot, but you got to try for it to happen.  Lately I have noticed some manufactures bring back a fan favorite.  I'm also on a wait list for those Multi-ice look boots.  They sold out very fast, even at $400/pair.

  9. I wear a JS size 11 because they are narrower than other shoes.  But I asked for them to bring back Rollin (my knee high stiletto boots), boots with full zipper, higher heels and slightly more ankle room.  And a lace-up sandal.  Nothing much. Let's hope they listen to me.  😄

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