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  1. I don't know why keep doing this. I had a 4 hour break to fill on Thursday so I went shoe shopping. Looked at a large Macy's. The section of non sneakers (trainer) is so small now. Short heels or ugly shaped heels.

    Looked at several other shoe brand store ... NOTHING.

    Then went to DSW. Again the sneakers must be breeding at night and spreading through the store. Nothing of interest


  2. 14 hours ago, Bubba136 said:

    I just celebrated my 68th birthday. I have been wearing high heels for more than 50 years.  I have never experienced any problem like what is shown here.  For the life of me, I don’t understand how anyone could function wearing shoes that fit as shown. Besides being unsightly and most uncomfortable, they could be considered downright awkward and dangerous.  Needless to say, if I had that problem, I wouldn’t ever wear heels.


    Hey youngster,

    Sometimes its not the shoes but the surface; walk on cobblestones or wet slippery surfaces (in stilletoes). You have no choice. The only time I have fallen was on a rounded uneven surface of cement 'tiles'. But I have had a leg slip out from under me.

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  3. I have been seeing a lot of boots with 3 inch heels lately. 

    I am now in a position that I have meetings with upper management several times a week. I see a lot more higher heels now.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    Yes, very often it is.

    My big peeve about it all is the range of interesting shades and colours that are offered to women, especially in outdoor gear, while my tastes, as a man, are assumed to be stunted, limited to black, dark blue, pine green or brick red. 

    What's stopping you?

  5. We had all campus meeting today. Wore my black (below) knee high boots with a thin 3.6 inch heels. This is also the unoffical meeting of the high heel club. 5 women stop by my table to compare heels with me, 3 stiletto booties and 2 knee high boots. I was also stop by half a dozen other women so they could tell me how much they loved my boots. About 20% in low heels and a few kitten heels.

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  6. On 1/17/2024 at 2:21 PM, HappyinHeels said:

    Here are the JS Devalyn sandals I said I’d post. They are size 10. Bought a shoe stretcher and used it several times. Wore them several hours a day to break in. Love the way they look. Have pics in jeans but have to resize them. I would think mlroseplant would like these. 

    Here’s the JS Devalyn sandal with jeans and a top for Christmas. You don’t have to do your toes but it’s more fun with shoes like this. HinH

    Where was the devalyn tight?  I have been looking at these but I am concern that they might be TOO tight.

  7. The Journee Collection 'Markie' came in a week or so ago. Just opened them up and tried them on.  The size 11 were to big so I exchanged them for a size 10. And the 10 fits fine. 4 inch stilettos with pointy toes, very pointy. Back zipper. Picture soon.

  8. 'Stiletto Wedges' was a stlye in the 2000's. Marketing would never let them be called meat cleaver nor stiletto 'ice picks'.

    Proud owner of a Victoria's Secret 'stiletto wedges'.😁

  9. I stopped by my local boutique shoe store. Wet day, no customers, so, I was able to have a long talk with the manager. She knows what I like and will order shoes that are in my size. I told her what happened to the heel on my Soda booties and she will bring it up with the rep. Also, she remember that I had purchased several colors of a heel called Agenda and I was lucky since the company only makes that style in black now.

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  10. 20 hours ago, HappyinHeels said:

    Hi All,

    I just ordered the JS Devalyn sandal which is basically a slingback version of the very popular Dany sandal that has been around since at least 2010. 

    HNY HiH,

    I was just looking at the JS Devalyn. I can't get my toe box in the Dany and scared that I might have the problem with the Devalyn. Tell us how they fit when you get them.

  11. 3 hours ago, pebblesf said:

    .... Don't think I would wear my stiletto boots to home depot, but have no problem wearing my 3" block heeled ankle boots.  

    I have woren by JS knee high stiletto boots to home depot.  Picked up some 2 by 4's. No problems. Some double/triple takes, but no problems.

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