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  1. I miss in-person.  I tend to wear my heels all day when out. But at home I might walk around barefoot half the time. Wearing stilettos around the house is alright, wearing stilettos to work is divine.

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  2. Yesterday I attended an all day joint retreat between 3 governing boards in the downtown area. Our "free" parking (otherwise $32) was 5 blocks away. I wore my black Charles by Charles David gladiator sandals. (12 hour day) As usual I had a woman tell me that they envied my heels but could wear them herself - she was <5 feet tall. And another woman asked if I drove in heels, especially the 8 hour drive the weekend before in which I "attended" another retreat while driving.  My answer was  of course, YES.

    However, the sidewalk was not flat - horizontal, it sloped from the building towards the street. I had trouble walking down the two blocks like. Almost tipped over once when it steep 15 degree slant.  

    The question for you all:  How do you navigate slanted walkways when the slant is perpendicular to your direction of travel?

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  3. Every time I wear my sherpa I have both men and women asked where I got it because they want one too. Clothes, like shoes, have no gender, that's a label people apply.

    I think more men would wear leggings if they had footballs, basketballs, etc. on them

  4. I think Korean Airlines had a class for their flight attendants.

    However, if you send me enough money I'll create one. 🤩

    In the meantime start strengthening your ankles and balance with standing on your toes for a minute. Then on one leg. Then walk around on your toes.

  5. 29 minutes ago, pebblesf said:

    She has known you all this time but doesn't realize you wear heels?  I love throwing little comments in like that when with coworkers, but they have no idea for the most part.  

    I had not seen almost all these folks for over 30 years. Pot bellies galore. 

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  6. I forgot one more conversation. 

    I was talking with a woman I have known for over 60 years. I said something like "I liked those stilettos" another woman was wearing. My friend said she did too, but she would fall over if she tried to wear them. I then said, "I could wear those with ease, but their not my style."  She looked at me with a puzzled look so I show her the heels I was wearing.  Now a shocked look appeared.  😀

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  7. I have seen this on TV years ago that surgeons in China was doing this.  They cut the bone and insert rods so they can separate the bones and keep them aligned.

    My neighbor's son had a bone problem where they had to removed some of one femur when he was very young, so one leg was shorter that the other.  When he was about 10, surgeons in California "grew" his leg longer (this way) so that he could have a more normal life.  It worked!  He is fine now.

  8. I was very lucky. I found my size in women's shoes when I needed some water shoes for an upcoming Christmas trip to Hawaii. They were out on men's in my size, but still had some in similar women's sizes left. The women's size 10 fit my feet great. The next was when I was looking for running shoes that actually fit my feet. Again women's size 10 fit better any any men's running shoe ever did. So when I NEEDED a 4-inch heel to walk I went to a DSW and tried on size 10 in the clearance racks.  Never bought a "men's" shoe since. My feet fit women's shoes so much better. 

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  9. I have had several interactions and observations this past week.


    I wore my Freebird Canti sandals for my pedicure last week. I’ve known these women for over a decade. The other women, who was working on someone else, told me she likes the style and ask what brand they were. I told her Freebird and she loves their boots but they are out of her price range. Somehow, she is on a list and gets their ads all the time. We talked for about Freebird boots for a while with the women get her pedicure chiming in as well.

    Going to wear a different pair for my next pedicure. (see the last story for the picture)

    Fb-Canti d1hh.jpg


    On Friday I was in LA and took my mother to an upscale resort for dinner. Her choice.  Most of the women where in heels, about 30% in the 4-inch range and half of those stilettos. I was in my black Freebird Blaze.


    On Saturday I went to a 50-year reunion. Lots of heels and many great stilettos.


    At my room key didn’t work when I got back to the hotel so I had to go the front desk and get it new key, aka card made. Getting off the elevator a guy commented “awesome heels dude”, “thanks”.

    As I was leaving the front desk, I hear the other front desk agent (a women) say to the agent that took care of me, “did you see his heels?”

     I turned around and asked, “do you like them?”

    “Oh yes, I love them.”

    These Freebird Blaze were a great hit this weekend.

    FB Blaze Blacks05h.jpg

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  10. 4 hours ago, spikesmike said:

    Cali : Thank you for your suggestions I am sure they are exact. However, you are speaking a foreign language to me. I am computer stupid. All of what you see here is hunt and peck. I am lucky to be able to delete my email. I will pose this info. to my neighbor and see if she can do all of this for me. Mike   P.S. I try never to post without a picture.

    You mean to tell me there is something other than hunt and peck? Mind blowing info.

  11. @spikesmike

    To reduce the size:

    1.  Crop the picture in your jpeg photo program.

    2.  Open Paint3D and import your jpeg.  Use "canvas to resize the photo.  Enter the % of the original photo you want in the horizontal and hit tab. It will give you the same reduction in the other dimension.  Save as a jpeg.

    Remember this resize is an area, so it is a squared function.

    Example a 50% reduction (in both dimensions) with yield a file that is 1/4 the size, A 1000 to a 250 size.

    50% = 0.5, so (50%)^2 = 0.5 times 0.5 = 0.25 = 1/4

  12. 4 hours ago, CAT said:

    I have done this in all sorts of ways.  Depends on what is on the schedule.  If I am am just going out I throw on an out fit and heels and walk out the door and get in the truck on the driveway, as the truck does not fit in the garage!.   I am sure neighbors have seen me but no one has said anything over the last several years.  I don't think its a big deal!

    When you don't think it is a big deal and you don't act like it is either, it gives people around you the concept that it's no big deal.

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  13. I almost always leave my house and drive off in heels. I park my car in my attached garage (novel idea now-a-days). But sometimes its outside the garage when I come and on. And I will check my street mail box in heel most of the time.

    It depends on what I am doing. If I am working around my house I will have running shoes. I have too many gophers to wear heels. Also if I am working with heavy or large object such as a kayak, I will also wear running shoes.

    I sometimes carry a back-up pair of heels with me, sometime running shoes if I am going hiking..

    However, bottom line, my neighbors know I wear heels. I will converse with them in heels, many times with open toes that also shows my pedicure.

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  14. Almost every shoe I have has metal somewhere on it. Taking off my heels is something I'm accustomed to doing, it's the double take from the screeners that I find comical.  I upgrade on long haul flights so I fit comfortably. 

    The smallest clearance between rows was many moons ago on a Cathy Pacific flight between Manila and Hong Kong where my knees were pinned to the seat in front of me the whole time.

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