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  1. Great Inspiration for ladeis wearing high heels

    Hi MackyHeels, That's why I put it in the Women's Forum. I agree with you. I think it's more the message about building women's confidence than high heels.
  2. I came across this website, Pinterest account and YouTube videos for a lady who sends encouraging messages to women. Very inspirational. She loves high heels and uses her shoes as a platform to get her message across (no pun intended). She really rocks her heels!! You can find her at: www.judyshighheels.com Pinterest - Search for: Judyshighheels YouTube - Here's a video which will get you to her videos. Just click on her little picture below the video.
  3. My High Heel Friend

    You may remember I posted links to an Internet friend of mine about her wearing high heels. She just posted some new videos on YouTube and I've provided the 4 videos. She dances and runs in 7 inch stilettos! I'm sure she'd love to hear some feedback on her videos. She is quite a gal!!
  4. judyshighheels.com

    I came across this woman's website. She has a lot of YouTube videos as well. If you search Judy's high heels on Google you'll see the YouTube link. If you enter www.judyshighheels.com you'll get her website. She even has mugs and t-shirts for sale. I like her !
  5. Heels in McDonald's

    Wow Cat, I just looked under your album and I must admit you have style and look very sexy . I wish my legs looked that good in heels! You leave me a little envious . Keep up the good work and the postings. Carol
  6. I have 6 inchers but can only do short stints in them. But I am able to go all day in 5 inchers with no problem, so I voted for 5".
  7. My extrem heels

    Bubba136 - Fair enough... we've both spoken our peace. We can agree to disagree.
  8. My extrem heels

    To: JKrenzer, hoborob, Steve63130, 5150PLB1, swedeheeler, Bubba136, I must admit that I'm surprised at your postings. This site has always been supportive of people. To bash someone like that who took a chance is very discouraging. s2005kz has been a member on the board for quite awhile and perhaps finally got up the courage to display what was nice in s2005kz eyes. You are basically shaming the person and that's not like this board at all. If you have any doubts about whether it's appropriate or not, then Report the posting and e-mail amongst yourselves. I've e-mailed quite a few of you on occasion and always got a very nice and respectful response. To see these replies to the posts is just disheartening. Thanks for hearing me out, Carol
  9. Does anyone think about this?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. It was so close to home that it really jolted me. But I agree 100% that I have to live life to the fullest and do what I want to do. Anything could happen - lightning, fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc., etc. But you all helped me put it in perspective and I'm wearing my stiletto boots to work today .
  10. Does anyone think about this?

    No man here, .
  11. Does anyone think about this?

    As you know I have been a high heel wearer my whole life. I have become quite adapt at moving across all types of terrain. But there is something I've unfortunately been thinking about. Many times before I get dressed to go out in public be it a mall, movie theater, airport, or restaurant I consider my shoes in a different light - especially if they have ankle straps and are hard to take off. It's a sad state of affairs, but with all of these mass shootings out there, I worry about having to get away by running, climbing, jumping to escape some crazed person. Would I have time to get my heels off especially with ankle straps? It's horrible to even give that consideration but the world is a rapidly changing place. I live in Florida, so the Ft. Lauderdale airport incident with people sprinting across the runways gave me a scare - being so close to home. Plus the Pulse Night Club in Orlando last year. I will admit that on Saturday I went out to dinner with all intention of wearing my 5 inch stiletto boots, but after the previous day's incident I decided to wear my slides which I can kick off in a second. Does anyone else ever consider this? Sorry if this post is a downer.
  12. My extrem heels

    Don't give up hope, my friend. Practice, practice, practice and you'll get the hang of them . I had to do that when adjusting my 6 inch heels, but I mastered them .
  13. Shoe addict ... or fetishist ???

    I am definitely an addict. At 4'10" I wouldn't consider putting anything else on my feet. I do feel sexy in them but I don't feel sexual if that makes any sense. In other words, I feel feminine and sexy while teeter-tottering around in them, but I am not "turned on" by doing so.
  14. Shoe Dangler

    You make some good points Thighmax. I was going back and forth with a member and we began discussing her. We both agreed that when she was a prosecutor she probably did wear her high heels in court. But I'm not so sure she would have been sitting at the prosecutors table dangling and swinging her shoe like that. Courts are prim and proper with protocol to follow. I think it would kind of look a little trashy if she dangled. My feeling is that when you are trained to be a lawyer that you not only learn law, but you learn about presentation and style. Lawyers have to be careful of any sighs they make, facial expressions, what they wear, the way they sit, and everything has to be very proper in order to be effective and give yourself a chance at winning. With that in mind, I think she would have to realize she was shoe dangling in court and that probably wasn't accepted protocol. That's just my opinion. But who knows, maybe she knew she was doing it and liked the tease aspect of the whole thing. So please vote : I cast my vote for NO dangling in court.
  15. Shoe Dangler

    Hi. I've met quite a few of you on this site that seem to be awed when women dangle their heels. I admit, I do it and never knew it was so distracting to men - I did it unconsciously. There is this TV show I sometimes watch and there's a woman who is an avid shoe dangler, right down to the tips of her toes and swings it. I'm not really into her politics, but I thought a few of you here (yes, mostly guys from I can tell) would enjoy this clip. A little about her. She is 65 years old and is very beautiful and she wears 4 to 5 inches daily. I give her credit there and I hope I can do the same!

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