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  1. Thank you all. The days I am working alone, i always take the opportunity. Puts life into something a bit on thge lifeless side. JS
  2. Working by myself most of the week. I really like this outfit, its a plain white shirt underneath a leather jacket with some plain straight leather trousers, with a nice wide patent belt also but that's underneath. Apart from being leather, its pretty conservative. But the shoes, they just scream ! j
  3. Away again, traveling lighter. Ditch the coat and gloves, just the minidress and boots. js
  4. Hi. It is a fully lined and sleeveless dress. You are all right about the gloves. I just get a bit carried away sometimes. thanks. js
  5. You are correct about 'too much information' however I felt a need to show I had any question of modesty covered. As for walking by Starbucks from now on... I never thought about that ! Thanks for your thoughts and laughs.
  6. Hi all and thanks for your thoughts. You are right about the gloves....but I can get away with this if I hide my hairy man hands ! As far as modesty, I think the Starbucks option facing the wall should be ok. All anyone will see is my matching leather knickers; Keep them guessing until they come and say Hi ! js
  7. I'm traveling with work and have packed light... a leather mini dress, long coat, leather gloves and My fantastic new heels bu Sam Edelsman. They are superb !
  8. Hi there James. There is a pair of tall black boots in the top picture. bey look like a pair of Wittner boots. Do you still have them., Looking forward to your reply. j.
  9. Hi all. Does anyone have any suggestions for Sydney or Melbourne venues where I can head out wearing my heels and skirts. A venue with like minded people is always good. I would not have any idea where to start. Its all about wearing them out. Thanks. js
  10. You can use a mirror. It needs to be clean and does not have to be so large. About 2 by 3 feet is more than enough. If you angle it from the floor it gives a floor to chest view. The mirror needs to be clean and a strong light source can not the coming straight from the mirror as it shines straight toward the lens, which creates flare and a 'flat' looking shot. It works well with light coming from the roof, not so well with flash. That way you can shoot and get exactly what you see. I can't pose to save myself however the mirror helps a lot with showing details like how visible and prominent the heels are, along with how much of your belly is showing ! js
  11. Thank you all for your opinion and advice. js
  12. Hi there. This one is again dedicated to my friend Maril...I know you have been watching, let me know what you think. Reflecting on my early memories, I sometimes un earth long forgotten things. As we all do. My memory is explained in the title. js
  13. Hi all. I just got a really nice and comfortable pair of leather and ponte pants. Are the higher to the knee ones too much ? I have these two pairs at present, zip on one and the heel fell off another ! Lastly would ankle boots suit better with the pants. thanks. js
  14. Hi all. I have given a lot of thought to the comments and have decided that although I am a man under this all, and im pretty keen on my hairy legs, I recently got a pair of opaques. The shot is quick, but i tried them on with my shortest skirts and dress; they are the best. A bit more practice and I will be ready to head out. Thanks for your advice. js
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