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  1. Welcome to you Libreage. HH Place is a great venue to view and present your High heel passion. Enjoy. js
  2. I think the White stockings with the White Stiletto Pumps looks sensational. js
  3. Welcome to the world of BOOTS ! They are sensational. Almost patent, thigh high and those heels. thanks.js
  4. these are the latest post ? js
  5. Hi there. The top of this page says posted 4 April ( edited) there is another following that has been edited, red pumps and jeans. Is this the source of what has caused some concern and issue ? js
  6. I adore those shoes also, they look fantastic.js
  7. Looking at older pictures. These boots are fantastic, I bet they look and feel a treat when on.js
  8. Hi James. Those shoes are beautiful. Good thinbs come to those who wait ! Thanks.js
  9. Hi to all and first best of luck in these terrible times. Be brave. Keep well. I thought it may be a good thing to start posting some pictures and words..... 'The one that got away' the high heel lovers equivalent of those great fishing stories. I will; start with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Boots. They were an e bay purchase... advertised as genuine Zanotti boots, size 11, running Large. SOLD ! They arrived... knockoffs, a small 41, tiny. Although Knock Offs, they are a KNOCKOUT I resold them honestly to soften the blow. The buyer, a young lady messaged me, she absolutely loved them. If anyone is interested, I will post some more that 'got away'... has anyone got some too ?
  10. Loving dressing up and wearing heels as I do, It can often get in the way of work. For self preservation I got these to wear. They are not high heels but I think they look nice, and they make a great sound on floorboards and concrete. With a leather skirt they make me feel as though I wearing heels as high as in the background. Look after yourself everyone. js
  11. These are my version of the vintage lace up boots picture I sent.

    Not the perfect outfit to wear it with, I have some skirts and dresses that would go better but as Im getting about like this today thought it would be good to get them on and photographed.


    anna fiori lace up boots.jpg

    1. northshoreguy1981


      I think that's a fantastic pairing - you look great!

      Love the cute calf boots...

  12. Hey there.

    I really like your pictures today.

    I have been getting about in heels today... with a new pair of leggins.

    Coincidentally, looking at your headline picture here, mine have some similarities !

    I'm inspired.

    Next time i'm in Sydney I think I will be heading out in public.


    old shoes, new pants..jpg

    1. joshure


      Thanks for your like

      I have seen they are Nine West , Tatiana. Just got off the Nine west Site. I think i almost went berserk when I saw how many variations of these beautiful pumps there are available.



    2. northshoreguy1981


      That's quite a stylish look -and I love the Mary Janes!

      Strapped in a ready to go! :)

      I do have the Tatiana in black and have been considering black patent as well. I also have the Leandra ankle boot which looks similar to Tatiana.

      Urge to buy rising!

    3. joshure


      Yes. Love the straps !

      You are a lucky one. Size 10 1/2 would make it a little easier to buy ones that fit well.

      I'm between 11 and 12 and often buy your size hoping they run large or will stretch, often not the case.

      I'm impressed that you head out and try yours on in store.

      There was a fashion show on SBS a few years back, I think Lee Lin Chin hosted it. One designer said...'you can never have too many stilettos'  I like her !

      Then there is the fact that less is more.

      Where is the balance...is there such a thing ....... 'Urge Rules'




  13. Fantastic ! I am always excited when I find a similar and matching pair that my friend Maril has. She is always impressed, even comments on my good taste ! Thanks.js not an exact match but pointy, red, patent, stiletto will do.
  14. Well, thanks for all of your replies. It wont be the last time I give things away and then lament when i open up an old photo. A great collection of stories with the common theme...what were you thinking giving thosae Mary Janes away bailey ? Nice to hear some have gone to friends, charities and others. Its the best when you see your hand me downs worn out by the receiver, has happened to me a couple of times. In the classic film "Fight Club' , Brad Pitt's charachter 'Tyler Durden' makes reference to 'Your possessions own you' which has a lot of truth. A purge, give away, what ever can be a great thing. In a way we have to turn things over to our life turning over. BUT WHAT WAS I THINKING ?? !! The Mary Janes were once my Premier Pair and my best friend recently said out of the blue, Where are those black and white spot heels, they are great.
  15. I gave these away to a local charity. Now I want them back. I should have donated money. j
  16. That is a fantastic picture ! Absolutely astounding. I have a space, will photograph it and send off sometime soon j
  17. Hi there. I had a similar pair but donated them. Probably should have kept them as they are one of two pairs of women's shoes I have worn in public. You sound as if you head out in your shoes a bit ? Happy walking... and thanks for your feedback. j
  18. I know its only a moment but it speaks volumes... there is a great advertisement piece currently playing here in Australia. Tara Moss is driving a long straight road, the male voice over talking about matters of a classic car. When Tara has her say about all the fuss, she then puts her foot down. A sensational woman, making a point, in heels. Volumes ! *** please note: I do not endorse the product or driving in heels, however I can not endorse the idea of not endorsing it. Dilemmas. *** search... tara moss mustang commercial
  19. I just like these three pictures. No other reason. Sort of shows a bit of enjoying ones time ! js
  20. Apologies to nzfreestyler, I didn't reply to your question from last April The leather Dress I got some years ago, about 2011 on e bay. It is a dress by a label Feathers. They have stores in Melbourne but I dont know about any other place. Each time I get there I pop in and ask if they have any new items in Leather, but none so far. Thanks for your message. js Apologies to nzfreestyler, I didn't reply to your question from last April The leather Dress I got some years ago, about 2011 on e bay. It is a dress by a label Feathers. They have stores in Melbourne but I dont know about any other place. Each time I get there I pop in and ask if they have any new items in Leather, but none so far. Thanks for your message. js
  21. Thank you all. The days I am working alone, i always take the opportunity. Puts life into something a bit on thge lifeless side. JS
  22. Working by myself most of the week. I really like this outfit, its a plain white shirt underneath a leather jacket with some plain straight leather trousers, with a nice wide patent belt also but that's underneath. Apart from being leather, its pretty conservative. But the shoes, they just scream ! j
  23. Away again, traveling lighter. Ditch the coat and gloves, just the minidress and boots. js
  24. Hi. It is a fully lined and sleeveless dress. You are all right about the gloves. I just get a bit carried away sometimes. thanks. js
  25. You are correct about 'too much information' however I felt a need to show I had any question of modesty covered. As for walking by Starbucks from now on... I never thought about that ! Thanks for your thoughts and laughs.
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