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  1. Love the bows, indead girly, with a thin stiletto they would be amazing. @Bootslover29 also your most masculine heels girlie, very pointy more than some classic pumps but pretty. Classy pumps, the most classic girly shoes, pointed toe stilettos.
  2. @Alphiks sorry I didn't see tour shoes so awesome and loving the heart on the sole I will check out that brand @bnchmrk sorry again didn't see them back then. That bow OMG love it. What brand are they? @everlast78 yeah very pretty and girly. Girly in its simplicity and style. Love them
  3. Both are very pretty shoes. I love barely there sandals. I love these that are almost invisible. and these that I have already posted on others topics but love as well:
  4. Here is a selection of my top wishes, in no particular order. My too one here would the butterfly sandals, then the open sparkly booties and third the transparent Cinderella shoes.
  5. @jeremy1986 I have tons already uploaded that are in my wish list I can repost the pics here if you want, I will not spam post a few everyday, my list is huge, lol. I'd rather ask first. Else you can see them on the pictures I uploaded on my profile, most are wish list a few are not.
  6. It is most likely my small feet that gets the instep directly on the shifter when wearing heels, 8.5 women's is. Lol, one of the perks of being short the best selection of women's shoes, though less good find on sales at this size. 250 nice little bike, too small for me, ironic lol, need at the very least 4 to 5 times its HP. Hope you get a new one soon.
  7. @hernaezjames wow great Pic, loooove your shoes specially with the bike. I have ridden in stiletto booties and loved it. How was your instep shifting with so much cleavage? I am guessing CBR 250? Skinny front wheel and the Honda on the crankcase and the CBR logo. I have to get myself new riding stilettos
  8. For my tastes yes, I am more of a pink, glitter, rhinestone, sparkly, butterflies, hearts, lace stilletos kind of guy. I just wanted to pitch in a little bit with what I consider masculine heels that I like. Block heels, wide heels, are not my thing I don't find them attractive at all, but then again it is just my taste. To each his own. And since the thread was created to contrast the one I had created I was just putting my two cents in. Also this kind of threads lead me to discover new things such as those wedge sneakers and I really liked them and maybe someone might post a chunky heel that I like.
  9. Hey guys me again still a heel I don't own but curious as usual I found another masculine heel in my steel that I like:
  10. exactly my point, as I said these might be the most masculine I could wear, not a fan, however, those sneakers seem kinda cool. For my it is mostly stilletos and as girlie as possible. I just posted some of my choices if I had to have masculine looking heels. Just to follow the spirit of the thread. @jeremy1986 Sorry, since it was stated that it was like my thread where I said heels you have or want to have I posted images from the internet not ones I had.
  11. I have found a few more masculine heels I like and might purchase.
  12. Hey @nzfreestyler first I want to praise how much I admire your confidence wearing heels and all those dresses, skirts and everything you post here. Ou have amazing style and amazing taste in heels. I am far from even a real outing in heels which I hope I can do soon enough. Since I had never thought before yesterday about skirts and eeen less skirts on a motorcycle I don't know much about it. However on a motorcycle the skirts I think on could wear would blow up, you would need very loose skirts you have to open and lift your leg to straddle it and once on you need to be free to move without any hindrance you constantly change and adjust your butt and position on the set according to how you are riding, speed, corner, etc... So a skirt "rigid" enough (sorry I don't know the terminology) so it doesn't blow up would be very impractical almost impossible IMHO. And in my case it would be even worse being so short, not being able to put my feet down on the bike just my tippy toes, and barely, I can't imagine how I would even get on it with and skirt unlike a tenis skirt or maybe pee that stretches a lot and always returns to its original shape. I might be wrong.
  13. Ok, after some googling and searching I found some heels that I like that would satisfy (a little bit) the masculine criteria (I would prefer it without platform). I don't particularly like chunky heels, stilettos all the way for me, and some wedges but closed round toe without platform are almost non-existant specially in 4" to 5"heights. I will keep looking for more "masculine" I like. I also found this company that makes high heels for men, not my style didn't find anything I liked but some of you might. http://shopsyro.com/shop/
  14. Yes, indeed you also have to be mindful you are wearing heels. I do not want to hijack this off topic anymore but @Shyheels got me thinking and googled stilettos and bicycle and put a new thought in my head. I pictured myself riding wearing thigh high stilleto boots and a tenis mini skirt and lacoste polo, I can just imagine how different it would feel specially going 100mph+ and the skirt lifts, lol. Of course it is no wise nor advisable to ride without proper riding gear, which I never do. But I got a warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach thinking about it, you kinda like in anticipation. Although the style and looks of some of the guys here wearing dresses and skirts with high heels is amazing I never pictured myself wearing that. My style is just regular man jeans a little bit longer not completely hiding the heel nor shoe, just a tiny bit below the ankle 1.5" or so. With style I mean how I wear at home I have never had a proper outing in high heels yet, however I will make it happen soon, still thinking about it being in San Francisco or Las Vegas. One stiletto step at a time Sorry again for ranting off topic
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