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  1. That was my mind set, specially being somewhere where nobody knows me. I am patiently waiting for next travel to plan and do it. I had even made a shortlist of shoes from DSW that were available at their store there. I might even have tried then there. If not just purchase online and pickup if I chickened out, lol. But I know soon I will be able to finally do it. I am 100% set on going out my first time in black patent 4 inch classic pointy toe stilettos, then maybe later have the courage for some flashy heels and colors. One heeled step at a time. I will let you know when I have a new chance.
  2. Sorry for the radio silence, however the mission was aborted as soon as I arrived, snow and ice almost every day. Let's see for next trip
  3. I read this and my answer again, and forgot to mention something, I do not want to keep going with this just extend my way of thinking. I mentioned that this place was apparently LGBTQ+ friendly meaning the whole community was accepting of them, so I thought it might not make much of a difference a guy in high heels that is all. Hopefully all aligns to finally do it. I will be there Sunday and check out what I can the first few days. Thanks a lot for the support
  4. Hello @mlroseplant, I completely agree with you. However let's take it one step at a time, it is not a bucket list but something I want to do for me and yes I assume it will be exhilarating and so cool. But first I have to take that step that I never have, hopefully I will not chicken out and conditions will be good location wise and weather wise. If I do it I won't magically change myself either I will be myself but conquered something and fulfilled something I wanted for long. I don't this is a subject I will talk to my wife any time soon and also and very important as well this is something I will never do where I live. If I can indulge every now and then when I travel for work then that is a another huge milestone. And in the mean time just enjoy reading your adventures, be a little jealous, and build huge shopping carts of wish to have shoes, ironically most of them would step 120 before I would wear them, lol, since I love the prettiest girliest colorful and flashy shoes. Here is selection from a topic from a while back showing some of my all time favorites, specially the Sophia Webster butterfly Ciara. So for now, black patent pumps, or something similar, are my choice to go out in public, and ver exited and happy about it
  5. Hello, thank you all for your comments. First I wanted to apologize I didn't mean that men wearing high heels were gay not at all. Actually my thought was along the lines of acceptance and gender fluidity. I am a man straight but they don't know that so I thought it might perceived more on those lines. However it is an assumption and all your points are valid. That was my train of thought. I will be posting as I get closer to my travel and get there Thanks
  6. OK guys, here goes once again a new opportunity to try wearing heels in public. The last time I had a very accepting girlfriend she even encouraged me, whoever we never we are aw to take the trip we wanted before breaking up. She got an amazing job opportunity and moved out of the country. Fast forward a few years I am recently married, to my best friend of over 12 years However she is not as open minded, she berated me for wearing talcum powder smell deodorant saying it is girlie. So this remains a secret. On the the the business at hand. I just got a new job and will traveling to the US in a few weeks to Rockford Michigan, close to Grand Rapids for training and on boarding. And I am thinking that this might be my chance. I will be staying in Rockford but could rent a car for the weekend and go to Grand Rapids. Does anyone have any experience wearing heels there? I read that they are very LBGTQ+ friendly so it might not be a big deal. Let me know your thoughts. Now speaking of shoes I would really like to go out in 4" patent black pointed toe heels, I was able to wear 4" without any issues with little training, however I have not really worn heels for a few years, just try for a little while by wife's shoes while she was out, still 4" were no issue but I know it is different on the street than home. But also think they might be too extreme, not height but the style. My other choices would round toe pumps or maybe either black suede or leather not patent. I would wear jeans that cover most of the heel. And stiletto heel is a MUST, not debatable, lol. Also let me know your thoughts and mostly encouragement. I thought first scout a few locations, find a chill bar or something like that see the ambiance and choose some place before hand. Thanks Also I am thinking about scouting a few stores and maybe, very big maybe try and purchase shoes there. That period be and even greater stretch of my courage, but thinking about sounds very nice. If not Amazon Prime to the rescue
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