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  1. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @swedeheeler Love the first sandals with the straps, those colors so girly. @Cali Ruched shoes girly as well, loving them. This thread has been a little quiet I will try once more to get it up and running if not I will let it die. As I said earlier the are shoes I WOULD LOVE TO OWN and wear sometime in the future, and also it allowed me to see other choices other opinions other tastes. One of the appeals of high heels and I think it might the same for most of you is the variety and fun shapes colors embellishments and such. And for me the more girly they are the prettier they are, of course I love classic pointed toe shapes and some strappy sandals as well in black or nude colors that are not as showy as these. But as most in life on can desire and covet, and thought this might be fun and has been seeing all your choices, some of which have gone into my must buy list. Continuing with the Wedding shoes here are some over the top but oh sooo pretty and girly, cannot imagine ever wearing them nor what to wear them with (not being a bride of course) and now some very pretty and classy wedding shoes: And to finalize the wedding shoes, and continue to others shoes here are some bridesmaids shoes, OMG so pretty and girly (Always the groom never the bridesmaid, lol):
  2. On the series the Gifted on the last 3 episodes you can see the Frost sisters aka Cuckoos wearing amazing outfits and killer heels. And it is specially cool how they first appear with no fashion at all just getting by and then amazingly stylish (I wont explain more because spoilers) Somebody made a quick compilation of them and some quick shots of their heels, however on the series you can see them a lot more and it looks so cool all three walking so gracefully and such poise even though it is CGI to make them all three appear at the same time, tough the real actress had to walk like that for the CGI to be made.
  3. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Well after seeing those beautiful and girly bridle shoes I started googling around and found a new world of cute, girly and pretty shoes I hadn't noticed before, and they simply say girly when you see them I LOVE them, though some of them I don't know what I would wear them with, lol. I will be posting some of my favorites. What do you think? any ideas on what to wear them with, out and about? This first ones, OMG so classy pretty and shinny. These could we worn with nice black slacks and shirt and look amazing These are so pretty but no idea what would I wear them with: Same for these:
  4. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Here's another girly shoe, girly not only because of the color, style, high heel and glitter, but also because they look like Alice in Wonderland Ruby shoes, oh so girly and pretty:
  5. heelguypa

    Who has bought some new shoes

    You are right the exaggerated pointy toe is a love hate thing, I am the latter, but everything else looks amazing the shape, color, quality. And specially the stiletto heel, they seem impossibly thin, maybe it is the picture but they appear to be the one of the thinnest I have ever seen. How does it compare to other stilettos you have? maybe you could take a picture comparing the stiletto with other shoes and maybe a penny for reference? What are you going to wear them with? let us know peoples reactions
  6. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @Mr. X Oh ok cool, let us know how you wear them, and thanks again for opening up the wedding shoe world I hadn't really thought about it before, and wow sooooo girly and pretty I am adding lots to my wanted list and will post some here.
  7. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @Mr. X Simply beautiful shoes, I have to start looking ad wedding shoes they like so pretty and girly. And most of all your story, loved it. What do you wear them with?
  8. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @Pumped very pretty shoes, certainly animal print is very girly but I mostly love the stitchting detail in the back. Also looking at the brands website I se very nice shoes will keep it in bookmarks.
  9. Hello: Actually my only outings in heels have been riding my motorcycle very late at night around 3am no traffic almost no cars. In Panama society is not ready for a man in high heels, still very narrow minded and I won; be the one to trail blaze. I am short 5'4 so basically there are no real motorcycles (my definition would be 600cc for sport bike 900cc for a cruiser) where I can remotely flat foot, on most I am on my tippy toes and on most I can only reach on one side not both toes. The only execution is the Ducati diavel I have the ball of both foots and maybe an inch off at the heel, but all others i am just tippy toeing. I tried heels not because of that but because they look good and OMG they look sexy on a bike. I have ridden wearing my girlfriends 4.5" round toe stiletto leather booties (no matter what kind of heel it should always be completely closed shoe). And even with the stiletto I feel a lot more planted and safe when stopped. However I know it is not safe nor advisable to do it, but sometimes I have to do it I love it so much, and combining two of my loves even better. You have to plan ahead all the time putting the heel up on the peg you have to think about it, also when shifting although the heel kinda helps once you get used to since the instep behind the heel acts as a hinge or pivot. Then getting it of the peg and on the ground as well. On both case you have to go around the peg then bring it in, you can't do it as usual which would be lifting the foot and putting it on the peg. You have to be constantly aware you have heels on and not forget, nor fall on your habits. The worst would be on an emergency the heel can get caught trying to get the feet off or if you are about to fall and have to put the foot down to pedal or plant it. even worse if you know you are about to fall or crash and have to let the motorcycle go and lay it down and it gets caught or something. Also riding motorcycles is also not wise nor safe, lol. Also the boots or shies you wear should be be cheap, because you will ruin them first the left one shifting and both the instep when hanging on the peg, I ruined said botos now they have become only riding boots, lol It is doable not hard you can be conscious about being as safe as possible (another reason I ride at 3am on heels), it feels really really good I feel so sexy and cool wearing high heels on a motorcycle (cue macho stereotype biker, lol). I have done it on my Harley Sportster Iron 883 and a Kawasaki Z900. P.S. I would like to try wearing pink stiletto boots, every sexier and prettier (I will look for a picture of what I would wear and pictures of the motorcycles so you can imagine how it would look like).
  10. heelguypa

    Let's get to know each other

    Name: Claudio Age: 39 Gender: Man Location: Panama city, Panama Occupation: IT Engineer Height: 5'4" Weight: 155 pounds Shoe size: 8.5 womens 6.5 mens (ironically in Panama nobody sells 6.5 men's shoes, so i have to try and find smaller 7's, whereas 8.5 women's is the most popular and widely available size as well as the biggest variety of shoes) What's your favourite heel style: Stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: single sole pumps, booties, sandals, The girlier the better Do you wear your heels outside: Not yet, society here is not ready for this Your favourite heel height: 4.7" (120cm) Your highest heel height: 6.5 with 2" platform How often do you wear Your favorite heel height: almost daily at home and training with them to master them, even a few miles almost daily on a tread mill for a little extra exercise and helping to get more and more used to high heels, feet, calves, arch, toes flexibility, to make them almost as easy as wearing flats (I can already do it with 3.5" stilettos, never ever get tired or feel pain, as comfortable as flats but sexier and prettier). Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: mostly bare , socks with boots Anything else you wish to add: feel free to ask more about me if you want to know
  11. heelguypa

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    Hello: I feel and I am short without heels, lol. I have always been the shortest guy amongst my friends, and counting girls one the shortest. I am 5'4. First of all I like heels because of how they look how they feel and how they make me feel, making me taller is just a plus, I didn't give that major thought about it when I realized I liked heels. However Great side effect. lol. I just wish I could wear them everyday everywhere. Being short I have developed techniques and gotten used to riding motorcycles on my tippy toes, most real motorcycles (meaning anything over 600 cc for sport bikes or 900cc for cruisers) there is just one that I can almost flat foot with both feet on the ground, the Ducati Diavel, most others including my Harley Sporster Iron 883 I barely touch both toe tips at once, and most just one side. Now I am riding a Kawasaki Z900, naked sportbike and can barely touch both toes at the same time. And on my motocross bike it is even worse, lol, Sitting down centered and in the correct position I have over a foot between the ground and my toe even wearing the riding boots, which incidentally are a size too big because they don;t make them any smaller in adult sizes, I would have to wear youth sizes but they are not the same not as rigid and don;t provide as much protection because the smaller bikes youths ride. But I manage to ride ok being so light and narrow. Just an anecdote and something that caused laughing amongst my friends for months, a while back a friend was riding his dads Eletcra Glide (huge 900 pound Harley) with very big apes (ape hangers, a handlebar that is very high) in this case it was above my head, even being low and having ridden a similar bike before because of the apes I wasn't able to stand it from the side stand, I just did not have enough leverage because of my short stature, and everybody was laughing, maybe that is why they asked me to try it? I cannot ride most Sport Adventure bikes, they are just too tall and wide with too high a center of gravity for me to be conformable (KTM Adventure 1190 and BMW GS1200 with lower seat are maybe the only exceptions). I have ridden a couple of times on high heels, a pair of 4.5" round toe stiletto with no platform leather booties my girlfriend has, usually around 3am just for a quick ride wearing them as a thrill. I know it is not safe I know it is not wise but I simply love it. Regular square or block real motorcycle heels don't really do it for me, yes they serve their purpose and I can ride with both feet more stably planted on the ground, but I don't like them their are not sexy, their are not cool. The stilettos on the motorcycle help me better put the foot down, even with the stiletto it is more stable that just tippy toes, but you have to be really careful when putting the shoe on the peg and shifting and getting it of the peg, you have to think ahead and in case of an emergency I don't think they would be very helpful to regain control or avoid injury, so i will keep my riding with them on very few occasions and when there is almost no traffic at all, removing accident variables. Also they have be cheap boots, lol, you will them riding specially the left one when shifting, and the Einstein on both because of peg. Those booties are not suitable for daily wear anymore, she was mad, lol I know most of my rant is not about heels, but wanted to share a little insight on us shorter guys. Motorcycles being the real only issue it have being short, everything else I never even give it a second thought, most of my girlfriends were at least as tall as me without heels, most were a little taller, and a couple a lot taller, lol. when they wear heels they tower above me, lol My current girlfriend the first and only that knows my love for heels and fully supports is almost 5'7, she pushes me to get really comfortable on 5" heels saying jokingly that at least then I could look like the boy in the relationship, that is until someone looks at my feet, lol. She never cared about me being shorter it has never been an issue with her and with most of my girlfriends, some were a little self conscious about it, but me I never cared. But in the end, my height is a non issue, but yes I love how heels make me feel, make look (including taller), how they look, how they look on me, hoe they make me walk, how they are a challenge to conquer and master. But my height has never been an issue with or without heels.
  12. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    My GF just sent me this video, shoe cannot find anymore info on them, just her friend told her they were a very limited very expensive edition of LB. O.M.G. these my be the epitome of girliest shoes even more than the amazing and pretty butterfly shoes, I have no words for these just take a look at the video and them being Louboutin make them even more especial, simply wow: Sparkly Shinny LB.mp4
  13. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @maninpumps very nice choices love the platforms without peep toe and very girly, most I see usually are peep toe. But the second one is certainly girliest. Both Lovely
  14. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @vinheel nice shoes, the gold studs really stand out. Nevermind the hairs I am the same (except once my GF waxed my lower legs as a Guinea pig for waving strips, lol)
  15. heelguypa

    Show us your girliest Heels

    @jamie1608 sorry I missed your post earlier, loving the shoes, so shinny and pretty, certainly girly. The bra is even girlier and oh so pretty, did you buy it for yourself if I may ask? @hernaezjames nice shoes, strappy sandals always cute. @jamie1608 After looking at the ones you showed us googled shinny shoes and found these, OMG!!!!! (insert fifteen year old girl scream), and fell in love with them, so shinny and the iridescence is so girly: And these boots as well, though from all the shoes I showed here these boots are something I couldn't wear outside at least not for a very long time, being that I still have to have my first real walk outside in public in heels, but oh my I am so loving them:

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