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  1. Sophia Webster https://www.sophiawebster.com/product/25729/chiara-sandal I love those sandals, sooooo cute You can find knockoffs on aliexpress, though never ordered shoes there.
  2. Hey guys: I saw these and think they look cool, amazing and sexy with pumps and some ankle jeans or skinny jeans, specially with different colors of pumps. Here's the link: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32627358640.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5c2b4243tqEiVI&algo_pvid=08d4bc75-ee31-4c96-b558-c600406e5e61&algo_expid=08d4bc75-ee31-4c96-b558-c600406e5e61-15&btsid=4241d451-be0e-42bc-8aca-5e8c2dcc6fc5&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_53 What do you think?
  3. @HappyinHeelsI check for time to time ebay, Amazon etc.. Very few if any. Closed wedges are plentiful but most have a platform I want them without one. Even open ones without platforms are few and far between and even harder to find with a higher heel. However open toes are no my favorite I prefer closed toe. I've looked at fsj but prices climb rapidly with custom shoes, as far I have seen in their custom shoes page.
  4. Do you like some kind of shoe or style or combination that you cannot find or that have very very few choices? Maybe we can help each other out with options or links For instance, mine would be: - Round or almond toe pumps or boots with no platform and at least 4” stiletto heel, there are more choices with chunky heels but still not many - Closed toe wedges with no platform and a heel at least 4”, I cannot find almost any of these, maybe some with an open toe but again very few choices or with a 2”, 2.5” heel have lots of choices - Mary Janes with a thin 4” s
  5. Me neither but I think that is besides the point of the discussion. And if is a scam the fact that they are scamming men with high heels shows a trend that it is something people want and there is a market for high heels for men and more are wearing them.
  6. While trying this out I got different results but after a few pages I found this, they seem interesting and especially marketed for men while being very feminine. And very very expensive but like a few of them. https://www.allenvers.com
  7. @stiletto15 What brand and model are all those amazing pumps you have been posting lately?
  8. Not a heel but laughed my ass off. Caption reads: No way!! I would never buy these Nike's for any reason. I only wear socks with holes. Rotflol
  9. Yeah, I have read about that issue in reviews, however they still look great. I had posted these a while back also very pretty, really barely there sandals
  10. I think it depends on the heel and the contexto, ear heels with a 2 inch platform most certainly seem striperish. However in am in LOVE with these pumps, it think as @Heike said they go with everything of the feet look nice and are weel groomed like @Tech said. However since we al go against the "norm" and try to avoid clothing stereotypes saying their are strippe shoes is about the same as saying high heels are girl shoes. If you know what I mean. I even said it and I even say I love girlie shoes, the girlie the better. In the meantime I leave with these:
  11. Love the bows, indead girly, with a thin stiletto they would be amazing. @Bootslover29 also your most masculine heels girlie, very pointy more than some classic pumps but pretty. Classy pumps, the most classic girly shoes, pointed toe stilettos.
  12. @Alphiks sorry I didn't see tour shoes so awesome and loving the heart on the sole I will check out that brand @bnchmrk sorry again didn't see them back then. That bow OMG love it. What brand are they? @everlast78 yeah very pretty and girly. Girly in its simplicity and style. Love them
  13. Both are very pretty shoes. I love barely there sandals. I love these that are almost invisible. and these that I have already posted on others topics but love as well:
  14. Here is a selection of my top wishes, in no particular order. My too one here would the butterfly sandals, then the open sparkly booties and third the transparent Cinderella shoes.
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