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  1. Damn too sad. Now i think i will never get these boots ever..
  2. Oh guys thanks for all your replies. Unfortunately the links from the uk are the boots in black and not the greyish tone i want them but thanks anyways. I recently found the boots at an uk online store but the store does not look really trustworthy.. http://www.wisdominpractice.org.uk/favorably-jeffrey-campbell-legion-boot-black-wash-women-58857-p-4883.html what do you think?
  3. Hi, i recently found a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Legion Boots and fell in love with them. I wanted to order right away but here is my Problem. The Online Store is located in Australia and i am in Germany. So from past experience i will get in a lot of trouble with the import department (tax and fees etc.) because the package will come from outside the EU. Next problem i live with my parents (who dont know about my heeling and i think they would recognize the package as a shoebox or so). How do i order them now ? I want them really bad and there is no other place i could find this pair. Maybe someone of you guys who lives in the EU could order them for me and send them to me in a neutral parcel. I would pay before the order of course. Or any other ideas? These are the shoes: https://www.amostore.com.au/products/legion-lug-sole-heeled-lace-up-booties-black-distressed-leather?variant=44074715347 thanks
  4. These are my new boots i love them
  5. *What would you guys do in this situation?
  6. Hey there, as i told you last time my parents found out about my thing with Heels and they won't tolerance it. The reason they know was the fact, that my mother found two pairs of my Heels. But the problem now is that i have much more pairs of Heels and i don't know where to put them or hide them, so my parents can't see the shoes i have and the pairs i buy in the future.. At would you guys do in that situation..
  7. Thanks a lot maybe someone knows how to get similar boots in germany?
  8. Yesterday i saw a picture of the lovely actress chloe moretz carrying a nice pair of platform boots. Maybe someone can identify them or can tell me where to find these boots or even boots looking similar.
  9. They fit perfectly fine but i got them one size smaller than my regular size.
  10. Thanks to all. I want them soo bad so i finally bought them last week. They are so perfect but not that easy to walk. But after a two days of practice i went to a party in them and hell yes that felt great.
  11. Alritght. Thanks anyway. Sorry
  12. Hey everyone, yesterday i saw a pair of wedges.. and what should i say.. i fell in love. They are the DAMSELS from Jeffrey Campbell. I thought about buying them but before that i need some meanings from other people. Soo what do you think of them:
  13. Little update: Yesterday i wore some 5 inch platform wedges for a walk around and when i came back home my parents had seen me in them. I said nothing armt all. I went inside just smiling and feelig so sexy.. A hour later i took all my heels i hided in my room and put them on a shelf for everyone to see. Every time i see them now i feel so proud of myself and also a little turned on <3 i think i will wear heels everywhere now even at work. I just love the feeling <3
  14. Thanks Gudulitooo for your words. It helps me alot with my thinking about all that happening to me. But i think it would be better to stay as a straight guy in my case. All that would turn into a horrofic time with my parents here.. And i only feel like a girl when it comes to fashion you know. And the problem with my fashion would be that i don't have the body for female clothing or fashion things.. But thanks alot anyways
  15. Yeah i think that they searched in my roomm was the biggest mistake they did. What if the did this earlier..
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