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  1. Thanks everyone I was trying to get the right outfit for these boots. Now I just have to step out in them
  2. As I do more outings in heels, I’ve have been wearing all woman’s clothing with my heels. I just recently purchased these two boots from ShoeDazzle and wanted to know if these are some good choices, especially the red patent leather stiletto boots
  3. That’s the same thing I said!!.....I remember purchasing Christian Siriano and Brash styles with 5 1/2 and 6 inch heels. Now every style is what I call “ Grandma Heels”. I usually go in Payless wearing 6 inch and seven in heels and the sales associate always says they never get any heels as high as I wear.
  4. Thank you! Jeremy1986 They are fabulous heels! And so easy to walk in as well! Stilettos are my favorite to wear, every since I wore heels stilettos just do it for me You right, as soon as she said that to me I had that boost of confidence to wear my heels anywhere Thank you! I can’t believe how wearing heels can make my legs look so good!
  5. Thank you Jkrenzer! They are one of my personal favorites! And so easy to walk in
  6. So yesterday I made myself proud and finally had the nerve to wear heels to a mall. Before the mall my first stop was a local Payless store I always wear heels to. As I was browsing there was another woman in there shopping and she clearly seen I was wearing heels, so she complimented my heels I had on and how she wished she could walk in heels as good as me. I told her that when I was younger I wore a lot of my moms heels and liked wearing them. I told her that I started out wearing heels in private cause I would feel embarrassed wearing them in public. Her response was “ Boy you better wear them heels and be proud “ It gave me a boost of confidence, so then I found a pair of Cristian Siriano 4” pointy toe pumps(pictured below) and made my purchase. I left and proceeded to drive to a mall that I always wanted to wear heels to but never got the nerve. Usually my heart would be pounding out my chest but it wasn’t I just kept remembering what the woman said and proudly walked in the mall in my 5” stilettos heels I had on. It felt great! I went in two stores, Charlotte Russe and another Payless . I got a couple of stares but it didn’t phase me I walked proudly in my heels!
  7. Yes they are six and a half inch heels, l love wearing heels this high l always have. When I was young I only had access to 2-3 inch heels until they making the exotic dancer heels in large sizes. I prefer higher heels Thanks CAT! They are and feel so good on my feet Thanks Cali I love the blue stilletoes with the skinny jeans and shirt
  8. A few pics of me getting ready to step out for a outing, I wore both outfits. I had so many woman give me compliments on my heels, one even asked me to give a a tutorial when u was wearing the blue heels because she said I was working them heels lol.
  9. I love your white Bordellos! What size are they cause I’ve been wanting to buy a pair in a 13 but I don’t want them looking extra huge
  10. Thank Pebblesf,Happyinheels! I always want to wear 6 inch or these 7 inch heels when I go out. I love when the sales associates compliment me on how good I walk in heels
  11. I just love doing outings in six inch heels!
  12. So I decided to do a spur of the moment outing wearing my 7” London Trash high heels. I was at Payless earlier and the sales associate kept complementing my on being able to walk in them as well as having the confidence to wear heels in public. I was in a store called Rainbow in this pic. The sales associate working there was helpful but didn’t say too much about my heels.
  13. I wasn’t going to get them at first cause I didn’t think I would fit them, this wasn’t a regular store I would try on high heels in but I figured what they hell and did it. When I saw how good they fit I bought a pair of women skinny jeans and wore them around the store looking for other items and out the store.
  14. Thanks CAT! The brand name is Mona Mia Collizione shoes, the style name is Chibela. I’m going out in them tomorrow!
  15. I just brought these from a local clothing store I went in. I love the 6 inch thin stiletto heel on theses and it’s something about how these gold chains lay across my feet which make the front view of the shoe my favorite!
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