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  1. If you order them go a size up and make sure to check the returns policy. Best to try on before buying.
  2. CL’s are narrow so depending on how wide your foot is, you may have trouble getting a good fit. Although the So Kate’s seemed wider than the Pigale.
  3. Any comments or reactions on your lack of heels today?
  4. I like different types/style/shape of heels. Stiletto, block or wedge heels are all nice. Different ones for different occasions or activity levels.
  5. My western/cowboy boots are my most masculine heels.
  6. 6 inch non platform court shoe/pump in size 7uk
  7. Those shoes are Mary Janes, as you said. Character shoes are often Mary Janes style. I think character shoes is just a term used in dance/theatre. Character shoes are often designed to have tap plates added to the toe and heel. Then used for tap dancing.
  8. I can do photos. At the moment my shoes are in storage. I have moved them temporarily to help speed up the moving of old furniture, once the new furniture is delivered.
  9. I have just got two pairs of character shoes. One pair is black and the other pair is tan/beige. They are the higher heeled (3”) style, like was pictured earlier. I tried them on in the dance shop and they fitted well. The young lady working there said I walked well in them. They have a soft lining. They do lots of other styles. So I may buy some more. One style had a shorter strap and a button to fasten them. The strap was too short to do up. The style with the buckle has a longer strap, so I got that style. I prefer the buckle style anyway.
  10. The adverts are all posted in the women’s section of Amazon. But in the description it says in men’s sizes and if ordering as a woman’s size goe smaller.
  11. Nice wedges NEHeels. I would like a pair of higher heeled wedges. Most I see are lower than those. Unfortunately they are sold out.
  12. Character shoes are nice. I haven’t got a pair, but I may do one day. I prefer the high heel ones. I have got a pair of ladies tap dancing shoes that look similar. They have a quite a low heel I know a lady who does a lot of dancing. She knows I wear heels and she might be getting me a pair of dance shoes. They have open sides, toe box, heel cup and an ankle strap. The heels are a tapered thicker stiletto. She showed me her pair and I liked them straight away.
  13. Thank you. I’m also hoping the 8 fit well and aren’t too big.
  14. I will be getting these soon. They run small, so had to return the size 7 UK and order the size 8 UK. I left a review. But it only shows I am male if you check the nickname/user name. http://www.newlook.com/uk/womens/footwear/boots/black-lace-up-pointed-heel-boots/p/578358501?comp=Browse
  15. 1 pair of formal shoes, 2 pairs of trainers. Compared to a lot of women’s shoes and boots.
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