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  1. I had multiple glasses of wine (for courage, lol), then just came right out with it.
  2. I told my partner about three years ago, and I felt so good after getting that off my chest. After that, I thought I wanted everyone to know, so that I could could be free to wear heels all the time. I started wearing heels out in public more and more about 6 months later, and it seemed to go pretty well, gradually increasing my confidence. I started to feel quite confident and people seemed to be accepting. Then, after a few months of thinking all was good and I was just about ready to tell my my parents and siblings, I started to have a long series of one bad experience after another with negative reactions from strangers. Most of them were humiliating, one made me fear for my safety, all left my feelings badly hurt. I don't believe that I am generally thin-skinned, but my confidence after all that was completely shattered, and I now have no desire to even try public heeling again. Also, I don't think there's any chance that I will ever tell anyone else, family, friend, whatever. I do still wear my heels at home all the time, even outside where my neighbors can see because they have already seen me in heels previously, but that's it. Sorry to be a downer, but that's my experience to date.
  3. Hi ljhh. Thanks for the kind compliment. I don't have any other pics to share right now, but I have posted pictures in the Galleries here before, so I sure I will again soon.

  4. do you have more pictures?

  5. I like those boots, fit the rest of your outfit

  6. If you are looking for opinions on style, it may help a bit if you provided a picture (or link to a picture) so we know what shoes we are talking about. As far as the "all male" clothing thing, I would say that regardless of what side of the store you pick your clothes from, heels on a guy will look weird to the vast majority of those who will notice. The real question is how many people will notice, and what percentage of those who notice will be rude enough to express their disapproval. Personally, I would say that I dress somewhat conservatively, and I only wear "men's" clothing with my high-heel boots, and yet I occasionally get some nerve racking and scary reactions. Ultimately, you have to decide what you are comfortable with, and then just go out and do it.
  7. jwhite44: Regarding the heel height on the Crissons, they are 3.5" high. I know that's not very high, but it's a bit higher than I thought they were going to be. I plan to start wearing them to work soon, as soon as temperatures drop a bit (we're in a bit of a heatwave here right now).
  8. CRabbit: They were a bit expensive for my financial situation as well, lol. They are very comfortable though. My only complaint is that the zipper being on the outside makes them a bit more difficult to get on and off (compared to the usual inside zip). I bought them with the idea of wearing them to work, but haven't do so yet...somehow the heel looks higher in person than it does in the picture, but I still do plan to wear them to work.
  9. got these last week at aldo: http://www.aldoshoes.com/static/webUpload/731/26_crisson_92_6.jpg
  10. I have never received a compliment when out in public in high heel boots. Honestly, I can see that the vast majority don't like it. If someone were ever to pay a compliment, I think I would probably be too suspicious of them to feel flattered...regardless if they are man or woman.
  11. Just wanted to offer my congratulations to the Boston Bruins and their fans. Before the series started, I didn't think Boston could even put up a fight against a Vancouver team that seamed destined for cup glory, but in the end they were unquestionably the dominant team in the series! Cheers Boston, good for you!
  12. Hi dblair, Thank you for thanking me.I do like your boots. Barbara

  13. Hi, and thanks for the compliment on my boots! You are the first woman to ever pay me any kind of compliment in that regard...it feels good :)

  14. Hi Bern, good to hear from you again! Thanks for the compliments :)

  15. Interesting post, but I have to say that I don't sense any difference in treatment from my girlfriend...heels or not.
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