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  1. Garter belt -- help!

    As a fan of retro fully fashioned stockings I tend to favour old school classic suspender belts (UK terminology) or garter belts. Personal preference is an 8 strap model with nice wide straps/metal clasps..... nice and secure and able to keep those seams straight. Purchased a few from here in the past. Plenty of models ranging from 6 to 14 adjustable straps!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110980451235 http://www.nylonz.com/8-strap-plain-suspender-belt-black-27-p.asp
  2. Word Association Game

  3. So in that vein. On the way to the office this morning took a quick impromptu vid in the car park. On The Way To Work.mov
  4. Who has bought some new shoes

    Never say never. If the girls can do it, so can we.
  5. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Pretty cool first pair there Xtremeheels, can't beat a pair of classic black pumps. Also love the P16SA's with the red heel, very hot! Seems more than a few of us went straight in at the deep end and started our heeling adventures with 5" plus heels. Non of this slowly working up heel height malarkey!
  6. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Ha Ha! Thanks CAT. Too kind sir.
  7. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    While perhaps not my absolute first pair of heels, but very close, and still wearing these bad boys today. With a full 6" heel and special arch shank still make these one of my favourite pairs. Purchased mail order in 1980 no less, these are a bit of a 'Triggers broom' (for the Brits') with numerous heel tips and outer soles over the years, still going strong but now treated with due care in respect of their (and my) advanced years.
  8. Custom Boot Makers in UK

    Hi MissBoots, welcome to HHP. I have more than a few pairs of SkyScraper heels including some zip up knee and thigh boots, although sadly none of their lace up boots. Quality wise never had any issues, and with a very rigid shank and little to no heel flex are a shoe capable for all day wear. With regards sizing, while they advise a size larger than your normal, I've found them to be fairly true to size with perhaps erring slightly on the narrow side. They do offer half sizes but I have felt very little difference between pairs of UK 8 and 8.5 in the same style. I appreciate your concerns regarding shaft widths and while they are made to order this is not a full custom service. However, it may be worth speaking to them regarding adjustments to calf and ankle widths as there are options to change shaft length on knee boots. In fact for the zip up thigh boots even on the website it states in addition to length the calf and thigh widths may be adjusted. Just to give an idea of fit, I have skinny 8.5" ankles and these boots in UK8.5 have a 14.5" calf and 9" ankle as a standard order.
  9. Skyscrapers Sale

    Hey CAT, you more than make up for it 'out of office hours'
  10. Skyscrapers Sale

    Macky, Fit well and as comfortable as a 5.5 inch heel will ever be. Also have a pair in black and brown and, wait for this....purple!
  11. Skyscrapers Sale

    Thank you tomham. Gave the grey oxies a test run at work today.
  12. Skyscrapers Sale

    Thank you, they both fit well. Fairly true to size, although perhaps a slightly narrow fit as are made to a ladies last. I prefer pumps to be a snug fit and are UK8, while the oxfords are a UK9..... room to wear with socks and that little extra bit of width is great for comfort. I would say quality is good and are well made. Strong and rigid shank with little to no heel flex, these shoes are made for all day wear if you and your ankles are up for it.
  13. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    Awesome looking oxfords.....would love to be laced into those.
  14. Skyscrapers Sale

    Pre-Christmas Skyscraper order of oxies and pumps arrived today. Really pleased with these grey oxfords. Great for the office teamed with long boot cut / kick flare pants. Equally pleased with my new red patent pumps to replace a pair which are past their best.
  15. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hey Macky, you do seem to suffer a lot of negative reactions from the ladies. Sorry to hear that. It's not all bad out there though. Can't say I've noticed many bad reactions from the ladies while out and about in my small provincial city here in the UK. Just this lunchtime, while at my local Machine Mart outlet (big boys tool shop) one of the shop assistants' came over and commented she liked my shoes. We chatted for quite a few minutes. Her interest seemed quite genuine, not gender specific, just two people with a common interest in heels.