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  1. I've never had a problem with moda shoes at all,it's a pity the South molten street branch shut as the staff there were really good.I have recently bought the ardianna ankle boots and they come up large and have worn them nearly every day with no problems at all.
  2. Week days or weeks ends? Week days tend to be my preference as its slightly less crowded on average. Probably looking at anytime from the 7th Jan onwards for me.
  3. As I haven't been around for a while and the world meet in London was cancelled (as I've just read) is anyone up for a social meet/shop? bladerunner
  4. I think i will have to avoid my shoes with the curved sole the most,they are fine until you reach the tipping point and nearly end up sprinting! lol 'The worst I find is a downhill street with a pavement that also slopes towards the roadside steeply! Horror for us high heelers.' Heel-Lover, you know what im up against! I think route planning is the key and sadly a lower heel (yes Thighbootguy they may ban me for heresy as well!) or levitating lessons for those awkward moments.
  5. I have been heeling for years but if there is one thing that stumps me is walking down hills,especially where the pavement drops increasing the angle even more! and as with many of my shoes/boots with a curved front to the footwear (im sure doctor shoe will advise on the technical name for this!) Its not quite so bad if the footwear is flat at the sole but i have made a real idiot of my self sometimes! not fallen yet ,but occasionally look like a run away train! How do you guys deal with it? Oh and before a smart arse says dont walk down hills! where i live i'm surrounded by them!
  6. If i were you i would phone before your visit and check out availability of what you are looking at buying. As a general note,your a customer and if the service is bad let them know!!!!! i do it every time i go shopping for heels and so far no bad experiences in the last year. I ALWAYS go when i know that the shop isnt so busy as you then get the assistants undivided attention and a seat and some space to try the shoes out! I have been to the mount st louboutin branch but it was just too busy,the assistants were helpful but stressed! at the time and that always irritates me as i lkie to enjoy the whole experience. good luck! oh and nearly forgot,be up front and say they are for yourself and you want to try them on. If the sales person knows in advance it saves them from going red if they are not aquainted with us male heelers! lol!
  7. Not a good day for me either but may be possible in jan at some stage. But friday 30th of dec i will be up to oxford st but only from lunch til early evening.
  8. hi benno,the boots were urban outfitters in case you want to rush out and get a pair!

  9. Thanks for deleting havocs post dr.shoe was a bit much to say the least! not really the sort of reply i wanted. It was westfield shepards bush. I tend to go early in the day when its not so packed, the staff are not so stressed as shop work can wear you out after a long day and the service tends to tail off a bit in my experience.
  10. Hi benno in reply to your question the Topshop cone heels are really comfy to me but due to the hard plastic heel i have to be careful not to take too long a stride hence the arse over elbow routine at westfield! The other heels are so easy to walk in i often forget that they are heeled at all.They are from urban outfitters £95.00,but money well spent considering they are getting a lot of use! they also come in breige/brown.I bought them in high street kensington branch where the staff were very freindly so recommended.
  11. Had a trip to westfield shopping centre yesterday (in heels) and spent 3hours shopping. thought i'd let you all know that this aldo branch is the best i have ever used compared to some previous experiences with staff service with other aldo branches. When i went in there were only four guys serving,not long ago i would have walked out again as i have found male staff a bit off putting in their attitudes,but not here! I asked for the style i wanted and immediately when he brought them over he unpacked them and got them ready for me to try on and was very friendly and attentive.Sadly they had a problem in that the size 41 boxes all have size 38 boots in them and he went back and forth four times.They found all that style of boot incorrectly sized in all the boxes! the brown wedge boots were the style in question about 2 months ago i got the red style boots (in black,could get a pic in black!) and again that was a good experience especially as one of the girls serving was trying on some of the shops heels while serving me! and boy was she good looking,but i digress! for my next trip there i will try for the boots again but also these lace up boots which they had but i ran out of time to try them on.
  12. I am very curious to know how many members of this site wear heels every day? to clarify i mean out doors in public and for how long at a time! For the last few months i have been making a conscious effort to heel everyday in public mainly as i got fed up just heeling indoors.I try and aim for at least half an hour but have done all day,depending on my schedule. So far i have managed to stay upright,nearly slipped arse over elbow in westfield shopping centre yesterday but survived! It seems to be taking ages for my calves to adjust,especially on the all day stint i did,i was shattered that night! its amazing how much more you use muscles you forgot existed! oh and the heels have generally been these which have 9cm and 12.5cm heels.
  13. my new boots from aldo,they are awesome!
  14. Strange ,no comment on the shoes dr.shoe? I always find everything in zara small and the largest shoe size is a 41 which runs small to me
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