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  1. Mmm would love the pope to wear pantyhose! Megan,you have my vote!
  2. I love wearing pantyhose as well as thigh highs and tights. In the winter I wear drpending on how cold it is usually a pair of ph first then adding tights and when really cold warm leggings. When I wear all 3 my leg movement is harder but I love the feeling and tightness. Even more so I love it when I see girls in ph and them not knowing I too am wearing them. My wife loves me wraring them and at home I always walk around wearing only pantyhose (love dark brown the best or pink tights) with my 6 inch stiletto heels. Keep them on while sleeping too often. I have been wearing ph since I wa 19 bu
  3. I am a German living in NYC married to a gorgeous girl half my age from the wonderful Island of Jamaica. She loves me wearing nylons/pantyhose with my 6 or 7 inch stiletto heels. We both love wearing them most of the time even when we make love. It elevates the level and she calls me her slut. Hope you all love my avatar of me in my favorite green stilettos and nylons.
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