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  1. Tnx, Lovinheels, I don't wear anything else with them. I shave my legs from time to time. :)
  2. Those are Aldo model that I got in Aldo retailer shop, discounted, discontinued, no model name was there. Google Aldo Ameline Cross Front Heeled Sandals.
  3. Thank you Jeremy1986 for support It really means a lot! Yeah, I will try to hang around here whenever I have something fun to share
  4. Just wanted see your impressions on these, I just love them! And does anyone know about any similar model, but without platform?
  5. Thank you pebblesf for your support! I never actually thought in this way, but you may be actually right - The confusing feeling comes 'from outside', a possibility of me looking great in a different way - it's not something that fundamentally changes my sexuality. That is why women may be tolerant with such kinky expression - it is so familiar to them, not strange It's a really a new perspective shift and confidence boost for me - I will enjoy it for sure! And yes, more pics will come.
  6. Hello all, I was quite curious after finding a place with so many people sharing same interest! That is just great Well, my story is simple: Since I do a lot of sports, my legs are nicely shaped and very strong, but not over-muscular, so the girls often give me compliments on my them and 'background' overall. One of them was curious how high heels would look on me, so I gave myself a try with classic black shiny Steve Madden 5'' office pumps. I was surprised that after only 5 mins I could walk so nicely by leaning back and stepping on straight line, heel-down-first. It felt... sexy? And confusing at the first place, because I saw myself so feminine and there was no sense of shame or guilt. That's how it started - now from time to time I buy myself a pair of sandals or pumps, always the simplest and sexiest ones, with over 5'' heel height, ***EDITED OUT***. I don't own a huge collection and probably never will, as it will never reach obsession level. I am still curious about the meaning of my feelings, asking myself what those emotions are trying to express about me? I am still 100% man in all other aspects while appreciate feminine side I believe most of us have. Maybe people with similar mindset can help answer such dilemmas . Thank you!
  7. These are my favorites, so girly & sexy... on me :)
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