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  1. JeffB said. well, hookers want to look sexy and they are not stupid. We, women are sexier in thighhighs. And crossdressers usually love sexy women (pointing in that they thought sexy women wear). So, the circle closes up. In fact, if someone wore those Julia's boots now, I'm afraid we wouldnt have these comments by guaranteed: hooker's heels now are usually higher than those ones
  2. My husband really does. He is the man who has to pay for them. I just enjoy.
  3. One of the reasons that I like platforms.
  4. you are so sweet, darling, thank you. Leather shoes and high heels is a tradition here, at least in Buenos Aires where I live. My heels and boots collection is waiting for you. Dont worry about your spanish. Just, be careful with the articles. You only say "The" and we say "El", "la" "los" las" for singulars and plurals, masculines and femenines. This is a problem with translators Teacher Roxy
  5. Usually, when you say "Domination", people use to think about punishments and bondage. This is the maledom world. Very hard work. We, ladies, don't need that. Just a pair of heels, stockings and crossing legs, smiling. It's so easy.
  6. thats right... In the southest of South America, we say "tacos altos"
  7. Murder in high heels? I like the spirit of these old rocks She wears her satins like a lady She gets her way just like a child You take her home and she says "Maybe, baby" She takes you down and drives you wild Everybody says she's lookin' good And the lady knows it's understood (Strutter) She looked good She looked hotter than hell All dressed in satins and lace (Hotter than hell) I said baby, baby, don't you hesitate 'Cause I just can't wait Lady, won't you take me down at my knees You can do what you please Come on and love me (Come on and love me)
  8. Absolutely my dear. If you wanna know a real Domme girl, go to a BDSM forum and look for submissive girls.
  9. Kiss is arriving in Buenos Aires this week!! I already have the tickets...and an excellent opportunity to attend the show in red platform "seventies" high heels boots..... Rock and roll all night and party every day!!!!!
  10. It was 13 years ago. A man asked for my hand in marriage after kissin my heels in his knees. I was wearing a pair of black patent sandals and I had met him the night before He is now my husband.
  11. I agree. I never bought by Internet by I feel a sensual experience each time I come in a shoe shop to buy a sexy pair I saw in the shop window.... The very best is whenever i try a pair of sexies thigh high boots....the gazes of the other women in the shop room are a "must"
  12. Little Off topic I have a stoned - floored jacuzzi and I like trampling my submissive husband with high heeled boots. PS: old high heeled boots......i dont like ruin the new ones.
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