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  1. Hi, oh just relaxing after some shopping....u? Xxx

  2. He doesnt wear mine but he has tried. His feet were too big. So, long story short, we bought him his own online!!!! Its so fun.
  3. Hi Samantha, how are you? Like you posts and interests in heels, I'm a total heels addict too though have to admit it hasn't extened to boyfriends wearing them yet lol! .....would u like to chat sometime? Bye for now xxx Pamella

  4. Its definitely a fetish. I dont need a million pairs of heels in my closet. I just need 5-10 pairs of the sexiest heels I can find and Ill wear em til they fall apart.
  5. Wooww, your legs in heels are AWESOME!!

  6. And I dont wanna take my heels off! Everything else is coming off except the heels. I love the way my feet look in them. I love walking around in them and hearing the click clack on the floor. I love cooking in them and I love throwing my feet up on the coffee table. Theyre hott!
  7. If he is in public it would be awkward. But in private I think its fun. Theres nothing wrong with fantasy.
  8. Yes my bf does wear my heels from time to time, although they arent "mine." We talked about it and we bought some for him to have to himself. I like it. Theres something erotic about it when we're having a romantic night. We both love it! Hes not the best at walking in them but its okay cuz I dont want him to be better than me at walking in 5 inch heels. Besides, its funny and we love whatever makes us laugh. Has anyone else tried letting their bf walk a night in our shoes?
  9. I think its great that men are into high heels and stilettos just as much, if not more, than women are. They were made for a reason. I believe that reason is to give women a little extra sex appeal when we are doing whatever it is that we do. I like that men are starting to feel free to do what turns them on. Im not saying I wanna see men walking around in public wearing high heels, but Im saying that whatever they do in the privacy of thier own home is up to them and, believe it or not, I wouldnt mind if my boyfriend was open to trying something like that for me. Its actually kind of kinky. I like it. Its like your man wearing a costume or something ordered from a magazine. Why not...
  10. sometimes I just fall asleep in them accidentally. Theyre so comfrtble!!!
  11. Is she the same size as you? When you are in the mood and possibly a little tipsy, just throw on a pair just "messing around" and see how she reacts. If youre not the same size, then nevermind.
  12. 4.5-5 is perfect in public. Anything else should be kept in the bedroom...or anywhere else in the house you feel!
  13. An ankle strap platform sandal. Its 5 3/4 inches with red lace on the back and underneath for sexy decoration.
  14. Im so excited I found this site! I love my high heels and I can't wait to share!