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  1. Thanks very much. I hadn't thought to purchase a small item in PVC - good idea. I was just searching for small off cuts.
  2. I had already guessed ebay but cannot seem to find what I am looking for - plenty of repair glue kits but cannot find actual off cuts ...
  3. Perhaps someone could suggest where I might purchase some pvc strips, something like 15mm wide 50mm long and the glue for a bodge repair on some high heels. I purchased the high heels a while back but have never been able to get them on. Terrible thing to do I know but I cut them with a stanley knife, inside roughly where the ball of the foot is and low and behold at least I can wear them indoors.
  4. Does anyone know if the Fabulouslyfetish shoes are tight fitting or not as my feet are a bit wide..
  5. The 6ihf heels arrived today. I picked their P16SA with ankle straps in black leather following their advice over sizing. Very nice shoes with a 6.3" inch heel. Must say they are a tight fit but okay for my wide size 47. Now I need to find another pair but this time in a slightly lower heel. 6ihf cannot help - they do only their 6.3" heel in my size.
  6. They do look good but I think I prefer something like the "Tina" style!
  7. I understand what you mean about cost! Anything in the lower prices never fits so you have to buy something more expensive but at least you have yours....
  8. Lucky you - had a look at their web site, great looking boots.
  9. Has anyone ordered any new heels recently. I have just placed an order but am still keeping my fingers crossed after being let down by two different firms.
  10. I have almost given up on having a pair of heels made to measure. Two unsuccessful orders and lost money. Trouble is my feet are a bit wide. Has anyone any views whether it is viable to buy a pair of strappy sandals and lengthen the straps across the toes. Any tips please ie do not buy pvc but leather for instance..
  11. Thanks for the link suggestion but no luck linking !!
  12. My latest plan to find a pair of wide fitting heels is to purchase a pair from leatherworks and use wet newspaper stuffed in the toes to stretch them. Is this likely to work. With my feet I already know they will be too tight.
  13. Thanks very much, should be able to find at least one pix.
  14. can anyone suggest where I might find a nice tastful picture of a lady in 5 - 6 high heels, no platforms, sheers nylons and suspenders please Thanks very much
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