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  1. LovinHeels

    Understanding wife

    Not sure how to.... Have asked the moderators but I haven’t heard anything.
  2. LovinHeels

    Understanding wife

    I am concerned though I haven’t told her about this site. I want to tell her, but from a fresh start - for example deleting this profile and photos and re joining.. Not sure if that is possible, but really want it to happen.
  3. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    For these, size 11. I’m normally a size 10, or 41 depending on the make of the shoe. I went to the store, tried the right foot on, fitted well. Then asked to try both on and they sales person couldn’t find it! They have the black, but had my mind set on the tan. Now over the weekend, after chatting to my wife, at $60 it’s worth getting the black version. Will just change what I wear to go with it for the trip. Guess is a well made brand.
  4. LovinHeels

    Another member from down under

    I love Nine West. Desparate for the Tatiana heels. The black, nude and the dual colour ones now that have just been released.
  5. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    We’ve just had 46c which is..... 114deg f. So I’m ready to try wedges. So my latest plan is these wedges (Hannele Black sandal) with skinny jeans and a blouse shirt and a baker boy black cap. Photos to come when I buy them Tuesday hopefully. Wanted the tan version, but the store did not have the left foot! Was stolen!
  6. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Thanks MackyHeels, i’ll give it some thought. Here is another pic of a different option for travelling.... bit plain, but nice and casual for the flight. Happy to get your thoughts. I have my low block heeled sandals from Nine West. I’m thinking I might need to shave my legs for this option.
  8. LovinHeels

    Understanding wife

    I am very lucky with my wife knowing about my interest in heels. More importantly we go shopping together regularly for heels. I have been fortunate to travel a fair bit to the US where we hit DSW really hard together, previously buying over $600US on heels to take home. She also gives me advice on what is appropriate and stylish, not too vamp or slutish. I don’t tend to wear heels when we go out, just for respect of her and us as a couple. I tower over her if I wear high heels and she doesn’t.
  9. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Thanks for the feedback. Never bought any wedges, never been that keen on them... might change my thinking on this. Food for thought. Maybe I’ll post some of my sandals I have. See what you all think.
  10. LovinHeels

    My perfect heels - Aldo's 5.7" sandals

    I do like those sandals Everlast78, look very classy. I have 2 questions, what do wear with them? You a pair great pin there, do you shave or wax your legs? I’m thinking of getting rid of my leg hair.
  11. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. After I uploaded the pics I realised I couldn’t walk the distances you have to when travelling. So for me, my red Steve Maddens will not come with me. If I could I would! The boots are much better to walk in. MackyHeels I like your idea. That tunic would work with a black long cardigan I have. Sleeveless things I stay away from because I don’t want to show muscular arms when trying to be feminine, but with a black long sleeve cardigan it would look ok I reckon.
  12. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Here are my latest suggestions... thoughts please.
  13. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Thanks HinH, agree with you on the weather. I was just thinking comfort and lots of walking for the plane trip. Sandals could be an option, once I arrive. I have these denim blue block heels I could bring them with me. Or go shopping for some in Orlando!
  14. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Here are my 2 options, can I have your thoughts?
  15. LovinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    Thanks for the feedback. I might wear my long black boots with 80mm block heel with leggings and a swing dress. Going all out! If I can summon up the courage! I’ll post photos soon to get your feedback.

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