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  1. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Yes do it every so often. My beautiful wife and I go together to get it done - just for fun.
  2. Wittner shopping

    Fantastic to hear. Wittier is also my favourite store. The Wittner Harbour town Adelaide is great too. Good range, great staff.
  3. Sydney Meet

    Sydney meet Hi All, I'm in Sydney for the week and was wondering if there was anyone interested in a meet? I'm not sure where the most appropriate places to go. LovinHeels
  4. What Else Do You Do While Wearing Your Heels?

    I wear my heels at home doing: CleaningSurfing the webBrowsing this sitePutting out the rubbishGoing for walks around my suburb (to get practice)In the shower! The last one is with my eldorado patents.
  5. Adelaide Australia

    Hi LuvnHeels, I'm in Adelaide and would be interested in going out heeling. Have some places in mind around the place that I think have fairly liberal atmospheres. Let me know if you're interested. LovinHeels.
  6. Wearing my black Eldorado's now and loving it!

  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    Hi All, Just purchased these at a new store that opened up. They are really comfortable which surprises me - its great feeling. http://www.santini.com.au/soul_princess-PAMPER-000011996.html
  8. melbourne australia

    HI All, I'm heading over to Melbourne in the next couple of weeks - 18-19 of August. It would be interesting to meet a few Aussie heelers. LovinHeels
  9. Which Domina do you like best?

    Love the 412's for some reason - I think its because of the closed in pointy toe with the straps.
  10. Hi Been a while. How are things in Adelaide? Getting any chances to get in to some heels? I'm heading to Adelaide on Sunday, arriving early Sunday evening and staying at hotel in City. Will be bringing my fav heels _ so looking forward to an evening in my heels! If you fancy a catch up drop me a line Cheers

  11. Let's get to know each other

    Hi All, Name: Matt Age: 39 Gender: Male (Straight) Location: Adelaide, Australia Occupation: Manager Height: 6"1 Weight: 83kg Shoe size: 11US What's your favourite heel style: Stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: Closed toe pump (black) Do you wear your heels outside: Rarely have the chance. What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5" ( Your highest heel height: 5" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: try to slip on my only pair of heels once a week. ( Your highest heel height: ditto Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: barefeet, sometimes stockings if I have the time and the inclination. Anything else you wish to add: I seem to go through cycles of buying a pair of heels, wearing them for a while then throwing them out and getting a new pair.
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    HI All, Just bought these today. Had a wonderful experience at the shop (Steve Maddern). Tried on 5 different pairs of heels and finally settled on these; Will post some pictures soon.
  13. Are you a 'picky' with your purchases?

    I agree with you CRabbit. A closed in pointy stiletto is my most preferred option. No sandals that show the the toes. I'm a guy who doesn't have time to do the pedicure thing. LovinHeels
  14. Why do you wear heels?

    I voted "for the feminine feeling" because, to be honest, I enjoy the sexiness of the heels. In any society, and being realistic, that is a feminine feeling. I am a straight guy, that just enjoys heels.
  15. HI Heels are me, Sorry, just got your msg. I am keen on heels of that type as well. The most modern style I think is best. Please keep me in mind next time. Cheers LovinHeels.