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  1. Soooo. . . it has been an interesting Memorial Day weekend. My two sons took a road trip and broke down on the highway. I got an unsolicited compliment about my heels while out and about. I got a surprise visit from a young lady who has been featured in this thread before. And I learned something about my marriage from said young lady. After all, she shares a common mother tongue with my wife, and girls will talk. Yep, as usual, my wife cut off my shoes in this picture. That was not an accident. Oh yeah, and I fell down and cut my damn forehead. That about rounds out the weekend!
  2. I had no idea that Louboutin made such shoes. Ran across these on my usual searches. Unfortunately, they are not quite my size, and definitely way beyond my budget, but they are nice to look at, anyway, and they don’t even have that damned set back heel that Louboutin is wont to make. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224476043329
  3. Careful, them TikTok girls’ll getcha.
  4. Not really my thang, but somebody suggested this YouTube channel, and I can understand the appeal for a select group. I will say that she is very athletic in her style. https://www.youtube.com/c/marissaheart/videos
  5. You guessed it, that's exactly what I am doing, only I'm now in the process of reducing my walking theory to a writing. A video would be much more effective, but first I have to make sure I can actually do that which I have observed. I obviously haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. Perhaps they are more numerous here because Iowa is (or was) the home of Maytag. They are unusual to see in everyday life, but I wouldn't call them rare yet, in the way that a Ford flathead V-8 is not rare. It was not difficult to get running, according to my son (I had little to do with the whole affair), just dirty points. It doesn't start easily, but it does run. It came with a gasket set, which it needs. I can upload a video to Youtube if you like. Here is a video of it running. My son did some work on it since my first posting. The muffler is not stock. But it helps our relations with the neighbors!
  7. The funnel is and has been used for its intended purpose, though the reason why it happens to be laying on the ground in the instant situation is that my son used it to put fuel in his latest acquisition, an old Maytag washing machine engine, which has a tiny, tiny fuel filler opening. I really do like those pants, though I don't wear them often. I think the new style of flared pants seems to be somewhat shorter than it used to be. Since covering up my heels is not in my thoughts at all anymore, I might have to experiment with that a little bit. On this particular morning, I did not have any trouble with my pant legs catching on the backs of my shoes. That used to drive me crazy. I can remember the (women's) style of a number of years gone by was to have your pants so long that all you could see sticking out the bottom was just a tiny pin of stiletto, which was simultaneously alluring and frustrating. And it ruined a lot of pants in the real world.
  8. I violated one of my most important rules yesterday, which is "Never wear a pair of new shoes out in public without sort of vetting them first." But I think I got by with it, because most of the learning curve was seen by nobody. I don't know what it is about these Miu Miu sandals, but they're a little different to walk in. Can't really put my finger on it, but by the end of church, I had got used to whatever it is, thankfully. I tried out the boot cut style pants again, just to see, and I think this is coming back into style. I do not think I will ever wear that shirt again. It doesn't seem to suit me, fit-wise, and it's not worth having it altered. And I should have moved that transmission funnel before taking this picture, but oh well. It's not like y'all are picky or anything.
  9. My 12 year old had a band concert last week. It was much better than I expected, especially considering that the entire band had only rehearsed all together once because of pandemic restrictions. But you didn't come here to hear about a Middle School band concert. You came here to hear about the State of Heels amongst young people. I can report that I was the only male, young or old, wearing heels at the concert. No big surprise there. They made the kids dress up a little bit, but parents apparently did not get the hint. No heels of any appreciable height among the parents. I guess there were about 5 girls out of the whole band (maybe 100 kids, so 50 girls) who wore what you could call "heels." 3 of those were very, very short heels. Which is fine, they're 12. The girl in the silver heeled sandals I mentioned a couple of months ago returned with her silver heels. Evidently she plays the clarinet. And then there was another girl who had on some rather high black suede platform wedge pumps. It's hard to tell from a distance, but I would guesstimate 4 inch heel, 1 inch platform. Which is a serious heel, but this particular girl should probably wait to wear heels until she's older. It was not a pretty sight. Not because she was particularly clumsy, but she was very childlike in her presence, and heels are kind of an adult thing. It just did not look right, for some reason. So, you know, heels aren't completely dead, which is good I guess.
  10. I had the same experience in Vietnam. My brother-in-law has an automotive repair shop on a main drag in Hanoi. His son (my nephew, who is now 33 years old) speaks good English, so I tend to hang out with him more than his dad, even though we're of different generations. This shop, which is also their home, is right next door to a photography studio. All day, every day, there are beautiful girls walking by the front of the shop to go to their photo sessions. The way the area is set up, I mean they are within feet of you as you're working on these cars. My young nephew and his dad seem to have no problem ignoring this, but I wonder how they get any work done.
  11. I know I have had a time deciding what to wear these past few weeks, weather-wise.
  12. Couple of thoughts: Number One, because I have bought five pairs of identical shoes, rather than different colors of the same model shoe, does that make me a binger or a hoarder? Number Two: I am not sure I would call those "round toed" pumps. More like almond toed to me. In either case, those shoes are awesome!
  13. My traditional Zaner-Bloser script dates me, same as my parents' Palmer Method dates them. My 12 year old, on the other hand, can't seem to make a "4" so that it doesn't look like a "9," or a "0" that doesn't look like a "6". As to the real subject at hand, at first I thought the whole note thing was a bit creepy, but now maybe I am softening my thoughts a little bit. At least it's much better than a nasty note!
  14. I have reached a new milestone, if you can call it that. I have had two pairs of the identical model shoes in different colors. I've even have three pairs of one particular model. I've bought direct, identical replacements for shoes before. However, this is the first time I've ever owned 4 pairs of identical shoes. And I'd already broken one of them, otherwise it would be 5. Back when I found this model, BCBGirls Bonny, many years ago, I had no idea that it would become my favorite shoe. I often wondered what I would do when I wore out the pair I had. I searched high and low and finally found a replacement pair, and I think I paid $75 for it, getting uncomfortably close to what they would have cost new a number of years ago. Right after I bought my second pair, another pair popped up out of the blue in my size for much cheaper. I thought, "What the heck?" and bought those also. Then I broke one pair, so I was down to two again. Wouldn't you know, two more pair popped up on ebay, and for really, really cheap, like $17 cheap. So anyway, now I have 4 pairs, which ought to last me 'til I'm 64.
  15. As an aside, I notice that the actual note is written in a sort of half cursive/half printed script. I wonder what age that makes the writer?
  16. Another Sunday. Nothing too exciting to report, other than a couple of weeks ago I realized that I no longer have any "practical" dress shoes. They are all like the ones pictured or worse! I need to prepare for some of those days when I am feeling less than coordinated, or just flat worn out. I did buy some sub-4 inch pumps a little while ago, but they turned out to be too small. I can't hardly bring myself to buy short heels, but I really ought to, just in case.
  17. This "cupcake" is for scientific study only! Stay tuned.
  18. I didn't realize that you Germans used psi. I thought you were better than that! 😆😆😆 Seriously, though, my wife is from Vietnam, and though she's lived in the U.S. for 13 years, the one unit of backward measurement she's never learned is temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, I have gotten very good at translating Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa in my head. However, I cannot say the same about psi ---> kPa.
  19. At least your wife still bothers to point out your shortcomings. It just means she loves you! 😆😆😆
  20. I had to have a good laugh at that line. Yeah, it's much smaller. It's a community of one, which kind of turns the word "community" right on its ear, doesn't it? Haha! Oh, I know, I know. I've got you guys here online, and that's ok. In much the same way that I am loathe to ride my motorbike with 40 other people on a Sunday afternoon, and taking a yoga "class" is an anathema to me, I'm quite all right on my own, thank you. As to the second bolded portion, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "pronation in the female bone structure." If it means what I think it means, isn't this pronation a fundamental part of why you can tell the difference between a woman's walk and a man's walk at a distance?
  21. For my purposes, I don’t need minute detail, but in the past I’ve uploaded screenshots that actually came out blurry, so I just wanted to make sure my new way of doing things actually came out ok. I think it will be sufficient. I might try further reducing the file size just to see what it looks like.
  22. From my perspective, you are comparing apples and oranges. From what I can tell, you and your wife are part of an enthusiast community, so of course you know many women who wear heels enthusiastically and relentlessly. That is an extremely small slice of the general population. I certainly didn't mean to make this a women vs. men thing. I know plenty of men who bitch about how much their feet hurt, but are not really curious about how to actually fix the problem, other than constantly experimenting with inserts. What I'm talking about is women who say that they wish they could wear high heels more often (or at all), but they don't really mean it. It's just something you say idly. In fact, the next time I hear it, and I hear it more often than you might imagine, I think I'm going to say rather carelessly, "Why do you wish you could wear heels? What difference does it make?" I think that should make for a rather more interesting conversation.
  23. Being as I'm human, and not a bear, I would say no. If I had bear feet, as you seem to indicate that you do (suffering to see them in the shower), I'd hide them most of the time as well!
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