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  1. @pebblesfThano you for your kind words. I know that nothing bad will happen if I wear them out, just gotta get over the mental hurdle of it all.
  2. @Jkrenzer Unfortunately I don't. Too much of a scaredy cat. I have a few times, and nothing bad happened. Just nerves and stuff.
  3. @RonCThanks! The link must've went bad when I made those albums hidden on imgur. All the down votes I got made my account look bad. So I decided to make the albums hidden so only the people I share the link with can see them. I'll have to update link. Thanks for he heads up. The red pumps are definitely nice, but I really liked the look of he outfit with the boots.
  4. In the last few months I've taken up a keen interest in photography, landscapes, astro, portraiture, street, etc. It's all fun to me. It also gives me the opportunity to have a nice fun creative outlet with the clothes I like wearing. The pictures also end up looking a hell of a lot better than my cell phone pics look. Still have a lot to learn on the photography side, but I'm pretty happy with how these pictures turned out. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.
  5. @mlroseplant I had no idea you had a youtube channel. I checked out a few of your videos and realized you're a very talented musician! Many years ago I competed in the Fort Dodge Symphony concerto competition. I played Prokofiev's 3rd piano concerto. Ended up losing to a 11 year old playing Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 2. Who can compete with a 11 year old playing at that level?!?! Good experience though.
  6. I honestly didn't expect any less when I made the posts. I've been a part of the "internet community" since the late 90s and it really hasn't changed much since then. I also agree that most of the pictures are the same thing over and over again in a very boring environment. Take that coupled with all the headless shots and it just makes things look very awkward, even kind of cringey (if that's a word). The thing is the pictures are just as much a depository for me as they are me trying to express myself. Since I'm too scared to go back out in public for the time being it's nice for me to still
  7. Since these forums only allow so much space for uploading photos I decided to start a page on imgur. I've made two posts so far, but lots of pictures to look at if you're interested. It's really interesting to me how much disapproval I am getting from the imgur community, at least in the like/dislike category. I uploaded my second post just 20 or so minutes ago and I already have 8 down votes. I'm not really upset by it, but it's just something I noticed. Anyway, if you're interested here's the link. You'll see a lot of old stuff that I've posted as well as some new stuff too. I hope you enjoy
  8. I know I know. Whenever I do it it's never really that big of a deal either.
  9. Just because. Never 100% overcame the fear and just let my nerves get the best of me.
  10. I just received these beautiful Nine West Tatiana pumps in neon green snake print. Wasn't sure how I'd like them, but they look so much better in person. Just threw something together quick to try and show them off. I kinda like the all black, then when you get to the shoes your eyes get shocked. I used to wear my heels in public, but it's been so long that all those nerves of mine have come back and I've kinda just lost the motivation to overcome them. Anyway, here's the pictures.
  11. EDIT: The sale is probably over by now. If I knew how to delete the topic I would.
  12. Thanks! I'm convinced my dog thinks I'm crazy. When I get a new pair of shoes I do a lot of walking around the house to try them out and he just follows me around stairs at me with this blank look on his face like "what the heck are you doing?" He's a good boy though.
  13. Thank you! I've seen some of your pictures and really admire your style. You're bold and classy with how you dress and you look absolutely stunning. When I do go out I never make an attempt to "hide" my shoes. Really, in the end, you're only hiding them from yourself. You're fooling yourself thinking that long wide pants are hiding the type of shoes you're wearing. If one were to just look down it would be obvious what you have on your feet. With that being said, might as well wear something that compliments the shoes you are wearing. If you're going to wear high heels in public it's bett
  14. Thanks for your response and kind words. I still don't go out very often. It's very daunting. The handful of times I have been out nobody has said a word to me, and that's how I like it. My goal is to fit in, not stand out. Although compliments are nice I don't really like the attention.
  15. Like I've mentioned in previous posts of mine, I've always struggled with finding good casual outfits to wear my heels with. A nice pair of leather pumps have the tendency to scream "formal" or "dressy". It's not particularly challenging to dress down pumps, but I'm very particular about how I want my entire silhouette to look. I'm also very particular about wanting the majority of my clothes to come from the men's department. I've kind of made it my hobby to find stylish and casual outfits that not only look good, but also come mostly from the men's department. There's still a stigma that men
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