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  1. My first time playing with skirts. I was always averse to them because I hate shaving my legs. Then I realized you don't need to shave your legs to look good in a skirt. Embrace the hair! Here's the link
  2. @pebblesfThano you for your kind words. I know that nothing bad will happen if I wear them out, just gotta get over the mental hurdle of it all.
  3. @Jkrenzer Unfortunately I don't. Too much of a scaredy cat. I have a few times, and nothing bad happened. Just nerves and stuff.
  4. @RonCThanks! The link must've went bad when I made those albums hidden on imgur. All the down votes I got made my account look bad. So I decided to make the albums hidden so only the people I share the link with can see them. I'll have to update link. Thanks for he heads up. The red pumps are definitely nice, but I really liked the look of he outfit with the boots.
  5. In the last few months I've taken up a keen interest in photography, landscapes, astro, portraiture, street, etc. It's all fun to me. It also gives me the opportunity to have a nice fun creative outlet with the clothes I like wearing. The pictures also end up looking a hell of a lot better than my cell phone pics look. Still have a lot to learn on the photography side, but I'm pretty happy with how these pictures turned out. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.
  6. Since these forums only allow so much space for uploading photos I decided to start a page on imgur. I've made two posts so far, but lots of pictures to look at if you're interested. It's really interesting to me how much disapproval I am getting from the imgur community, at least in the like/dislike category. I uploaded my second post just 20 or so minutes ago and I already have 8 down votes. I'm not really upset by it, but it's just something I noticed. Anyway, if you're interested here's the link. You'll see a lot of old stuff that I've posted as well as some new stuff too. I hope you enjoy
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