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  1. dww


    Must admit I get in the morning and I wear a pair of thonge sandals, then after my other half has gone to work I put on my ankle boots, and I wear them all day 3-4 inch heels, local shops etc no problems so far.
  2. Not for me either, but I do have long hair way past my shoulders, been like that since 1970's, but I do wear a watch, maybe on my right wrist, and somepeople think that's weird, and a sign I cannot be trusted, but when my grandparents bought me a watch in the mid fifties, I had a burn on my left wrist and have worn my watch on my right wrist ever since.
  3. Sorry I cannot skate, won't even try, but I have noticed how male ice skaters always have a bit of a heel to their skates.
  4. You can still find honest places in west Cornwall were you can buy fruit, eggs and veg, quite a of locals use them daily, ask my sister who lives near St ives in sunny Cornwall. Last petrol station I went that was attended was on the St Just- Penzance road, it was in Newbridge gallon of fuel 3/4p, yes six gallons for a pound. bring back the sixties.
  5. I kid you not, but I have 9 pairs of my favourite ankle boots, enough to last until I die but I hope not, will wait and see.
  6. Hi Mr Puffer, sadly I have got older, and if these type of sites were available say 30 years ago, my input would be totally different as it is I have done over a thousand inputs to this site. Yep I have meet people, been to a few healmeets and had a good time, but sadly things change and I know I am older than you, and I do not go out and challenge myself anymore, been there done that, so now I do my own thing I wear my heels daily and don't give a dam what anybody says and I do not have any problems. I remember first time finding this site (first one patenet letter if anybody remembers) and then I realised I am not the only guy in the world with my problem. Hope this quick answer fits in ok, Anyway back to the sixties, only jokeing.
  7. Happyinheels, Yep would totally agree with you, It would be so great if we could go back to sixties, life was so much more fun then, I agree with Shyheels we used to go of on our bikes away from home allday. I remember feeling a bit tired on day and sitting by the side of the road with my bike, couple drove by turned around came back and asked if things were ok, that could not happen today. Daughter found some of my LP's in the garage, she said my these are large CD'S (quite a few Beatles first realises) bought by myself. First record was Telstar by the tornadoes, sister wanted Glad all over by the Dave Clark Five. People today do not know what real life is about, we made up our own games, and you taught yourself as time went on, but you know all that already, teaching granny to suck eggs springs to mind.
  8. I will agree with you 100% totally evil, do not want anything to do with facebook or any other of those type of websites, mind you if my daughter cannot get on facebook etc you would think it's the end of the world.
  9. I am totally with you about a site that caters for men in heels nothing else, I am a guy that enjoys heels but not interested in any thing else female in any way, I did state that in heels4men about a few years ago, but there we go. I think the main guy in that site had the hump about Feb and he said he would resume again in March and I keep looking but nothing has happened, so maybe the site needs a few people like myself to post again and get it going as I said before I am not interested in dresses nail polish etc, just a guy in heels.
  10. Love the black thonge sandals very similar to what I wear daily, like the way the bit between the toes constantly reminds you what you are wearing.
  11. Thank-you mr pebblessf How did I break my back, not a long story but I suffer from ankylosing spondylitis witch is a disese witch joins all of your joints together and after a while they fuse together and you cannot move them anymore, so after a while my back was a solid bone and cannot move anymore, well I fell down the stairs and broke my back in two places, anyway way I was put in a mountain type resque type of harness and taken to my local hospital and then airlifted to Southampton general hospital and had surgery a bit later, anyway anklylosing spondylitis there is no cure, and all have to look forward to is my neck will lock up and cannot move anymore, and maybe have to give up driving etc, well I am nearly 70, problems with getting old.
  12. I think I can teach you guys a little about back problems, and sciatic nerves, after breaking my back in two places, and learning to walk again, after my back surgery I now have a metal plate in my back looks like a elongated x and has screws eight of witch go into my spine bones to hold them all together. anyway after back surgery the bottoms of my feet are very sensitive and don't like to be touched in any way, so what I do is wear my thounge sandals mainly all day as I cannot go barefoot anywhere due to feet being sensitive to the touch. I do wear my heeled ankle boots every day when I go out, not high just 2 and a half inches, but it makes a big difference to my walk and posture. I wear my sandals because they are easy to put on and take off, very hard when you cannot reach you feet, wiping my bum is another problem but I won't go into that, very hard when your back does not flex anymore, but I have learned to live with it.
  13. Last big one was 2009, I was there.
  14. Sorry too old for the sweet nothings bit, squeezing spots I am ok with like giving a bit of pain.
  15. Not a lover of toe cleavage, could not touch somebodies toes either, ears is another problem cannot touch peoples ears as well, girlfriend has said in the past can you put my earrings in, no way, cannot go near them.
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