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  1. Yes I do remember Cobal and Fortran and I did a course on machine code programing in my early days when I was taught how computers work. When I left college I worked for the GPO on a radio station and I was taught about valves all there was back then, transistors came later. as I am a radio ham still like my valves etc. sadly I have not kept up with modern tech and no nothing about mobile phones and programing and the like, I do own one but it is an old nokia about 10 years old, and it still works when I bother to turn it on, don't need one at my age. All I have is an old laptop running windows 7.
  2. There was another High Heel website before this one, can't remember what it was called. High Heel place came from that one I believe (Tech knows) and I discovered that one from using Patent Letter a few People will remember that website back in the late nineties, back in the good old dial up days one penny a minute. Joined HHplace June 2002 after my first heelmeet in Cambridge.
  3. Maybe this is better, seems the quote bit has disappeared, Heels do not make me a better person, but will admit I feel a lot better when I am in them.
  4. As a person who has lived in the west country, four miles from lands end, for nearly half of my life, I have never heard of that either. True Cornish people do have lots of ways of saying things and it takes a few years to understand all of it, my sister has lived there for over forty years and is now becoming a local. I was married to a northern girl for over 10 years and they have some strange sayings. Best bit is we meet with a Scottish pair in Spain once a year, the wife I can understand, but her husband I only understand about a third of what he says, Have to guess the rest.
  5. dww

    A Lack of Heels

    Likewise I am also sixty eight, but I am still 21 in my mind, well would like to think I am, many people say I am to stuck in my ways and will never change and yes I do wear my heels daily and will continue to do so until I can't any longer. They are not that high a tad lower than 3 inches or 75mill for you metric types.
  6. Are we allowed to call an American fellow a yank these days, seems we are not allowed to say things about people from all over the world, bad but it will get worse. Yank is good for me and so is an Aussie. Does it matter about language as long as we all understand each other and that is what matters. Could never understand why I born and breed English had to learn English at school.
  7. To be honest in this day and age, why should anybody be worried what shoes you wear, I wear my heels daily, local shops down town, nobody cares, and I will do the same for years to come, get a life.
  8. I think they look great, if you are happy carry on go with the flow.
  9. Hi I also suffer with AS and I find heels help, with my daily routine, and have broken my back twice.


  10. Yes my then wife bought me a pair of platform heels, I will admit I did wear them, but was not the style of shoes I would have chosen for myself.
  11. Hi Krazykev, very glad you are into heels, and I know how you feel about bad backs etc, as I also suffer with ak spondulatis, may be you can give me a call 9-3 07799781691 as I would like to meet you.


  12. Yes I have purged a couple of times, heels I have bought to big, and bought a size smaller, that I am happy with, given to my local air ambulance. But in the past say 30 years I have given many shoes away, or dumped down some lane somewhere on my travels. Nowadays I only buy shoes I will wear and keep.
  13. Yes I agree, mans pants look better, that's the way I would wear them.
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