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  1. dww

    Beatle boots and winklepickers

    If you are looking for a pair of beatle type boots, I wear a pair of ankle boots from Marks and Spencer center stich design and a bit of a heel, love them wear them daily but they only go to size 8 uk, you can find them in the womens section, love wearing them. I only take a size 7 uk girl friend (of 34 years) has a pair of size 6 and I can fit in them, bit tight and I would not want to stretch them but I could wear them all day.
  2. dww

    Instore Shopping In The USA

    Cannot complain about the M6 quite a few years ago I did Basingstoke to Glasgow 400 miles in 3 hours 50 minutes well over a hundred miles an hour all the way, left Basingstoke at midnight Glasgow before 4am must admit you could not do it today. At times I was doing 150 mph up the M6 got chased twice by the old bill. Tried it about few years ago five hours to get to the Scottish border. Then in the old days I did 100-125 thousand miles a year. Loved every minute of it.
  3. dww

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    Cannot tell you why, just liked girls shoes since I first went to school, in my first class was a girl in a pair of red sandals, wondered why can't I wear a pair like that, I was 4or 5 years old been into girls shoes since then, wish I knew why. 60 years later still wearing them.
  4. dww

    Collection and pics from down under

    I have to get myself a pair of peep toe boots, I love the look, Marks and spencer have some on sale at the moment, I will order a pair.
  5. dww

    1,000 Miles in Heels

    The late sixties was a great time to live, much better than today. What started the downhill bit was getting rid of the 240 pennies to the pound, still convert to old money even today, over ten bob for a mars bar, used to three for a shilling, that's five pee for the youngsters. Three and four pence for a gallon of fuel, that's six gallons for a pound. Give me the sixties anyday.
  6. dww

    1,000 Miles in Heels

    I can remember doing 1000 miles on my bike, I had a mileometer fitted to the front wheel, but that was back in about 1965, don't know how many miles in girls style shoes but I started in about 1968, and still doing so today, every day.
  7. dww

    Word Association Game

  8. dww

    Advice on public wearing

    As I suffer from Anklosing Spondylitis, not something I would wish on anybody no cure no fix. At the moment in time my total back and ribcage has all fused and cannot move anymore, not very nice just waiting for my neck and shoulders to totally fuse which will happen in the next 12 months. Only thing I can say is wearing heels does give me some comfort and corrects my posture a bit and things are not as painfull so they do help. If you get five minutes look up Anklosing Spondylitis you will be supprised want it can do to your whole body, but you have to get on with life and work around it.
  9. dww

    Word Association Game

    Attach an aerial.
  10. dww

    So warm here!

    Many thanks for your input. I'am not used to wearing thong sandals, so the toe post bit reminds of what I am wearing, I will enjoy it.
  11. dww

    So warm here!

    Yes it is very warm, don't know for how long though. Just bought myself a pair of thong sandals from Next, they are great to wear, brought for my holiday in Spain for late September.
  12. dww

    Word Association Game

    Looking after my grandkids.
  13. dww

    Word Association Game

    Best thing we have ever done.
  14. dww

    Double Standards in Footwear

    I can beat that wedding 1972, mums passing 2015.
  15. dww

    Word Association Game


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