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  1. dww


    way even bother with this crap Keep yourself to your yourself and forget about the rest.
  2. Thanks Tech for your input, I only know my first post was June 2002 I used another sign in name then I believe the guy who run this site was based in Reading, I spoke to him in 1998 or there abouts.
  3. I think hh place is slightly older than 17, as the first heel meet I went on was may 2002 in Cambridge, I attended two other world heel meets in London one in 2007 and the other in 2009, but I recall visiting this site in 1999 and may be before when it was the good old dial up days, poss it was not called hh place in the early days as I cannot remember.
  4. Well the only thing I can say is yes I have more than shoulder length hair and I have had this since early 60,s, yes I have been asked by a few really young herberts are you a girl or a man, but I like long hair and it's not changing, as for heels all I can say is my then wife bought me a pair of platform heeled shoes in the early 70's and I wore them, but I would not wear that style today, I only wear heels that I like to wear, and I do care what people say, I just do my own thing, you get to a time in life when you do not care anymore. David.
  5. dww

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Good looking ankle boots, keep it up wearing them.
  6. dww

    Need some advice

    I would go for a nice pair of ankle boots, with a decent heel you will get more use out of them, buy the sandals in the summer.
  7. dww

    Shopping in M&S

    I think most people turn a blind eye, I have seen on the telly where they shoot gulls eggs, to get rid of them, anyway back to heels I have ordered myself a pair of the said heels from marks and spencer and look forward to wearing them. You have never seen when you remove the filter from a milking machine and chuck it in the corner of the barn and 200 cats appear from nowear.
  8. dww

    Shopping in M&S

    Ok Maninboots, thanks for your comments I will look into a pair as I like the almound, square toe type design with the center stich, looking at the reviews you should go for a size smaller, as I take a size 7 uk I will go for that, If the heels are a bit high I normally go for a 7 and a half, but I will stick to a 7 as the ankle boots I am wearing at the moment are 6 and a half which gives them a nice little tight feeling, but I have 8 other pairs in size 7 I like to plan ahead. And if I buy a pair which is quite likely I will give a review on their website as I have done before.
  9. dww

    Shopping in M&S

    They may be protected, but I know of a few places in sunny Cornwall where they are shot along with grey squirrels and cats. Yep I have had a pastie knicked in St Ives more than once, saw a guy once knock one to the floor and stamp on it very close to the life boat slip, a seagull that is not a pastie, most folks gave him a clap.
  10. dww

    Shopping in M&S

    Hi, had a quick look at those ankle boots you tried on in M and S and maybe will get myself a pair, I like the center stich design and I wear a similar style of ankle boots every day also from M and S according to their website the heels are white, but I will spray them black if I get a pair. David.
  11. dww

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Only problem is , the rules I was following were from 1970, things have changed a bit since then. Still cannot get over this brown and blue cable colours, nowt wrong with red and black.
  12. Nope it is medical grade titainium, will admit only sets of the ones in the uk, they did prove it the the hand held detector showed it up straight away and from quite a distance from my back. did not have a problem in Spain. My brother had a lot of problems going to your place America as the metal rod in his leg set of the alarms, he said not good having a man pointing a gun at you.
  13. I will be the first to say wearing heels, is better for your back and I know it is better for my posture, I have been wearing heels since 1968 after I was old enough to buy my own.
  14. dww

    First time

    I think they would look better if your jeans covered the boots, but with the jeans cut about 1 inch (25mm) above the heels, leaving the heels on show.

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