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  1. The boots are really good!! (I had ordered my first pair in 2006.) The boots look very good all the time!!
  2. Hi, I can offer you several boots and heels in EU-sizes 43/44. They are in very good conditions. Feel free to contact me for further informations. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I know "Biond" or Biondini. They are made in Italy. Andy
  4. I have also serveral pairs of their otk and crotch high chap boots.
  5. Hi Biostim, on Friday, 19, I will be in Munich by LTS, Asamhofpassage 11, at 11.45 o'clock. Andy
  6. Hi Biostim, today I have ordered some otk boots from LTS, Munich. In a few days I will come to Munich (Sendlinger Tor, Asamhofpassage) to get the otk boots. I will inform you about the date. Andy
  7. Hi @Biostim, yes, I will do it! I want to wear otk boots with heels from 'Long Tall Sally' (LTS).
  8. Hello, I'm from Franconia, Nuremberg (Nürnberg).
  9. Hello Tomham, it is a nice idea! Have you a possible date for the meeting? Andy (from Bavaria)
  10. Hello Clar, hello David, I will be visiting Toronto in Septembre 15th, 2013. I will be in Canada till Septembre 28th for a journey. Will it be possible to have a meeting in this time? Best regards Andy
  11. Hello, not every woman want to see a man in heels. But there are may wowen like it when the men do it.
  12. Hello, a few days ago I have bought a pair of thigh high boots from Jean Gaborit, Paris. They are very outstanding black leather boots! I like them very much! I will wear the boots on the "torture ship" in June, 23, 2012! Best regards Andy
  13. Hello, I own a pair of Fernando Boots in size 47 (No. 112). I have bought it via Internet. The boots are very comfortable! Best regards PS: Take one size more than you wear normally!
  14. Hello, my name is Andy and I come from Germany (Bavaria). I like very long crotch boots and chap boots. Therefore I own nearly 50 pairs of such boots! Many of these boots are high heeled boots till 5''!! Now it is no problem for me to wear high heels in public! Best regards Andy
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