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  1. http://walkinginboots.blog.de/ this was the link, but it's silent (silcence = Stille) now. I don't know whether he will launch his blog again. Bootlover66 (from Germany)
  2. Looking HOT in those boots buddy...Don

  3. Really lovely ladies and great boots. Las Vegas must have been fun! Wished I could have joined Cheers Bootlover
  4. They are great!!! Compliments! Bootlover
  5. I own 4 pairs of JG thigh high boots. One of them was too small at the upper thigh. I sent them back and got them made without any problem. Highly recommended. Joerg
  6. A friend of mine has bought 2 bootsuits. I'll ask him for a quick statement about price, quality, etc. Bootlover66
  7. Thank you very much for this link. Joerg
  8. Hi this brings me to a general question: a woman on 5" stiletto heels is... fashionalble? daring? ??? a man on 5" stiletto heels is... a fetishist??? I don't think that it is so easy. However, many women, who wear heels, are looped upon as hoo..ers. So they also face problems with "society" (whoever this is). My opinion: I completely agree with Chantal. Fetishists suffer under absence of their fetish. Maybe many of us have a "passion". Sorry for my simple engish Joerg
  9. Hi and to confuse you completely: "Liter" is the perfect german word. Booted greetings Joerg
  10. Thighbootsguy, thank you very much for this warm welcome. I hope that I can contribute to this foru,. In case of more JG questions, please feel free to contact me Kind regards Joerg
  11. Hi, my first post here. I own 4 pairs of JG boots and as being said before, they are worth every penny. With my latest pair, I had some trouble, because the measurements were not correct. So, JB got them back and after about 2 months, I received a completely new pair without any trouble! I strongly receomend JG if you would like to wear a "custom-made" pair of thigh boots. Booted greetings from Germany Joerg (bootlover66)
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