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  1. Thanks buddy! I even got another compliment the second day I wore them out and about....Walking by a hotel one of the male doormen asked if I "was having trouble finding my way around"... I replied that I was doing OK, just took a few extra laps to finally find the food store. He then went on to comment: ".....wearing those heels must be uncomfortable stomping around on the city streets...". I replied that they were actually pretty comfortable and felt nice. The young man then went on to admit that "....he had always wanted to try out a cool pair of stilettos, but would never find them in his size 11 shoe." I replied that larger sizes are a little harder to find but he should look on ebay, or at asos/onlymaker. The young man was then called away by one of his hotel guests so the conversation ended. Oh well, was very cool having a guy being brave enough to admit he wanted to wear heels...
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  2. These are my current favourite. 3 5 inch Cuban heel ankle boots
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  3. Cool. Keep it up, easy does it! ... and if not - you'll hear about it
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  4. Stunning indeed! Love the stiletto heel.
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  7. HeleninHeels suggested I post this image photo here . The picture was taken at a doctors office . Surprise, I get a lot of reaction from those places .
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