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  1. We have a Croc problem in our household, and I'm ignoring it for the sake of Domestic Tranquility. As many of you know, my wife is heavily invested in selling her product at two different farmer's markets. I believe that part of the secret to her success, other than making a product that people seem to actually want to buy, is that she presents herself differently than most vendors. She always wears a nice dress to these farmer's markets, never a t-shirt and jeans. And lately, Crocs. Luckily, they aren't really croc-y Crocs, but they are Crocs nevertheless. Before the Crocs, which I am sure she found at a thrift store for a few dollars, she used to wear these silver Bandolino sandals with everything, which she claimed were the most comfortable shoes she had. Of course, they were modern Bandolino, not vintage, so they were junk, and broke in rather short order. Which is too bad, because they were actually cute. I couldn't find a replacement for a price she wanted to pay, so I bought her some Söfft sandals in coral patent leather, identical to the pair that I have in nude patent, which I consider to be a very comfortable shoe, and I don't mean comfortable for high heels, I mean comfortable period. In the meantime, she has found these damned Crocs, and wears those for every market, rain or shine. Wants nothing to do with the sandals I bought her. I quit mentioning it, even though it drives me crazy to see her in her nice dresses. . . with Crocs.
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  2. Spareheels..... I wear gals sandals most all the time, both flats and heels, have been for years. I keep my feet looking nice with pedicures and polish. I think it looks very nice and aside from a few - very few - positive comments, no one seems to notice or care. Have fun... sf
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