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    Driving home from Atlanta this past Sunday, I stopped for a bite to eat at a restaurant in Augusta, where my wife and I used to frequently eat back when we lived just a few miles from here. I was dressed casually for the trip, wearing a pair of Nine West booties similar to those pictured above, that I purchased on sale from 6 pm last spring. I had finished my meal and was reading a book on my I pad and enjoying a second cup of coffee when a nicely dressed woman sat down at a table across from me. I casually looked up, noticed that she was by herself and resumed reading. After a few minutes, she remarked that she really liked my shoes. I sat up, put my leg out from under the table so she could get a better look. It was at this point that I noticed she was wearing an identical pair — black faux suede booties with 4 1/2 “ inch heels. I commented that I had purchased this pair last spring at a end of season sale, and hadn’t had a chance to wear them very much. But, I found them to be really comfortable and easy to walk in. She said that she has had hers for a couple of years and also really liked them. She told me that I was the first man that she had ever seen wearing high heels. I told her that I had been wearing heels as my regular footwear since I was a teenager. She wondered if I ever experienced any derogatory remarks or strange comments from people while wearing heels, to which I related that most people were so wrapped up in their own thoughts that they really didn’t notice what goes on around them, especially with what other people had on their feet. And, those that did just looked at me and went about their business. But, occasionally I met someone like her that was curious and asked about them. We chatted about our background, heels and other stuff then she asked if I wore other items of women’s apparel, to which I replied no, just trouser socks an knee high hosiery. Nothing else. We talked for about twenty minutes while she ate and then I gathered up my things, paid for my meal and resumed my trip home. While I used to get questioned frequently about my choice of footwear, this is the first time in quite awhile that I can remember carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger about me, men and high heels. (Damn, should’ve gotten her telephone number)..".
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    It really feels like heels are a dying trend, like the corset before it. Because fundamentally, heels are not pleasurable to wear for most people, and given the choice, most people go with flats. Take a look at what the kids wear these days, it's all athleisure/streetwear, skaters shoes and sneakers. The internet casual-fied everything and that includes clothing. Those computer companies that have taken over most major metropolitan areas in North America have people going to work in jeans and t-shirt (hell I've seen people going to interviews at computer companies wearing a hoodie and jeans, and getting the job), and who's going to wear heels with that combo? Nowadays as more women enter traditionally masculine fields, there is no expectation for them to dress feminine, so they don't, they dress utilitarian. Additionally, more than the practicality concerns, heels represent female oppression (again, like the corset before it). Why did women wear high heels along with hosiery and skirts and all that to work? I would bet, for a vast number of women, it's because of the dress code that is expected of them. Nowadays all that is dying in business settings as well: flats are replacing heels, pants are replacing the skirt/pantyhose combo. Whenever heels are in the news nowadays, it's somebody protesting their inclusion as a part of some mandatory dress code, vilifying them to the public. Finally, high heels is very much a western tradition, and as more immigrants come in to western countries, more and more of the population won't have that familiarity with wearing heels. I'm in post-secondary education right now and I can say I rarely see those black mid-heel booties at school and during commutes, and proper high heels are once-per-two-weeks sightings. What might have been skirts and heels a decade ago is now leggings and chuck taylors. I try to savour what heels I do see because they are going away. I don't have any agendas against these social trends, but I do feel sad that heels are going away as a side effect.
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    They’re really nice to be fair, quite like the outside zip for a change, i too have a couple of pairs of flat boots, comfy and practical, would rather wear heels but sometimes you just need a pair of flats
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    These videos kinda made me feel sleepy , maybe I could get my wife to whisper like that . Kinda funny what came up when Googled "American Society for Reproductive Medicine" .
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    There has been a worldwide trend toward more casual wear over the last 20 years. It is not an indictment of the United States or the United Kingdom though the trend may have originated there and other countries took notice. They always take notice actually. For all the public statements some nations may make about the USA it is funny how the world embraces our culture, food, clothes, inventions, and institutions. Having retired from a career built around immigration I can tell you that, despite the ups and downs of These United States, they keep coming here. The immigrants legal and not, the students, and the tourists. I have seen at least one passport from all 197 sovereign nations (yes that includes North Korea) on Earth. They all had reasons for coming here 99% of them legitimate. Over the years I would ask what brought the tourists or what made them return. The reasons varied from the sheer size of the USA, its road network that seemingly goes everywhere, its welcoming and optimistic people, crazy variety of landscapes, or simply the adventure of travelling across a huge expanse and seeing the American flag displayed from every possible venue. It impressed them then and still does. Now they come more casually dressed than before. But they still come. HappyinHeels
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    Yeah everything is fine mate, snowed under with work at the moment so not finding the time to visit anything as often as I was, normal service will resume shortly and I’ll post regular pictures and updates then, thanks for your concern though but nothing to worry about
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    My local thrift store's selection of female footwear ends at size 10 Female and I'm size 12 Female. Sad.
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    Mom is a honey! Actually, Daughter is a honey, too, she just doesn't know how to dress. Speaking of not knowing how to dress, this may be one of those times in my case. Here is another early church service outfit. The pants and the shirt just happened to match exactly. I had never noticed it before. I managed to fit sandals into the outfit yet one more time, on December 8th!
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    Hiya all. Today being nice and chilly, I decided to borrow my wife's flat Nine West knee high leather boots - with fluffy "sheep skinned" lining. We bought them a couple of years ago from a Nine West outlet that opened near us for a short while. They had much more exciting boots (heeled!), but these were the ones that fit... and my wife liked them! They are a size 10M, and are very comfortable fit. Reeeeeealllly cosy to wear. I can see why my wife likes them so much. They have an interesting outside zip, which I'm debating whether its more user-friendly or not... not that I have a choice though The leather is really soft and luxurious, very well made. Almost makes up for them being flat heeled Cant imagine what these must have cost at full price.
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    Vegas is not the real world. Please tell me they weren't all plats. Plats are part of the problem, low relative rise and stiff inflexible soles. Makes inexperienced heelers incapable of wearing real heels. They go from plats to flats.
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    Hey guys: I saw these and think they look cool, amazing and sexy with pumps and some ankle jeans or skinny jeans, specially with different colors of pumps. Here's the link: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32627358640.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5c2b4243tqEiVI&algo_pvid=08d4bc75-ee31-4c96-b558-c600406e5e61&algo_expid=08d4bc75-ee31-4c96-b558-c600406e5e61-15&btsid=4241d451-be0e-42bc-8aca-5e8c2dcc6fc5&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_53 What do you think?
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    " I was happy to see a young black lady wearing a lovely pair of heels for her night out. Heel sightings have been rare for a while now. Seems most women want to look like they are on their way to a workout at the gym. Seems like women are just not into heels anymore..." Totally agree with that sentiment. Your heels would blow away just about anything I've seen on a woman in the last three months. Heck, my 3.75 inch chunky heel booties would beat 98% of what I see these days.
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    I can’t help but wonder if these people are being trained in proper customer service techniques and that priority one is to NOT antagonize shoppers willing to spend money. That just doesn’t make a lick of sense. Something else I wonder about, if a woman was in the men’s area looking for shoes, would she have been treated as shabbily as a man in the women’s section?
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    You might check out activskin.com. They have competitively priced items specifically for men. If you prefer women's hosiery, fine, but a lot of men prefer hosiery that's sized for men and designed for male anatomy. It's a lot more comfortable. Full disclosure: I own the company and have been operating it for 21 years. I don't normally promote my business on this web site, but you asked, and other readers might be interested in this optional resource. Steve
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    Yeah I wouldn’t say you were “caught”. Sounds like you were discovered. And it seems like the door has been opened for more heel wearing in your office.
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    Try not to dwell too much on the idea of being "caught" which infers you were in the act of a crime or some immoral activity. Neither of those was the case! Glad to hear it turned out well. HinH
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    I have an identical pair, only I black. They are a dream fit and fun to wear. I've had them for several years but don't wear them much any more. While I still wear heels on a daily basis, since I turned 60 I rarely go out with heels higher than 4". Pumps, boots and wedge heel sandals in the summer. I've definitely given up the higher heels for the comfort of lower heels. Style still is important, however. I occasionally still wear 6" heels out to restaurants and places where I don't have to walk any distance or stand for any significant periods of time. Comfort really has become a prime consideration as I get older.

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