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    Cool. Thanks for the comments!
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    Looking for venues/pubs in London where wearing 4 inch block heels wouldn't turn too many heads? These are average pair I wear.
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    Airports are the most secure place for wearing high heels. People are busy.the floor is not uneven. The security is at its highest level. Never had any bad moment in such places. But I am talking of Europe and North America. I wouldn't wear heels in a country where religion tells the people how to behave.I did it in China.Only hotels and airport. And surprisingly never in gay venues. I stupidly thought that a man in heels would be better accepted there. Big mistake!
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    I have two pair of Gloria Vanderbilt denim gals jeans (size 12) that I have been wearing for about 8 months. Actually they were my wife pants, she out grew them and I found them in the bottom of a drawer. I tried them on and guess what? They fit nicely! I had heard some stories about guys wearing gals pants and took the plunge. So far my wife, kids, and friends have said noting about my pants, i don't think they have even noticed. The pants look like any other pair of jeans except the pockets are a bit smaller and the length is about 1 or 2 inches shorter than what I am used to. Some folks would call them "flood" pants when I was younger. The shorter length goes well with sandals and heels, showing off a bit more of the shoe and foot than my guy pants would. Overall I am happy that I took the chance and tried some gals jeans. Give it a try, they look nice you may just enjoy it.... sf PS I would have attached a pic, but all the pics I have exceed the size limit ...
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    Just an educated guess here but how about the entire city?? London strikes me as does New York City. The scale is so enormous that one person with 4" block heels or 6" stiletto heels just melts into the myriad of the people and styles and activity swirling around you. The sidewalks are so bustling with people it is difficult to look down and even appreciate what anyone is wearing. The best way to gain the acceptance (and subsequent comfort) you seek is to wear what you want and show confidence everywhere you go. Confidence fuels success and successful people fuel creativity and get things done. So get out there and greet London on YOUR terms. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. HinH Shyheels said what I was typing but, since he's a journalist, he types a hell of a lot faster!
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    I specifically wear women's skinny jeans. Feel/cut so much better than men's. Love a good denim butt!
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    hiddenheels, Thanks for finally joining the forum! Our members run the spectrum from transgender and transsexual to heterosexual men just wanting to wear heels either at home or in public. Still others, like myself, enjoy blending both more feminine clothing with mens or androgynous styles to create a look having elements of both or presenting completely as a woman. It is a transformation like in a play or movie and can do wonders for the soul. No desire to actually get an operation rather the desire to cross the boundary, enjoy a day or two or a night wearing exciting clothing in bright colours and then change back into my normal rural guy mode. What our members share in common is a the high heeled shoe and where we might wear it, what we may wear it with, and how all of this enhances our lives. What conflicts you is how society generally affords women full latitude in wearing whatever they want. They wear everything associated with women and a lot things associated with men. They wear lots of makeup or none at all, wear heels or not, show their legs and arms or not, wear wide watches or thin watches and carry handbags of all imaginable sizes and colours whether or not their pants or dresses have pockets. By contrast men don't seem to have the same latitude. But it only seems that way. Few, if any nations outside the Islamic world. specifically prohibit men from wearing womens attire. Men simply choose not to explore their curiosity lest they catch the wrath of a bogeyman who never materializes. I have met several of our members here and have had lovely experiences with all of them. Just so you know it's not made-up internet bullcrap. I have visited mlroseplant a few times and he wears his heels everywhere in small-town Iowa and nothing bad happens. I've seen him in heels and he's seen me and so has his family. I have visited Steve63130 and his wife in Ohio several times wearing rather tall heels and a blended look as described above and had nothing but positive experiences. I have met with Cali in California twice and seen his love of heels and he's seen mine. We are office workers, people in the trades, retired law enforcement, medical personnel, factory workers, politicians, etc. None of us could explain exactly why we like heels except that it is in DNA. So, go with it!! Heels may make you a better person, a better lover, or a better friend. They will undoubtedly make more aware of fashion and perhaps make you more polite. Those are all GOOD things. If you love your partner with all your heart, respect your fellow human beings, the animals, and plants around you then high heel shoes/boots should never impede your ability to enjoy your time on This Earth. This last bit is very important. You will sort through it and figure out where you you fit into the overall scheme of things. Just do it with confidence and the world shall take note of it. Remember, the world is NOT either for or against you rather it is utterly neutral. But the world does notice and tends to respect confidence. Confident people are often successful people but success can only occur as a result of confidence in one's own ability. Ability to look into others' eyes, dress oneself to match one's mood, and stride confidently out the door and demand to be counted as an individual. You have a right to express yourself via your clothes but that right must be exercised to be enjoyed and defended. It's all up to you! HappyinHeels
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    I am a man. And I wear dresses. Nothing more complicated than that. When I began my journey as a fashion freestyler, I’ll admit that dresses were at the bottom of my wardrobe totem pole, mostly because I didn’t quite feel comfortable wearing them in public like I had skirts, and, at the time, I was fine with that. From 2011 when I donned a dress for the first time through 2016, I only wore them seven times compared to 209 outings in skirts, but, as I grew more comfortable in dresses, I began wearing them more, 2017 marked the first year of double digit outings with 10, followed by 27 in 2018, and so far in 2019, I’m at eleven and counting, and, as a result, my mindset about what I chose to wear on jaunts slowly began changing. Just as I evolved from jeans to skirts, finding the latter more enjoyable to wear, I’ve slowly come to prefer dresses to skirts, when I plan for an outing these days, I often choose a dress first, it’s a ridiculously uncomplicated garment, you don’t have to rack your brain worrying about pairing the right top with a skirt, you just slip into a dress, put on shoes and go, easy as that. What could be simpler? I don’t at all hide or mask that I’m a man in a dress. Sure, I augment that garment with high heeled shoes (though not always), jewelry, handbags, even the occasional dalliance with lipstick, but that’s as far as I go, I’m all about the garment first and foremost which is at the center of my current existence as a fashion freestyler. I’ve said more than a few times, and I believe wholeheartedly that I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, and I go to great lengths to look my very best in the former while it’s often a struggle to care how I appear in the latter. When I don a dress and see myself in the mirror, I never fail to like how I look which, in my mind, is a look that’s perfectly natural, like I’ve been wearing dresses all my life instead of just the last few years. Staring at my reflection, I see a man who’s totally comfortable and at ease defying gender norms when it comes to what men should or shouldn’t wear, if anything, being a man who wears dresses in public as a man displays a special brand of machismo, after all, it takes colossal balls for a guy to parade around in the open in a dress, and make it look like it’s no big deal to boot. I’ve said numerous times that the final stage in my evolution as a fashion freestyler would be to one day completely abandon my skirts and elevate to wearing dresses full time on my outings, hell, I even long to wear an evening gown to some fancy social function and turn heads with my style and boldness, that would be downright awesome! With each new adventure, the pull of the dress grows stronger and more irresistible, however, I’m not forcing things, preferring to let that last stage come in its own good time so I can fully enjoy the experience. But, it will come, of that, I have absolutely no doubt, and when it does come, my journey as a freestyler will be complete. Short and sweet, I am the man in the dress, and I am VERY proud of that title, for it is who I ultimately am in this world.
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    Hi and welcome to the site, it’s definitely possible to remain masculine whilst wearing heels, even stilettos can still be masculine if styled correctly, think I’m actually living proof of this, I’ll wear regular male outfits and put a pair of heeled knee high boots over my jeans, notice i don’t call them women’s boots because they’re not, they’re mine, they only become women’s when worn by a woman, check out my Costa in boots thread, styled correctly you can go very unnoticed, it’s all about being natural and confident and don’t try to draw attention to yourself, get out and enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anybody or anything
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    Went shoe shopping yesterday to Marmi Shoes, my favorite shoe store. This spring they came out with a style of sandal called Maysa, by VanEli that I really liked. The shoes were a bit pricy (but excellent quality) so I held off on a purchase - even tho I was tempted! This week they went on sale, so I put on my gals jeans, a pair of two inch heeled slip on sandals (an earlier Marmi purchase) and went shopping. I have been at this Marmi store before and have been treated very well. When I walked in the door I was greeted by two very nice ladies, one whom I had spoken with on the phone last week. She went and got the sandals, I was not sure if I would be a size 11 or 12 - they had both - great. The 12 fit perfectly, and I had to decide the color, black or brown. I almost got the brown but stayed with "basic" black. Three other female customers were also shopping in the store at the same time and did not seem to care. One of the ladies did look at me and said "cute shoes." Really love the sandals, they are a slip on toe loop style with a 2, maybe 2 1/2 inch block heel that is very walkable and looks great. The upper is soft leather that holds my foot securely, no flapping sounds. The sole is leather too, for good traction. The Marmi staff is wonderful as well. The lady assisting me was patient and helpful, offering sound advice. I tried on several sizes and colors, she said she wanted me to be happy with my purchase. I am. Here is a picture of the sandals, I will post a pic of me wearing them at a later time..... have fun..... sf PS Marmi has most of their shoes up to size 13 in varying widths. They have a nice variety and are well made. Check them out.
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    Reading the title made me feel like I was in High School AP English class again. Glad you are satisfied with your style evolution!
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    Did. Heathrow, Gatwick, .....
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    Jeff, I like your opening line. Simple and to the point. I admire your "courage" and tenacity to do what you enjoy, go public in women's dresses as a guy. Plus you look fine doing it. I have thought about giving it a try, but not certain that I could pull it off. Maybe someday, for now I will just stick to wearing heels (in public !!) wow - what a thought. Take care, nice post.... sf
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    I decided to post on here instead of in the "New Shoes" thread because. . . well, just because. I'll have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of wedges, especially wedges from my youth (70s and 80s). The wedges I grew up with were huge honking slabs attached to women's feet, and I could never figure out why anybody in their right mind would buy something so ugly. In the last 6-8 years, I've changed my mind somewhat, for a couple of reasons. First, it seems like modern wedges are in general much less clunky than their ancestors, having a much slimmer footprint. Second, as a daily heel wearer, they are just pretty darned practical sometimes compared to something with a really narrow heel. Nevertheless, out of my 60-something pair collection, I have only 5 pairs of wedges. 7 if you count the tennis shoes, which I wore for 3 weeks in Vietnam 3 years ago, and then never again. Up for consideration are Michael Kors tan colored wedges. They didn't come with a box, so I have no idea what the model name is. Michael Kors doesn't print it right on the inside of the shoe like Nine West and several others do. 4 3/4" heel, 1 1/8" platform, so it's a little less steep than my usual, but certainly not a low heel. The other thing that is unusual (for me) about these shoes is that they are not mules. The same is true with my other recent purchase, some Alaia sandals. I am sort of loathe to buy sandals that are not mules for some reason. I just like them. However, I bought the last two pair of non-mules pretty much solely on the strength of @HappyinHeels's suggestion that I buy some shoes that actually strap on. And so I did. They're all right, I guess. They're not mules, though. It is true that I can zoom around in these things like they were tennis shoes.
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    Haha, good luck with that! Although I have never been to London, I have been publicly heeling for over 7 years, and I have yet to run into another guy wearing substantial heels (over 2"). Other than that, welcome to the site! We are not quite unicorns, but we're close. In all reality, you don't really have to be all that daring to wear heels just about anywhere, certainly not the ones pictured in your initial post. I would think that in London, or any larger Western city for that matter, you will go quite unbothered just about anywhere. Just stand up straight and smile!
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    Thanks for useful comments. I'm actually around London alot so agree with outer areas & mingling in busy areas. I just wondered if there were a specific pub where i might bump into heeled guys. I'd be keen to me guys who wear 4 inch heel ankle boots. I'm not too daring though!
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    As a Londoner I'd say there are some of the outer areas where you'd be noticed. Some of the rougher areas might be a bit iffy. But then these areas can be unpleasant regardless of who you are and what you're wearing. If you're just visiting London then you aren't likely to be going to those areas unless you know people there.
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    Probably just about anywhere. They are hardly shocking.
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    I thought I would post a wedge. SM Nalla, bought late 2017. I've only worn these a few times, so when I saw these sitting on my shelf I had to wear them to work today. After all it wedge season in the northern hemisphere.
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    To shift gears for just a moment, here's an update on the Alaïa sandals I bought, mentioned last week in the "new shoes" thread. To recap, they are very nice, and pretty much just what I wanted, but a little tight. I have now worn them 3 times, and they're loosening their grip a bit. I think they'll be fine after a few more wearings. On the first wearing, which only lasted about 30 minutes, they were tight to the point that it was difficult to get them on. Upon the second wearing, I applied a good amount of water to the parts of the one strap that is tight (right around the outside toes) and wore them for about 2 hours, plus walked a mile in them. That helped a lot. The third wearing, pictured below, did not involve a lot of walking, but was about 3 hours. They are still snug, but much different than a week ago. I think if I keep on them, they will actually become comfortable.
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    Here is my latest. They are Aldo brand black and copper platform sandals. I got them second hand for 5 bucks!
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    Have these pumps on order. A bit extreme for most peoples taste but really like the color and style.
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    I recently wore this exact outfit to the eye doctor, a diminutive but stylish woman, who couldn't be over 5 feet in height. She said, "Oh you shouldn't wear heels around me. I tell my 5'10" husband to always wear flats!" The comment made me wonder what her husband's non-flats were exactly. These are inexpensive boots from Forever 21., but fun for a lark.

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