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    I only wear sunglasses from the women's styles. The lenses are always much bigger than men's styles. That gives a lot more coverage for my eyes. Besides who cares if they are women's styles. I like them and never had anyone say anything bad about wearing them. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    New Pleaser Beaus with 6.5" heel and 1.75 platform.
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    A couple more pics of one of my favorite pairs of heels . . .
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    For me, I care if they are women's styles. For me, it's the fact they're stereotypically associated with femininity that provides me wearing value. Without that association with feminine value, the initial attraction to the wearing experience loses it's value. For me, wearing accessories and clothing that women recognize as being only for women routinely elicits responses of positive intrigue from women. Girls see the accessory on me. Then they feel great. They feel like they feel when they wear it themself. This type of value is losing it’s value in my life though. There is a lot more to life than seducing new women. For me, binary gender stereotypes in clothes is what creates part of the value of wearing heels and styles exclusively associated for women. The stereotypes that strengthen binary gender is what creates for me the inner responses of feeling feminine, feeling admirable, feeling desirable, feeling beautiful, feeling like I imagine a woman feels when I’m attracted to her. I don’t expect it’s the same for everyone.
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    Thanks. It’s a stock photo. These, however, are my own feet in a recent purchase . . .
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    I just had a similar experience with a Chinese company that markets shoes on Amazon called Sunetedance. I ordered a pair of green patent, chunky heel pumps in my normal size 11. I bought other shoes from other Chinese manufacturers and had no sizing problems. When the shoes came they were so small, I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe. They were nice looking shoes, so I tried to return them for a larger size. They wanted me to send a picture of the shoe on my foot. I told them their sizing was way off. They offered me a larger size for an additional $15.00 charge and I wouldn't have to send the pair that was too small back to them. I thought that was fair deal, until I posted a review of their shoes and their sizing problem. I only gave them 1 star. They responded to me that they would ship another pair to me for free if I would give them a better review. I took them up on that. I ordered a size 12.5. When I got them they fit perfect. Now I'm gonna update my review to maybe 3 or 4 stars, as the shoes are very comfy and I like the style and the color. I guess they were afraid with my one star review, that their sales would drop. LOL. The old story with the squeaky wheel holds true here! Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Just paid for these on eBay.
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    Thx!!! You can do it. There are skirts out there fir everyone. I have bought a couple that I need to loose some inches around my waist. I’m working on it and have cut out pop from a daily bases to a treat once and a while. It’s already making a difference I don’t know about owning it,,,,,,, but I sure try to run it. My GF says I can sure “work it”!!!! Thx for the compliment!!!! Cali, Express only goes up to a size 10. I am an 11 so I can’t really help on that question. I have not even bought shoes for my GF at Express and she is a size 7. CAT LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jaunt #496, 4/22/2019: If there was ever a day to dress up and look my best, it’s Easter Sunday, with abundant sunshine and warm temps, I went ahead and did that, sporting a sleeveless black crepe blouse, a black and white print chiffon skirt, a black handbag and new shoes from Payless, the “Ryan” wedge heeled sandals in black. About the shoes, on Saturday, it had rained cats and dogs that morning and was cloudy and chilly afterwards, hardly ideal conditions for a jaunt, so I just wandered downtown to goof off for awhile. With Payless having their going out of business sale, I went in to see what if anything they had that might pique my interest, as t turned out, I found the “Ryan” sandals which I thought would look good on me, and, discounted to $17.99, they were worth investing in. The shoes, with near four inch heels, were comfortable and easy to wear and I figured they’d look good with either skirts or dresses. But, I digress. Driving into town today, it only took twenty minutes to find a spot to park, a relatively brief period of time compared to how long it usually takes on a Sunday. As usual, Rittenhouse Square Park, my destination was packed, as predicted, there was goodly number of people, male and female, young and old, that were dressed up for the holiday, heck, there was even an Easter egg hunt being held on the grassy areas for the little ones, something I thought was cool. After finding an empty bench, I sat down and, before breaking out my Kindle for some reading, I reached for my phone instead to snap a selfie or two, right after I had, a couple of fortysomething women, dressed to the nines came my way, one of them, sported a snazzy, wide brimmed hat, form fitting floral print minidress and killer black patent platform pumps that caught my eye, so I waved to her and said “Love your shoes”. She grinned back and said I looked beautiful, she then added that she had seen me talking selfies and asked if she could snap a picture with my phone, I nodded and she had, before leaving with her friend, she said I knew how to dress up for Easter, I said likewise to her and she giggled before departing. Not bad, eh? In all the times I’ve been out and about on my little adventures, I’ve never been called beautiful, and I could tell that woman was sincere with her compliment, clearly she liked what she saw and told me so, validation that I did my work to look the very best I could, something I strive for each and every time. Otherwise, my outing was uneventful as I spent little over two hours between reading in the park as scores of people walked past without giving me a glance and going to nearby Barnes & Noble for a refreshing cup of iced tea before calling it a day and heading back home to watch the Phillies in action in Colorado. A good outing made even better thanks to the encounter I had with that woman with the killer pumps. More to come....
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    Have these pumps on order. A bit extreme for most peoples taste but really like the color and style.
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    That’s the kind of service I get at Express!!! All the girls and some of the guys are always very helpful and kind.

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