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    Hello We all get stuck in the everyday routine. We get up early to fight the congested traffic just to get to work on time. We get through the hectic work day and race the door to either have a after work drink with coworkers or spend time with the one's we love. As time moves forward so do relationships. You meet someone that makes you feel good and share common interests with. That all happened to me when I was in my late 20's. I was introduced to a hard working woman one night at a chain restaurant. We all had a good time laughing, talking and getting to know each other. After a few dates I began to take notice in my new girlfriend's footwear. There was a variety of shoes she would wear with her summer dresses or just the casual tops with jeans. As time moved on we were spending afternoons and weekends together. She introduced me to her family, friends and coworkers. I did the same when she wasn't working long hours. There was always plenty of conversation and lots of good food when we got together. Then one day she handed me a set of house keys and ask me if I wanted to move in. So after thinking the opportunity over I took the offer and we continued building a good relationship together. Once I was settled in I began to notice the assortment of her clothes and shoe's. I knew that I would have to open up to her about my interests in High heels. I had a pair of size 12 black pumps ( My 1st pair of Heels ) packed away in a storage box in the spare room with my seasonal clothes. As we were adjusting to each other's habits and quirks one night at dinner she ask me what other things excite me in private ? Was I being tested, did she discover a large pair of black heels ? So I slowly shared some ideas of what else I would like to share together in private. She was very curious about my suggestions. So I asked her the same question and she began to open up the me. That's when I knew It was time to purchase her a personal birthday to go with some of her dress up outfits. I ordered here a pair of black pleaser d'orsay pumps size 8. I got out of work before her in time to cook dinner for us and enjoy a big bottle of wine. I left her gift on the table with a assortment of flowers and a card. She was surprised at what she saw on the kitchen table. So she took a shower and dressed into something comfortable to enjoy a peaceful dinner together. Then I passed her the gift and I could not believe her reaction. She tried on the new heels and walked around the house for me. There's something about seeing a tight fitting sweater, jean's and heels. We finished dinner and began enjoying the wine that's when she ask me upstairs for the night and what a fun night it was. Then following morning I woke to the smell of breakfast cooking so I joined her. After breakfast she ask me if I would like to share something personal with her. She leaned into me and whispered I know you have an interest in heels all I could do was smile. She ask me to join her upstairs. As I began to walk in the room she stopped me and said it's ok I not going to judge you please show me what you have. So I went into the spare room and unpacked my heels. I put them on and nervously walked into the bedroom. She noticed a new difference in my overall height. She ask me to walk around the room and was surprised at how stable I was. She pulled me closer to her and we continued to enjoy the moment. After I ask her how she felt about my personal interests about wearing heels in private and she was very accepting. I couldn't believe it I found a woman that I love and she was comfortable with my private kink. So I continued to share my interest with wearing heels with her when we are just hanging out watching a movie or just relaxing together on the couch
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    Currently at home depot, blue jeans sweatshirt and 6.5 inch boots
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    Hi Mr Puffer, sadly I have got older, and if these type of sites were available say 30 years ago, my input would be totally different as it is I have done over a thousand inputs to this site. Yep I have meet people, been to a few healmeets and had a good time, but sadly things change and I know I am older than you, and I do not go out and challenge myself anymore, been there done that, so now I do my own thing I wear my heels daily and don't give a dam what anybody says and I do not have any problems. I remember first time finding this site (first one patenet letter if anybody remembers) and then I realised I am not the only guy in the world with my problem. Hope this quick answer fits in ok, Anyway back to the sixties, only jokeing.
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    I had a similar experience, 38+ years ago.... The gal is still my wife.... Good luck, have fun.... sf
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    It's outing time again! The weather was quite nice tonight. And I had some recent purchases I wanted to try out. So it was a perfect time for an outing. The outing itself was short sweet, and uneventful. So lets get right to it! the outfit 1) Ann Michelle black knee high boots 2) Eclipse brand grey sweater like dress 3) tres you brand black jacket 4) Grace Adele purple handbag
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    Hello all, the last three pairs of shoes I purchased were not anything new and exciting, but rather exact replacements for shoes I really liked, but that have just plain worn out to the point of unwearability. All three pairs I purchased were open-toed mules, if you can believe that. I have provided pictures of new and old. I found all three pair on Poshmark, and had given up on ever finding any of them again after looking for years on ebay. And yet, there they were on Poshmark. I could not help myself. First up is the Steve Madden Crunk. Unfortunate model name. 4 1/2" heel, 1" platform. The old pair was purchased way back in probably 2013, and were my first pair of, for lack of a better term, "Candies style" mules. At the time, they were super radical for me, and I never figured I would wear them outside of the house. Eventually I found a pair of long flair jeans that didn't catch on the shoes when I walked. Hindsight is 20/20, and I now realize that the attention those odd, 1970s style jeans attracted was probably more than just wearing the shoes for everyone to see. Oh well, I survived intact anyway. What I discovered once I did start wearing them out is that these things are just not very durable. It didn't take them long to start looking pretty raggety, the upper liners wore out, I wore through the sole, the footbed liner had to be reglued several times, and I had them reheeled once. The new pair I got was almost brand new, and was about $20. I will not be wearing the new pair as walking shoes. They just won't take it, and I have other shoes that are better suited to that purpose now. Second to be noted are the True Religion mules, 4 3/4" heel, 3/4" platform. These are sort of the least liked of the three, both in terms of the shoe itself, and the condition of the shoe as purchased. I've had a couple pairs of these shoes in the past, the first pair was exactly this model, but orange. I got rid of them fairly quickly, because not only did I think I would never wear a pair of orange mules out and about (I certainly would now), but it just seemed like they never quite fit right. This was before I got a high heel shoe stretcher, and before I had an instinct as to whether a tight shoe would ever fit right eventually. Last year, I saw an identical pair in dark brown for cheap, and I snatched them up. After a considerable break-in period (they were really quite snug at first), they became a very comfortable longer distance walking shoe, and I wore them a lot. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I lost a heel tip early on a walk one evening, and by the time I realized anything was wrong, it was too late: The heel on that shoe had been severely damaged beyond repair, and I had to throw them out. I found this newest pair, identical to the brown pair for very cheap (they were not cheap when new), and thought they looked a little raggety, but took a chance on them because of the price. As it turns out, they're not so bad, and as they're already sort of "distressed" from the factory anyway, a few scuffs here and there doesn't really affect the overall look of them. Not super crazy about the style, but as I said, they are super comfy walking shoes, and whoever wore them before, and they seem to have been worn quite a bit, broke them in already for me, as they fit perfectly from the beginning. Last, but not least, are the BCBGirls Bonny beaded mules. 4 7/8" heel, 1 1/4" platform. These have turned out to be my favorite of the three, and have proven to be the most durable--sort of. I have glued them back together several times, but they seem to hold for a considerable time between. I know it doesn't seem like it's possible, but these are an all day walking shoe, and I have proved it by wearing them on our trip to Chicago last summer, wearing them all day for two days in a row, and walking (at least according to my phone) around 10 miles and 20-something-thousand steps. They are about the most impractical looking things ever, but somehow they are not. Again, when I purchased them years ago, they were quite radical for me at the time, and I haven't really brought them out until the last couple of years, but I wear them several times a week all spring, summer, and fall. So when I saw a practically brand new pair in my size, still with the box, I knew I'd better buy them, as I might not ever find them again. I bet that model is 10 years old if it's a day. The asking price was $75, which seemed awfully steep to me for the bottom line of BCBG, but I kept my eye on them, as they'd been for sale for some time. I eventually talked the seller down to $60, which was still more than I wanted to pay, but I knew I would eventually get my money's worth out of them, it wasn't some whimsical purchase. When I got them, it looked as though they had either just been tried on, or maybe worn to an indoor party once--practically perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins. It's not quite as exciting as getting something completely different, but it is satisfying to know that I've got 3 pairs of shoes I know I will wear a lot. I'm still on the lookout for one more pair that I wish I'd have bought a duplicate of when I had the chance a couple of years ago. And now for the question of the day: How many of you have purchased identical shoes to replace ones that you love?
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    Hi all, I just wanted to share my collection of heels with you (you click the images to enlarge them). Among them are many pairs from Pleaser, but I also own many handmade pairs that are based on an exact model of my foot. Pricey but very comfortable! I spend about 12 hours a day in heels, including in the office, where I have more pairs, and where I work behind a standing desk. Although heels are fully comfortable to me I want to further enhance my training. A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of ballet splints, I can't wait to get them! Love to hear your thoughts. If you want to see a close up of a certain pair let me know! Regards, Max
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    Don, I heard that some airlines started to fly into Paris some time ago. Maybe you could check that out. Cheaper than moving. Maybe see you in Paris in June.
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    Hey! Just move!
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    Looking great in those boots, HD sales must have doubled with you in there
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    Very nice boots. I love the round toe box and the wooden heel
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    I’m usually out wearing boots, but so far no issues out wearing pumps.
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    I can certainly sympathize with the opinions expressed in this thread, even if I might push the boundaries somewhat further than just wearing heels. In general, I am just a guy in heels--no fingernail polish, no makeup, no skirts or dresses, no long hair (don't really have a choice about that, other than a wig =))))). In the summer, I do often sport shorts and heels, and my heels in general are less rugged looking than boots with block heels, but I consider myself fairly conservative compared to many members here.
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    I think Spring might be here! I took an early morning walk in my newly re-heeled Miu Miu mules (5" heel, 7/8" platform). The temperature was crisp (35° F, 2° C), but quite nice compared to two weeks ago. The mules are actually a little too big for me, but I stuffed some dryer sheets in the toes, which works surprisingly well. It actually brings the bend in my foot slightly backwards into perfect alignment with the slope of the shoe, in addition to keeping them smelling fresh. These are walking shoes for sure! Sorry about the slightly odd pose. It's a little tricky to take a photo with the self timer on the phone with no tripod. At least I managed to soften my "resting bitch face" somewhat. I know y'all are a relatively forgiving bunch.
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    @TallanSexyThat's a nice story You have there :). Was a pleasure to read. We should open a topic which will contain stories with our wife's, gf, fiances and shared passion to heels ! Would be great to share experiences, ideas what to do in ours homes wearing heels together Cheers Patrick
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    Today's boots. These get a lot of wear, borderline guys/girls boots. Not high heels but I like them a lot under jeans.
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    Happyinheels, Yep would totally agree with you, It would be so great if we could go back to sixties, life was so much more fun then, I agree with Shyheels we used to go of on our bikes away from home allday. I remember feeling a bit tired on day and sitting by the side of the road with my bike, couple drove by turned around came back and asked if things were ok, that could not happen today. Daughter found some of my LP's in the garage, she said my these are large CD'S (quite a few Beatles first realises) bought by myself. First record was Telstar by the tornadoes, sister wanted Glad all over by the Dave Clark Five. People today do not know what real life is about, we made up our own games, and you taught yourself as time went on, but you know all that already, teaching granny to suck eggs springs to mind.
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    Totally agree. We my kids were younger they were amazed to read in Enid Blyton stories about children going off on adventures on their bicycles miles from their houses, totally unsupervised - they couldn't even conceive of the kind of freedom we totally took for granted. I would love for them to have it, but given the amount of fast aggressive traffic, crowded onto streets and roads that were never designed for it, and the number of dangerous creeps out there, I wouldn't dare let them. And they'd be scared to try. Sad.
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    kneehighs, I've wanted to remark on this observation for some time but it kept slipping my mind. You have been noted as being one of the most articulate and significant contributors on this forum and yet it occurs to me you live in Ukraine. Your English is very proficient, so much so, you strike me as either an expat from an English-speaking country or you simply mastered English in the admittedly outstanding educational system in the old Soviet bloc. Either way, it is always a privilege reading your work posted here. HinH
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    dww, Imagine telling her there was once a time when: People actually wrote letters to each other, cars had no seatbelts, everyone drank water from the tap, kids rode bicycles without helmets, and homes/apartments had no computers in them. We should have all died years ago lacking all the comforts of 2019. Alas, we didn't! Whilst social media has proven valuable in finding long lost connections and perhaps solving criminal cases it has also contributed to a mob "let's try 'em, and hang 'em online mentality. So many people will now hurl all manner of vile language someone's way online because they don't possess the class, articulate skills of a decent conversationalist, or possibly even the intellect to sustain a face-to-face encounter. Of course I'd sum these three qualities into one word: coward. It is easy to gang up on someone when you are anonymous and hiding under the digital rock or maybe it's the digital sewer. Same thing. Trust me, there are some really exciting things in 2019 but I seem to remember life was pretty damn good back in 1975 or 1968. The music from then has stood the test of time because it was the best that has ever been made. Period. Oh, and we were actually more aware of our surroundings because we looked up at one another and not down at some electronic device. HappyinHeels
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    TallanSexy, Thanks for relating the experience to us. Seems like you two are on the right path. Only time will tell. I wonder if this acceptance of you will extend to a shared experience outside the house? While wearing heels with a girlfriend around the house is satisfying there is really nothing quite like walking in heels outside with that same girlfriend or wife as you go different places. Perhaps a tad too soon but I'm sure you'll find out in the not too distant future. May your heels be high and your stride a happy one! HinH
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    We've actually discussed it already at length, but I left out the part of limits. I do think she respects my feelings deep down. She stated unequivocally, "if you want to wear heels around me it's not a problem." Once we come to an agreement on limits, I'll probably just wear the heels. I'll probably lead with a statement, "I'm going to wear such and such outfit with heels" and then just do it. Noted! I will ask about this in our next discussion. This is really good advice. So many times I've read on this forum about people willing to relinquish a good relationship for their lifestyle choices. While that's a path that I respect, that's not the path I wish to take for myself. Thus, I clarified my priorities.
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    It is certainly true that the herd mentality rules as far as menswear goes, with nobody being keen to step out of bounds and, dare I say, women using their influence to keep things as they are. I wouldn’t say menswear is boring as such, but annoyingly limited in terms of colour palette. It is assumed that men should want and will wear only a few somber, sober shades. It is the lack of choice of colour I find the most irritating thing about men’s fashion. I like colour, especially interesting offbeat shades. I have never been afraid of it and would welcome a much wider range for men. Shoes and boots I assign to a separate category altogether. I have never cared for men’s shoes, but have always worn boots - typically hiking boots - because .i think they look nicer and better express my style. Otherwise I have worn trainers and welcome their much broader colour palette. I have Converse sneakers in several pastel shades. I have never hankered after women’s shoes. I don’t find hiking boots boring or unexpressive, but I envy women the much greater choice of boot styles, both with and without heels, and in various heights. It is that which I adopt, nothing more.
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    I am basically a newcomer to this perspective of fashion, and I hope I am not drawing a shallow connection here. The reason I am here is because “men’s” fashion is boring. There is so much uniformity that men have lost aesthetic discernment. They pick what to wear based on what everyone else is wearing. I am not saying that all men should want to wear skirts or heels. We each select the pieces that are practical for our lifestyles and body. I don’t wear sandals or any open toe shoes because it does not match my lifestyle, but I think men should have all those options available. I think when we welcome tasteful expansion of men’s fashion options we are all supporting the same cause. Heels and skirts are relatively easy to physically wear and incorporate into men’s fashion and lifestyle. But there are many mental barriers to men accessing the option, and I think most of those barriers are shared between heels and skirts. They are made, marketed, and sold very widely in only women’s sizes and departments in stores. There is unfair social association with cross dressing or oddness. I think there is opportunity for general improvement in the way fashion is perceived by men and those who design for men. It would be nice to progress to a point where we see heels displayed in men’s shoe departments, and nice kilts hanging with trousers on the rack like skirts do in women’s departments. We’re not insisting you to wear one, but we should welcome having these options.
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    We all have different reasons for wearing what we wear. I'm a non-posting, non-visiting member at H4M. I wear heels as a man. But I also - wear other items: socks, sweaters, tops, leggings, shorts, ... not to look like a woman but because they fit better or there are no male versions available. - I paint my nails (pedicures and manicures), regular polish on my toes, gel on my fingers. It's not about trying to look feminine, I avoid reds/pinks, neons, for this reason. I wear polish because I like polish, always have, always will, and after a half century I finally gave myself permission to wear it. - I sometimes wear makeup, not often, just once in a while when I think of it. Extremely light , mostly concealer and/or shadow. But in it all I'm just a guy. I just happen to have high heels on and nail polish.
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    These are my overknees that I love to wear with faux leather pants I have a full picture of myself in those but it may break forum rules (I'm wearing a corset). I'll try to post more when I got other ones. They are made in Brazil from Victor Viccenza. Round toes and 5 inch stiletto heels, I love the feeling on legs. Never put them in the streets, I should be doing it soon. These ones had a lot of street wear, they're from Fernando Berlin and they're thigh highs. When in full freestyle mode, I wear them out of pants. When in moslty guy mode, I wear under jeans like this: I was waiting to get tattooed in the last picture, before that I went to a grocery store and a bank. I remember hearing someone on the street say something. Nothing valuable, really.
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    Even if this answer is cute, because she really wanted to say that you mean a lot to her, it hides something important: The way you dress and your feelings are very important to *you* while she doesn't seem to appreciate it somehow. The question is how much time will it take for you to discover her real feelings about you wearing heels. Insisting on the subject may be worst, you should try to find the best possible moment to talk. I don't agree with you and this idea. She may discover that you're doing things without her knowing and blame you on cheating, and you really will be cheating on her somehow. Girls have strong sense of bonding and partnership and you'll be breaking it. What I did, and work for lots of people like crossdressers, is to agree on limits. What, when and where could you express yourself (other than amongst four walls) without hurting her. If you're the same size, she may be just afraid of you stealing her shoes Well, it's up to you my friend. I wish you the best, more more power to you. However, I'm really really worried about your last statement... for me is the same than, let's say, "baking cakes is priority over the sun", is just not related.
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    If you went to Bed Bath & Beyond in Turnersville yesterday with a female companion (Wife? Sister? I don’t want to assume...). I saw you in your black high-heeled boots! You looked good!
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    Hello my dear friend kneehighs. It's been more than 10 years that we talk to each other around this forum. As you may remember, I'm married since 2005 and wife know my "thing" about heels. The "thing" has grown to other attire from the girls wardrobe so I'm more to the gender fluid kind of thing, or freestyle fashion which I identify myself more. She knew about the "thing" before we got married. She was always supportive since the very beginning. And she never ever saw any problem with it, but to be on full display, getting out. I've made it to closed controlled environments like fetish parties. Since I moved to France and it's a safer country compared to Brazil, I've made it to the streets a few times, usually late at night, or two times during the day when I wore boots under pants. Here is a picture, I'm at a Tattoo studio and I walked the block in this without any trouble, went to a grocery store and a bank. I made it alone, without her. She got angry and jealous because she wanted to be with me that day. I have kids, a girl and a boy. The boy is 9 the girl is 6. They don't know about the "thing". We always discussed a lot about the "thing". It's never an easy talk. I'm sure she accepts myself as I am but she has to protect her reputation and the kids. If you want to know about it, I think she's right. Unfortunately the difficulties I have while getting out, showing myself as I am, that I fight for a lot, it is also *her* problem. No matter how much she loves me, respects me, supports me and even enjoys what I do or how I wear, she may fight her internal fears and the most basic instincts to protect kids in these days of bullying. What I would suggest to you is that you'll have to be brave. I completely understand your desire to be with someone that matters, that is serious, probably someone that fits your needs of company and may be the mother of your kids. I'd say, if you're really sure about this girl, go for her. To better handle the situation, the secret is talk. Talk about your feelings. Be real. Why do you really wear what you wear. What does it represent to you. She already said that she is supportive and likes you indoors. But, to be open with a guy dressed differently to the accepted norms, it sure is a new thing for her and she needs time to adapt, to think and understand that to be with a special heart as yours, she will need to give. Explain as better as you can and, above anything, listen to her. Her fears and reasons. She is surely not just complaining that you don't look good in heels. In this site, we're all looking for support and acceptance, and here we have found a world of our own. The real world won't change for us. We're are not the norm and we take risks to do what we want. Some of us are more comfortable with risks, some not. Some have been assaulted, others don't. Some live in safer cities than others. We're a minority and I bet we'll be for the foreseeable future. I always envied how you managed to be out and about on your shoes, I really see you as an example and a personal goal of style. Talk to her. Listen to her. I wish you the best!
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    Haha, sure. Any particular pairs you would like to see on? By the way, my current favorite pair are these wedges from FSJShoes (you can can see them in my pic next to the boots). They are super comfortable to wear in the house. The quality is very good and they are very affordable. The heel is 18.5 cm (13,5 cm minus the 5 cm platform). I have size US women's 14/EU 45.
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    Shoeshow.com is an online retailer that has an enormous selection in size 12 and 13. I've done fairly well by them over the years. There are brick and mortar stores in central Ohio to which I can return items which don't fit, and so there's no shipping charge to return them. And with regard to the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, my wife and I were there just a couple of weeks ago, taking the Indian-Pacific train across the continent. It was 3 days and 3 nights. Quite an adventure. They announced over the PA system when we started and finished that straight stretch of track, 477 km, which took several hours. And it was fun to wear heels (and ballet flats, too) while on the train. Here are photos of the three pair of heels I took and wore in Australia: Born "Belinda" platform sandals in black with 3" heels, Born "Rutina" platform sandals in brown with 3" heels, and Clarks "Octavia" clogs/mules in black with 3" heels. We also had the chance to meet SF in person for drinks and dinner in Los Angeles before we flew over the Pacific. We had been emailing for a few years and narrowly missed an encounter in person in Vancouver a few years ago, so this time we were sure to make it happen. He is on the right in the photo, and I'm on the left, wearing the Clark's "Octavia." Steve
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    Just tried these on in M&S, contemplating weather or not too
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    We drove back home yesterday stopping of at the motorway services twice on the way. I was wearing my Ralph Lauren ankle boots with a 3 1/2” heel, zips up both sides. We stopped at one Services for an hour where we wandered around browsing in the various shops as well as having something to eat. After eating we went and sat in the Starbucks as that was all that was on offer in terms of coffee choices. we relaxed back in some comfortable seats to have a decent break from the car. The heels on my boots were very clear to see and it was very busy, probably the busiest public space I’ve worn heels in to date. I was surprised how easily I managed to drive in the boots but they didn’t present any problems. I’ve attached photos of the boots, apologies as the photos are not the best quality.

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