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    My wife and I went to Macy's to buy that stuff she smears on her face. I go over to the shoe dept. I'm always glad to see they they have some classics there with nice points and a spike heel that isn't too far back and not tapered. They are made by Nine West and usually come in 3" and 4". heights. Give me a classic any day. They have a beautiful pair in chrome silver but they were size 11, darn it. No way I would get away with trying to buy them there. I've been told internet only. Got a pair in silver on the way now!
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    I am one inch taller than Jeff. I love wearing high heels but also don't want to look like some monster from the deep in my 3 inch plus heels!! To solve that problem, I keep my heels down to less than 3 inches, and some of the shoes actually have "kitten heels" of two inches or less. Most all my shoes are size 11 so I imagine a two inch or less heel (especially wedgies) really isn't that noticeable after all. I just want to wear heels and "blend in" as you seem to do Jeff. Heels just look nicer than guys shoes. At my height, a 6ft 3in guy in 5 inch heels coming at ya would scare the kids - as well as me !!! ha ha.... Have fun all..... sf
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    Just curious - why do so many people here invariably refer to their heeled shoes or boots as "women's shoes" or "women's boots"? Surely - given the ostensible desire here to normalise the wearing of heels by men - adding the qualifier "women's" to every description is self-defeating. How is anyone ever going to change the world's perception If even the people here on this site naturally and intuitively characterise heeled boots and shoes as "women's"?
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    I see what mlroseplant means. I think the same height heel would appear different in a size 8 for example. It's an optical illusion. The point is JeffB is rocking his look no matter where he goes. HinH
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    Thats the trouble when you have a large shoe size the arch is extended so much that it becomes more of a gentle slope and makes the heel look much shorter
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    As a guy who just started wearing heels only about 4 months ago, one of the most fascinating discoveries in this journey is how much style differences, rather than anatomical differences, contribute to the look of femininity in a shoe. Yes as a baseline, a 10B is narrower than a 10D but if a shoe maker made the exact same shoe in both sizes the 10B is not going to suddenly look significantly more feminine. When shoe designers have women in mind, they employ a number of elements to achieve the overall goal of making the feet look smaller, and this is beyond the physical size of the feet. The soles are thin and glued instead of sewn. Toe boxes, arches, and shafts (in case of boots) are contoured closely to the organic shape of the feet. And of course, high heels angle the feet to reduce the overall “footprint” so they look smaller. On the other hand, when shoe designers have men in mind, they employ elements to make the feet look bigger than the physical size of the feet, while still being comfortable and not letting them flop around. Thick clunky soles with multiple rows of sewn welts might be used to increase the footprint. Lines are squared off to draw more of a “box” around an otherwise more slender anatomical part. Generous use of thick materials beef things up too. I think the whole “boxy = masculine” and “form fitting = feminine” rule gets applied to other parts of clothing and fashion, but I think it has allowed men to get lazy and lose taste for aesthetics. A properly tailored suit should flatter a man’s physical features, and often that is not a box. Same with shoes. And along those lines, I would argue that the return of more form fitting clothes for men, beyond tailored suits now and into shirts, jeans, and trousers, are perfect outfit pairings with form fitting shoes in the heels department. Men spend all that effort to look good from neck to ankle, only to finish the look with a couple of flappy boxes on their feet!
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    A very weak argument. In any logical sense, footwear - as an overall category - is unisex as we all wear something on our feet. It comes down to a matter of styling, and in this case the styling of one particular element - the heel. As you say, women like to wear all sort of footwear, but that doesn't give them ownership.
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    I've been buying jeans at the local thrift shops from the other side of the aisle. Two reasons - better fit and better selection. I had an elderly lady look at me one day and said the same thing - - you know these are women’s jeans, right? - - Yep, I know - - She looked at me funny, then noticed the jeans I had on, Looked at me again, threw her nose up in the air and huffed off down the aisle. I laughed - - just too funny
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    Wow, the comet reference. In truth the rectangular windows were the demise of the plane. They didn't understand stress risers then like we know today. Dehaviland would be Boeing except for that oversight.
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    I think this outfit suits you well, but it has always amused me that 3 inch heels in your size are basically kitten heels. I don't know why this amuses me, really. It just does. One thing that I am curious about, and perhaps you have addressed this before, is how do you. . . well, not stick out in places where one ought not to stick out?
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    For me it just shoe shopping, boot shopping, bootie shopping, ...
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    You can say “ I went shopping for some heels today at Macy’s” or say what you said. The heels section.
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    Yeah... so I don’t have any pictures to post as I don’t have approval from the other people... but I didn’t get home until 5:30am
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    You are looking good in your poncho outfit!!!! Have you considered wearing thigh high boots with it in either black or a light tan? I think it looks quite good,but then again I am partial to really tall boots. Give it a try,I think you will like the results. Here's a pic for an example.
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    Congratulations on your find of a classic silhouette. Nothing really compares.
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    My wife and I were at a office party. I was wearing a men's dress shoe. Later on in the evening one of the women was complaining that her feet hurt, she was wearing a nice pump with a three inch heel. I asked her what size she wore and she gave me a strange look and asked, "why?" I told her I could trade with her for a while, she got a big grin and said size 9. Crap, I wear a 10. She went on to ask me if I was serous, and I told her I was. I could tell by the look on her face and her reaction that she thought it would have been fun. Plus I would have been out in heels in a fun way, and if anyone got weird about it I could have easily played it off as just messing around.
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    One shoe said to the other shoe... "Do you get my point"?

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