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    Bubba: it all depends on the type of heels, wedges I’ll wear anywhere, but I am still cautious in stilettos.
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    Anyone else do chores in heels, I suppose not really a chore but walking the dog which is also a pleasure, I have done this regularly in heels lately, took him for a run tonight after a bit of rain today and this is the result, anyone else experienced this or similar
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    Anyone else love wearing heels around at home outside, I’m lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere and have an isolated garden in which I can wear what I want
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    The really gigantic problem with the modern democratized human these days is that in addition to an anus, every last one of them has the ability to express an opinion on any subjects that strike their interest. Some of which are pure material that is excreted from the anus. And, when the quality of these options are brought to their attention, the individuals professing these opinions become irritate, discourteous and, on some occasions, physically confrontational.
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    I been lucky enough to receive several compliments from men, but they have been mostly for my fingernails with only one or two for my heels. It's something your don't consider happening, and then it does.
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    Well done Jeff! I have received a few complimets along the way. But to the best of my knowledge I have yet to receive one from a man.
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    We do live in a world - or an era - where outrage is a profession, indeed a way of life for some people. One need only to look at the news to read of “Twitter storms” about something somesaid or thought, and demands for this or that to be banned.
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    Reading postings about being “caught” wearing heels while wearing them outside, I’ve often wondered why someone would be embarrassed to be seen? After all, if you cared about being seen wearing them, why would you ever go outside in them?
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    What some do or say to be humorous, others see as a source of income. Being harassed or offended is a profession. But, if you’re a man wearing heels or dresses in public, you should expect to get a certain amount and be prepared to handle it without offense.
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    There was a period of 3+ months were I either had to be in heels, be on crutches, or use my knee scooter. You can't mow your lawn with two of those. The result...Madden Girl Sharlene.... At least the lawn got mowed.
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    Hi Mr X I have lost 21kg (46lb) and my shoe size, which had grown a little bit, has gone down maybe by one whole number. Maybe the weight loss is part of the answer.
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    I haven't had a dog since I started wearing heels publicly, but I would wear heels to walk the dog, if I had one. What's the use of wasting a perfectly good walk by wearing flats? However, if I had to go over non-paved soft terrain, as pictured above, I would opt for wedges. I would be mortified if my shoes looked like that, ever! To be fair, I have quit mowing lawns in heels some time ago, opting for work boots instead.
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    I mainly wear flats at home - but I often wear low heels at home, like 2-3 inches if I am standing still for a bit - stuff like cooking and ironing. I get tired feet in flats standing still. I haven't worn heels to walk the dog - I often run so I wear running shoes. Other stuff like shopping etc is almost always in heels anyway.
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    Got these off eBay. Public Desire boots for just under £9. Loving them so far.
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    Congratulations on the massive weight loss!

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