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    You look great in the dress, Jeff, love the lipstick and the earrings are to die for! I just feel the dress might be missing something... I couldn't tell if there was a hint of bust in the dress, you might want to fill out the top of your dresses to enhance their shape a little. Perhaps something to enhance your hips and butt a little might help, or a "bodycon" or bandage dress? There are some nice knee length ones out there too. Cute shoes, they really make your outfit pop as well! Looking forward to seeing what other sartorial treasures you bring us
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    Must feel real nice when that happens. Touched by angel of sorts. We all look to get one but for whatever reason someone lacks the courage to say kind word. Fully aware it takes courage for male wearing a dress in public. Thanks for sharing. Often I feel discouraged with my appearance or outfit thinking why am I wearing it. Do I look that bad...
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    Jaunt #442, 6/17/2018: As my slow but inevitable transition to wearing dresses full time on my outings continues, I decided to conduct an experiment to see just how far I could push the envelope in terms of what I could wear and how I would look in it, with that in mind, I went with a currently popular style....a cold shoulder dress. This swing dress from JCPenney (under their a.n.a. house brand) was a cute light gray number I bought little over a month ago, but was waiting for just the right opportunity to take it out for a spin, pairing it with the Payless “Tegan” block heeled sandals. Like what I wore on Saturday, this dress was light, airy and looked good on me, as for the open shoulders, it took a wee bit of time getting used to that, but I’ve seen women wearing such tops and dresses, if they could do that, then so could I, and I did! My destination for today was the Philadelphia Museum of Art as they had a new exhibit on American art from the first half of the 20th century that I was interested in seeing, and going to the museum is always great fun because there’s so much to see and soak in. After parking in the garage and going inside, I wasn’t at all surprised to see the place was pretty full, it was Sunday, the weather was delightful, so that brought the crowds. Other than a few kids here and there, no one paid me any mind as I happily wandered the place, soaking in the culture. An hour in while gazing at European art from the 16th century, a twentysomething Asian woman came up to me and said, “Sorry to bother you, but I gotta say your dress looks so cool! I love cold shoulders, and that works on you!” I smiled and told her thanks, by the way, she was wearing a cold shoulder top and a short denim skirt, so it wasn’t just lip service. Seeing her gave me ideas for a future outfit I could try. I spent nearly four hours in the place and, as is always the case, I never saw everything, I never do as there’s so much stuff, but that just gives me an excuse to go back, and do so soon. Now, a trip downtown isn’t complete without a stopover at Rittenhouse Square Park, I had my new Kindle e-reader with me, so, after finding a parking spot, I strolled down to the park and, after finding a bench under some shady trees, I spent an hour reading while scores of people filed past without so much as a glance. Then I walked down crowded streets to One Liberty Place where I enjoyed a cool and refreshing cup of raspberry iced tea from Saxbys before returning to my car and calling it a day. I’ve probably said this before, but I’ve found that I’ve felt empowered and supremely confident while wearing a dress because of how bold it makes me feel, and I absolutely love that feeling. More to come....
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    I ordered these men's high heel boots in 45D+ width that look and feel amazing. These are specifically made for men in men's width so the fit really well. Made of genuine nu-buck leather. I think they look both girly and men's depending on how you wear them. And walking in them is a fun. What do you think?
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    That's my usual look. If I want to show off my boots (very nice boots made for men in genuine nu-buck leather - actually men's heels in men's 45 D+ size) I wear shorter pants. If I just want to go stealth, I wear a boot cut longer jeans (custom made) so they nicely hide the heel but still look 60s.
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    That's my variant of the look These high heel boots are a men's model in 45D (Men's width) and it goes well with all types of jeans and pants. If someone here needs boots like that, let me know I'll share a link to the store where I bought them.
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    Well, it would be a good sine if you're right! HA HA HA! Steve
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    Got some new "bling" today. 6" pumps with 1.5" platform.
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    I am talking about a broad culture of intolerance In many ways we live in a far less tolerant society now than we did in the 70s
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    Hi Everyone! I'm new here, but I thought I'd post a fun night out I had in heels a few months back. I think it was a Friday night, and I was feeling tired of only wearing my heels in the house, So I decided I would dress up a little and go out for a night of dancing at the club. I wore a very simple tight fitting navy blue long sleeve dress that went down to about my mid thighs, with a pair of reasonably opaque black tights, and a pair of 5 inch platform stilettos. I don't think anybody was mistaking me for a woman, but I am a pretty tall, thin, young guy so I think it was actually a good look for me. I decided to go to a LGBT/Latino club in Phoenix that is known to be a popular place for transvestites. I got to the club pretty earlier actually, and it was pretty dead inside which made me feel pretty nervous. I was hoping to blend in with the crowd, but for the first hour or so this was not the case. No one was really dancing at this point so I went outside to sit on the patio, and a guy and a girl approached me. They told me they were from Colorado and that they were cousins. They were very nice, and made me feel a lot less nervous about the situation. They told me how much they loved my outfit and wanted to know if I was straight or gay. I told them I was straight, and the girl cousin said she figured as much, but the guy cousin continued to hit on me, which I didn't mind so much:) I eventually exchanged numbers with them, and they told me they wanted to dance with me later inside, and I told them I would. In the meantime I continued to sit on the patio for a little while longer, at which point an entire group of bearded transvestites came up to me and started talking to me. They were pretty obnoxious to be honest, but they all LOVED my outfit, especially my heels. They complimented me on how well I walked in them and gave me a reference of a make up artist who they said could help me with my look.The leader of them all laughed because she was amused by the fact that someone was actually taller than her, but was very nice about it. Eventually I made my way back inside and met up with my two Colorado friends I met earlier and began dancing. The heels I was wearing were about 5 inches tall and have about an inch platform which makes walking in them very manageable. The only problem is though that they are about a half size too small, so it didn't take long before my feet really started to hurt. Despite the pain however, I was having an amazing time. Both the cousins were very good dancers and were very out going and having lots of fun. Eventually though I could bear the pain no longer and I had to say goodbye to my new friends. I didn't bring a change of shoes so I had to walk back to the car which was in an uneven dirt parking lot. I was talking really small steps at this point and wasn't sure that I looked attractive at all, but alas I made it back to my car and took my shoes off for the drive home. I wish I could say that it was sweet relief, but my feet were still throbbing even after I took the shoes off. Overall though it was an awesome night out. I'll have to do it again.
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    James, That's really a great looking tile floor! Just kidding. Good purchase on the boots! Steve
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    Anne and John : How high of a heel did/do you want on those cowboy boots ? If your current boots are tattered and worn, maybe you should think of getting new boots instead of putting money in the old ones. These are my idea of cowboy boots. They are made in Spain. Estres Modes = Extreme high heels. Custom made - pricey but well made. spikesmike
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    Hi Fellow Heelers, Just a short post and a couple of pics with my St. Patrick's Day ensembles, I wore out over the weekend. Picture #1 Friday Night, I'm wearing, a green sweatshirt/fleece dress, with black fleece lined tights, my black knee boots, Enrico Agrilini with 3" block heels, white down, women's mid length coat and although you can't see it I carried my green cross body bag. Picture#2 Saturday night, I'm wearing my St. Patrick's Day leggings, black with green shamrocks, green mock neck shirt, dark green 1/4 zip fleece top, with a black puffy down vest. For footwear I have on my Aerosole's, "City Council" black booties with 3-1/2" chunky heels. I'm carrying my black cross body bag. Incidentally my wife is wearing a matching pair of leggings, but she's camera shy. Picture #3 Showing my mani, I got last week with the St. Patrick's Day, nail art on my little pinkies, clear gel color on the rest of my fingers. I had a nice time out both Friday and Saturday, nights celebrating St. Patrick's day. I got several comments. My wife and I got a couple compliments on our matching leggings. Happy Heeling, bluejay For some reason I'm unable to up load my pics, Sorry.
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    My 1,000th post. Wow, it only took 15 ½ years.. When I “stumbled” across this site in 2002, I was elated to find someplace where like-minded folks could gather and exchange ideas. And it has been a wonderful experience. I am a straight, married guy with kids who, for my entire life, has always liked ladies shoes and sandals. And to this day, I still do not know why, but I just do. I knew that there had to be at least one other guy out “there” that felt as I do, and the discovery of this site allowed me to realize that I was not alone. As a teen and young man I wore gals flats, but in 1996 I “jumped the shark” and got hooked on high heels. Being out in public in ladies high heels was, to say the least nerve wracking, but with the support of an understanding and loving wife, coupled with the interaction at this site has made my venture into high heels an enjoyable experience. Looking back, I hope some of my posts expressing my experiences, frustrations and successes in wearing high heels has been helpful, and maybe even entertaining to some. I don’t claim to be an expert; and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am very happy that I have found this site and been allowed to contribute over all these years! Thank you... Take care all, enjoy your high heels, wear them proudly – I know I do!! sf

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