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    Got a pair of big lita clones today. I'm a UK7 and these are UK6 but aside from the tightness over the brow of my foot, im having no issues walking in them!
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    Wow lost for words - you're looking great in that skirt and the top is fantastic! I would struggle in those heels though myself, I need a block heel. You've inspired me to buy lighter coloured tights, lol... now I think Spring is here, I might try copy your ensemble
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    Back in the 90s there was a company called Temptress that made some very nice stiletto thigh boots with 6 inch heels. I wanted a pair badly, and when I was ready to order, I couldn't find any information on the company anymore. Anyone know what happened to them?
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    I'm a 9 in men's, these are size 11 women's and run snug. The leather is soft and pliable so they conform well. The length of the shoe is perfect, the snugness is the width. Very surprised how my toes were comfortable anyway. Don't think they go larger than these, and most styles probably don't go as big as these.
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    Wedge heeled sneakers would be cool to wear with casual outfits. Sadly, it's unlikely I'd be able to find them in 13 wide.
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    Option 3 generally option 2 occasionally if ankle boots have slightly higher shaft See some pics
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    Wow! They're my size, but I think they'd be a little difficult to play tennis in. Seriously, I have two pair of Nike Sky High Dunks, which I thought were awesome when I bought them, but I haven't worn them in two years. I guess wedge sneakers just aren't my thing.
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    Well i made it out on my first day off in a long time. i ended up buying a black leather mini skirt. Kinda hard to see it here but oh well
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    I just brought these from a local clothing store I went in. I love the 6 inch thin stiletto heel on theses and it’s something about how these gold chains lay across my feet which make the front view of the shoe my favorite!
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    Hello Fellow Heelers, I can't believe that's it's been over two years since I last posted my "Heeling With bluejay" thread. I'm still very much around and I still read the posts and comment occasionally, on them. I'm still very much into heeling and do so usually, several times a week, but don't always have the time to post. Just to bring you newer members up to date, I wear heels, both shoes and boots. I love wearing open toe sandals, in warm weather, which shows off my red pedi. I dress mainly as a male wearing heels in public, but do like to wear leggings when I'm out and about. I will wear skirts out , as well as a dress at times, just like JeffB does. I'm really into colorful ensembles and I like to match my shoes with the top I'm wearing, as well as a cross body bag, that I usually carry when wearing leggings, skirt or dress and even with my men's wear clothing. My wife is OK with my heeling. We even have matching pairs of shoes that we wear out together. We also having matching leggings, like we both wore on Valentine's Day, black with red and white hearts on and will wear matching green leggings , with shamrocks on, for St.Patrick's Day . I get a pedi every couple of months. I like the bright reds and hot pink colors on my toes. I get an occasional mani with colors on my little pinkies and clear on the rest of my nails. For Valentines Day I had my stylist do some nail art on my little pinkies, over my red base coat. with hearts of white and silver colors along with Love and X & O symbols. My nail stylist is very talented at nail art. I also wear lots of jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets (summer). I'm considered a very flashy dresser and get lots of compliments on my ensembles, especially from the ladies, as I have lots of lady friends that love to see, what I'll be wearing, when I see them. They're all OK with my heel wearing and with wearing clothing from the other side of the aisle. I like to discuss fashion and styles with my women friends. Fellow heeler, Steve63130, will attest to that, as we have gone out heeling together, several times over the years. Hopefully I'll be posting some of my outings and may post a picture or two, as I've done in the past. Go back through my thread to see some of my pictures. More to come. BTW, has anyone heard from Thighbootguy or know what happened to him? Also Happyinheels has not posted in years, since he got married. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Time to up the ante on the competition. lol Camera quality still sucks a little, but here we go . . .

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