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    So I finally wore heels out. Been a long since I wore them out. It was fun, exciting and felt like me, but also nervous and my mind couldn’t stop thinking of what other people were thinking of a guy in heels. This is what I wore to a party our realtor was having.
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    Hunters go with everything!!
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    I can do that. But I was more thinking about a video. The thing is I am totally stupid doing that. Anyway I will do something for you. Next training is scheduled on Monday !
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    A great opportunity to take your wardrobe more upmarket, professional looking pencil skirts and away from the denim and chino This guy is on Pinterest, and he dresses like this for work everyday. Looks very presentable as well, though perhaps I'd change the polo shirt Time for you to take a skirted jaunt to King of Prussia tomorrow and spend spend spend! Slimmer ladies have access to the nicer fashions which is good. Not sure if size 12 is similar to UK size 10, which is a popular size for skirts and dresses over here... looking forward to your next jaunt! Pinterest had some other men's fashions which looked nice for work. The fluffy dress looks great seeing as the weather is getting cooler. Team with tights and booties for the look! LookBook has tons of ideas too. Nearly all these guys are in heels as well save for the last, but the sneakers look good
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    The pros and cons of weight loss: Since early May, I've lost 43 pounds thanks to cutting out junk food, eating right and hitting the gym at least twice a week, I look better and, more importantly, I feel better, but the downside is that the majority of my skirts no longer fit well. For years, I've worn a size 14 and they looked good on me when I was well over 200 pounds, but since the weight loss, those same skirts (save for the ones with elastic waistbands) now swim on me as I've dropped at least one full dress size. This morning, I've tried on nearly all my non-elastic waistband skirts and and only a precious few, maybe three or four out of two dozen still fit well. Rather frustrating. But, the upside is now I have an excuse to replace those size 14's with size 12's, and that figures to be a lot of fun. I'm not going to give up my weight loss regimen as I want to stay slim and trim (which makes me look great when I wear dresses), so, I have to adapt my wardrobe to my physique.
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    I haven't lost a relationship because of high heels. I ended my last relationship before I started to wear high heels because of lack of love. I could never do anything right (according to her) and at the same time I was never wrong. There was not pleasing her, so I just said "enough" and ended the relationship. I now wear high heels, 4 plus inch heels everyday as part of my pain management plan. So I have put this in my dating profile. I know it has effect the number of women I have met. I'm looking for a woman that has enough confidence in herself that this isn't an issue to her and the only way to weed through the women that feel threaten by this is to put it out there.
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    I recently lost a relationship and I believe part of her calling it off was the shoes. I am one that truely believes in being open and honest in any relationship as I have also lost a 2 other relationships to not speaking from the mind and heart. I have told and worn my heels with my mother and sister (separately) and my mother accepts it (probably not that comfortable with it but she hides it) and my sis likes it and supports it. After being together for 3 months I told and showed her my shoes and she was shocked. I went away for 2 weeks then when I cam back she told me that we weren't a good match.. she said I was the perfect guy (saying and doing the right things) but she felt she couldn't equally return the love and I deserved better, also that she knew my heels were part of who I am (not a fetish or a fad) so she said that she could never ask someone to change for someone else (she would dump a guy if he asked). She told me to never change for someone and that I should stay me. This may have been a lie but it make me feel better from what she said. I hope to find a women that is open minded and accepts/supports/enjoys my heeling... among other things
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    Hello! I am back from last year. I still have the same nice black boots but I had switched from Brier Dolly Clarks black patent pumps to Naturalizer Michelle black leather pumps. Yep I had decided to change because my last heels last more than 1 year and near the half. Size became smaller. So last week during the big week of hot temperature I had in Quebec city I have decided to start wearing my pumps even if the temperature was hot. I did not want to wear my flats. Since I had bought them I had to remove the N5 insole technology and put a simple leather insole. I couldn`t wear them for a long distance like a commercial center due to the sore. So I have decided to change the insole. I couldn`t put Something into the insole was high and deep. After I had decided to try gel cushion without success. My feet were slipping and especialy in hot time recenlty. So i have ordered another kind of cushion pad in another material. During my heeling I have got No REACTIONS! Even if I had trouble sometimes by walking like feet always staying in the front of the shoe due to the slipping. Walmart, IGA groceries I went. So tonight I went to Costco store and only one woman was wearing Brown high heel ankle boots! Most of women were late in the begining of the season for wearing heel. Few of them still have their stupid thongs or tongs (whatever you call them) ugly sandals. I was so unhappy to see that!!! Last year so many women wearing high heel boots in summer and winter so I was the only person wearing black high heel boots!!! Jeans in the boots!! It was a little hot but I really wanted to put them. I have just heard two .laughing maybe it wasn`t at me and the guy cashier told me I was like a big star! I said Nothing and continued my way. Normally no comments nothing but I wear black pumps and get Nothing and I wore black high heel boots got Something but they can say whatever they want without disturbing me seriously I don`t care! My heeling season begin and will not end fastly! I wear high heels to (unlazy and uncoward) women. They don`t for stupid physical reason so I wear heels at their place lol! And If I do not wear heels I have at home I will not be proud of me! What do you think when you wear heels? Myself I think I am well fit than others (especially men in tongs!!! ) and other people are completely( low level) from me! Waiting for my new cushion pad to test them out if they will have anti-slip. Here was my first adventures of the year!
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    these are my first posted
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    the grey would have been a nice contrast with the black boots....
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    I have some gray pants that are the same style, etc. I was going to wear jeans, but I already had picked out these pants for the day.
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    I think you look great buddy, loving those hunter boots over the pants...I'm more partial to nice slim fitting jeans or levis, but you look fine just the way you are.... the important question is: what pants would the wife had preferred?
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    So today my wife and I went to my parents house to show off our newborn to some relatives that came in from out of town. It has been raining here today, so this is the outfit I went with. My wife says the navy pants weren't the best with the black Hunter rain boots. I am on the fence, so feedback is welcomed!
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    Red shoes all the way !!! I know we all have a ton of black heels!
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    Thank you Thank you.
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    Thank you. It was between red heels and either a red tie or a red shirt. Or black heels with red shirt and black tie.
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    Looking sharp @krazyhusband !
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    Hide those red ones from me or they will be gone ;P
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    Great outing and outfit Jeff!!
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    Glad you liked the pics... I wont post so many next time. I like your skirt, do you have a longer one in the same colour? Looks nice but 17 inches is a little daring for me. The little girl may have been admiring your skirt rather than staring... it does look nice. The denim and chino skirts are nice but dressier skirts are a must for every discerning gent. Nice sandals, I guess its best to take advantage of an extended summer before layering up in tights and long skirts and dresses looking forward to read of your next jaunt...
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    Interesting pictures, SD! Thanks for sharing. At present, I'm not willing to give up on the denim and chino stuff which I enjoy for casual outings, but I'll consider dressier offerings. I've thought about having the skirts altered, but I don't think it would be worth the bother. I'll just donate the skirts I can't wear to Goodwill. Thanks for the good wishes. A good strategy! I'll keep that in mind. Jaunt #403, 10/7/2017: Once again, fall decided to loaf and the job as we saw sunshine and temps reaching into the low 80’s today, good conditions for a summertime outing to the King of Prussia Mall. For this outing, I settled on a black blouse, an olive cargo skirt (one of the very few that still fits well, despite my weight loss, see my previous post), the Payless “Saffron” flat sandals in black and a black satchel bag. Perfectly casual for a trip to the mall, something I feel would help me blend in, not that I needed to worry about that actually, I arrived to the mall around eleven, other than a little girl who stared up at me as she and her mother was leaving, no one else bothered to take any notice of me, despite the noticeably short skirt (as in a mere 17 inches) I wore, I guess the crowds there have gotten used to me. The food court was a bit more crowded than normal as there was a kid’s birthday party and there were a goodly number of kids chowing down on Chick-Fil-A grub and generally whooping it up and having fun. I had myself a six inch turkey breast sandwich and a bottle of water from Subway, then sat not too far from the birthday partiers, no big deal. My wanderings through the mall over the course of the next couple of hours took me to Old Navy where I planned to see about starting my mission (for lack of a better term) of stocking up on size 12 skirts, so, what did I end up buying? You got it, boys and girls, another dress. I couldn't help myself, I saw something I found to have been cute and decided I had to have it. I think that made something like ten to twelve dresses I've bought over the last couple of months, could I be undergoing yet another paradigm shift from wearing skirts exclusively on my outings to dresses? Who knows, but I'm not going to rush things, I'll let it all happen in its own sweet time. Meanwhile, the outing at the mall was uneventful, as all my trips there have become, and that's certainly a good thing as people just don't care much about what other people wear, even someone who wears clothing associated with the opposite sex. That's cool too. More to come....
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    JeffB be careful and only get a few size 12...leave room (and funds) for those size 10 dresses. Keep up the good work.
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    JeffB, "When the going gets tough, the tough go...shopping!" Sounds like a good buying opportunity to me! Good luck! Steve
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    The best investment you can make is not an expensive camera, but an inexpensive camera holder/tripod, so you can take photos which are steady, clear and focused. Then go to the library or read on the internet about basic lighting so you don't try to take photos of yourself with a bright background, putting yourself in shadow. Learn how to use the self timer and learn how to do basic editing - cropping, rotating if necessary, and color balance. Once you've mastered all that, be prepared to spend LOTS of time on the blog. If you don't post to it frequently it will get old and stale and people will stop viewing it. If you don't think kiddo will give you much time for the blog, better postpone the blog until you're sure you can do it. It's a bigger task than you think. Look at all the blogs that have started here and dropped by the wayside. Few are left. Steve
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    well, I am so happy for you about the weight loss - and I certainly hear your frustration about being lefts with so few skirts. maybe you can have some of them taken in? but yes - definitely calls for some skirt and dress shopping
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    These are fabulous. So subtle. Am sure you can easily wear these out without issue
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    I learned over the years that when you find a pair of shoes that fit great and are easy to walking GET MORE. So I have to models of open-toed caged sandals from Charles by Charles David: the two strap Apollo which I have in Turquoise and Tan; and the one strap Affluent which I have in White and Black. My turquoise Apollo is worn out, so I was looking on the internet and could only find one new pair in my size anywhere, I had to get it. So next week I'll have a Blue Apollo.
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    @KneeBooted Very nice looking converse sneakers! i also have an old pair of wedges sneakers from Le coq sportif, and they are extremely comfortable and discrete (6cm heel height). In fact it's the only pair of shoes with heel I have manage to wore in public few years ago!!
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    you are so right buddy, I for one, am so envious!
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    I agree, no underwear. My GF has a few times. Totally outside the box for her. What a rush!!!! Skirts are the way to go. I have so many pairs of nice pants jeans leggings but I always end up in a skirt!!
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    I had always been interested in wedge sneakers myself, but couldn't bring myself to pay so much for the Dunk SkyHi wedges... Fortunately, I found the Converse Lux MidWedge sneakers at their outlet locations for no more than $30 each! The wedges are no more than 3", but they are super comfortable.
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    I love wearing miniskirts and my legs are sexy. I do think girls should wear skirts instead of shorts though. No need to banish us to trousers tho. Ideally we should all wear skirts without underwear;)
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    These are my new boots i love them
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    7" Pleaser Adore mules. Pink and black. Those heels could be lethal weapons in the right person hands.
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    @jeremy1986 I do apologize, but unfortunately it will have to wait. My newborn son is taking priority at the moment.
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    New to me shoes, just purchased from AJ and thanks buddy. Added replacement tips to both pair. Micro thin stilettos. I really love the black and white pair. Extremely comfortable (AJ did all the leg work breaking them in), with moderate heel height.
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    I feel empowered. I walk taller with better posture. There are 8 women who use to never wear heels but now wears heels because I wear heels. I know this because they make it a point to show me their heels when I run into them. I spent one hour today in a busy dsw trying on boots, over the knee boots, and booties. I had a polo shirt, shorts, and 5 inch steve madden mules. the only comment was "Let me know if I can help you find something." Then walked through a large shopping mall to a Brow Bar and had my brows cleaned up/waxed (side effects of my eye drops). The first comment from the brow-ester was "I love you nails." Can't say it any better.
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    jim102, Nice to hear your voice here again. As far as how I feel when I wear heels; "J'ai un sentier d'egalite et d'independance personelle." I believe all of us here feel we are projecting a natural part of our identity with the heels we wear. This is what women feel so it seems logical men could feel the same thing. Life is not the overly complicated thing some would have you to believe. Barring some accident or predisposition to disease you shall probably live to 80 years or more, and being from Quebec, you most likely will since people there live longer than anywhere in North America. You should see and do as much as you can while you have the money and health to do it. The question is what will you do with the opportunities you are given? This is what holds most people back. The sooner you embrace your exact personality and then go about your business the sooner you start enjoying this journey called life. Nearly everyone on this forum who has come out of their house and walked about the world, as men in heels, reports the world did not end nor did some monster jump out from the bushes. Inn fact, most report the nearly complete lack of an obvious reaction. Just show confidence and the world will meet that confidence with a positive light. I could count on one hand the number of times I was complimented on a suit I wore or a tie or a pair of pants as a man. I would need several people's hands to count the same number of times I have been complimented on the choice of wedges, pumps, or kneeboots I wore as a man. The contrast is stunning and it feels amazing. And that, mon ami, is the essence of life. Be yourself, taste amazing, and indulge yourself in the joie de vivre around you! It sounds like you have and others will only become more likely to do the same when they read all of our accounts of "adventures in heels". HappyinHeels
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    just a few of some more new heels
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    Well, ya got me beat there. The farthest I've ever walked in one shot was 8.5 km, in 5 inch heels. But they had a 1 inch platform, so that's the equivalent of 4 inch heels. I have, however, replaced the lower intake manifold gaskets in my car and the clutch in my pickup truck wearing 5 inch heels, again with a 1 inch platform. Definitely worn out "beater" shoes for those operations.
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    Small fishing boat was fun and a 15 km hike in 4 inch heels. Feet were a little sore after that.
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    Small fishing boat. I don't wear heels hiking or on certain surfaces, doing construction.
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    Since some of us are wearing heels out and about, are there any places where we shouldn't wear heels. Maybe it would take away the attention from the other person. For me, I would like to wear them to either a special occasion like a wedding, a house party, staff party, someone's birthday or maybe a funeral.

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