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  1. I’m 250 lbs 5.11 tall. I like all my heels 4 inches and higher. I found the odd heel flexes when walking. For me I try taking smaller strides while walking. Makes a difference. Sure it will take a few more steps to where you wanna go but less flex will happen.
  2. Just bought these, new to me heels.
  3. Just bought my first pair of skinny pants ever. Brand is Van Heusen. It will take a little to get use to it, but I like’em.
  4. I wish I can wear more fitted clothing. My wife keeps telling me I have a small butt(size 36 pants) and my tops are 2x. Guess I might have slow down on the drinking(Pepsi) Its only a little chilly. Socks and pumps? Thought that was a no no.
  5. This is what I wore to pick up my kids from daycare. Our oldest(2.5) loves the colour pink. He enjoys it when I wear these pumps.
  6. It’s all for decoration. They are so comfy that I almost went into work today with them on. Had to go back to my car and put on my steel toe work shoes.
  7. Not too sure how high they are. Will have to measure them. I do wish there was a zipper for easier on and off. Compared to a Pepsi can. 2 things that I enjoy very muchly.
  8. So far jeans and a T-shirt. Just wearing around the house for now till they break in. I like em. They are Mix no 6. I had a red pair pair these and I want to get a black pair very soon.
  9. These are my 3rd pair of heels that I own. I plan on getting my collection back up there.
  10. These would have to be my most masculine heels. Just bought these today.
  11. So far with only owning 3 pairs of heels, these are my heels that look the girliest which I just bought today.
  12. Just bought these today. I like’em. Just needs a little break in and we are good to go.
  13. Nope. I have no interest in becoming a female. I like being who I am.
  14. Can’t say that. My legs are always shaved. So she’s ok for me to wear the skirt if I was transitioning into a female but not ok if I stay as a man.
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