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    The best thing about donating to a charity is you get to walk through the store. Not easy to miss these...large and bright ! Enjoy js
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    CAT: What do you mean ( All of this would be done in heels of course. ) ? Are you implying that there are people who do not wear high heels? I would be driving over from Columbus, Ohio in stilettos. It is almost to a point where I don't wear ugly shoes anymore. spikesmike
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    Lord of the Dance pose in substantial heels. Very impressive!
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    Another cold morning and i wussed out and caught the train wearing my relatively new black ankle boots with a 9cm wooden block heel in a nice light contrast. Boots by Atmos & Here in size 10.
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    Find 4.5" heels as the next step, after 4" every half inch is as bad as the previous inches. I can walk ok short distances in 5" right now, am starting to be able to straighten my knee's at 5.5", but the 5.75 and 6" I still have to have my knees bent
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    I was surprised at the results, but the tips on strengthening your ankles are excellent. I have posted about having ankle problems. I wish I had gotten this advice long ago especially from the medical doctors that knew about my problem. Thanks for the tip.
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    I've had multiple ankle problems/injuries which required me to strengthen my ankles by doing one leg heels lifts on an incline plane. Look up the Korean Airline Study on High Heels, lots of good ideas in that study. Ankle care is paramount to high heel happiness.
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    Heelers: Thank you for the compliments. If we can get this High Heel Meet going, we can have a lot more photos. spikesmike.
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    There are several already posted in different topics on hhplace. I too would prefer a longer velcro strap too. I'm going to put up a couple of galleries with 3 - 4 groups, Wedges, Boots, CFM's, ...but I have to downsize them. Edit: here are some:
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    Both. But I really want the black
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    So today my wife and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We went up to Cincinnati to shop at IKEA yesterday, and went outlet shopping up in Monroe. I admit I didn't think an opportunity would come about to convince my wife to get wedge sneakers, but because they were on sale, we both got a pair! I will post a picture of hers later, but these are mine. They came with red laces but I really liked the look of the white laces in there.
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    Heelers I am in a mall in Columbus, Ohio. We were doing the " Walk a mile in her shoes " After words: Several HHPlace members went across the street for a get together dinner at P.F.Changs China Bistro. A lot of photos were taken that day. Steve, I think you should remember that day.
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    I prefer Sunday's look to Saturday's, as it's taken 20 years off you! You've got the figure for the shorter tighter stuff and I think you shouldn't hide it away in unflattering crepe skirts but that's just my opinion. I wear denim pencil skirts just above my knee (23 inch), enough to be smart, yet if it's a nice fitted designer like D&G with a generous slit at the back, it's kind of sassy which makes me feel good. Shorter skirts are nice but I'm just worried with modesty, but you can pull off that look! I was wondering the same about your combinations, whatever it is you do it looks great Looking forward to your next jaunt
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    That kind of hits home, as I struggle with the same issues myself. Last fall, when our church was still searching for a new choir director, the church hired this young gal just graduated from college to fill in as choir director during the search for a permanent person. At the first rehearsal in September, she had each of us choir members introduce ourselves, and had us answer two questions: 1) What is your greatest weakness, and 2), What is something you've done in the past that you'll never do again? The usual answers were something like what you'd expect, for example, chocolate and skydiving. When it came to my turn, I answered, "Wearing age inappropriate clothing, and once I tried wearing flats," as I sat there wearing tiny shorts, a tight t-shirt, and high heels. It was good for an actual, genuine laugh, anyway. These people know me, so it was not a nervous laugh. My reasoning, and I've discussed this productively with my wife, is that I like to see women dressed in this way, why wouldn't I try to emulate that style? I've still got the body for it (Well, almost. I'm still chasing that perfectly flat stomach, but I'm close), so why not? My question to you, @JeffB is, do you use the same process when you put together your outfits, in other words, do you sort of copy an outfit that you like that you've seen on somebody else, and if so, are the women that you copy of a certain age range? Or do you just dream up an outfit from your head? You always do such a nice job of looking put together in a way that I often do not. Thanks in advance!
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    Cali So what is the hold up? This is America. You have the rite to wear what you like to wear. IMAGE away. spikesmike
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    TBG: Admittedly, I'm not sold on earrings, but I'll keep an open mind about it. That certainly would be interesting though. SkirtDude: Didn't even notice who was in the background when I took that picture. As for asking complete strangers to take my picture, hmm, not something I've ever considered, but I'll think about it for a future outing. Jaunt #373, 5/28/2017: When I woke up in the morning, the first thought that popped into my mind was this: "I wonder if the weather will be good for an outing?" As it turned out the answer was "yes" as the forecast that called for some sun, some clouds and temps in the low 70's, so I thought I'd go casual with a turquoise tank top with a lace trimmed neckline, a denim miniskirt, and because it's Memorial Day weekend, I figured it was a good time to break out my white shoes, namely the Payless "Noble" flat sandals and a matching handbag. While I try to vary my hemlines from outing to outing to keep things interestinng, wearing a mini is lots of fun, mainly because I get to show off my legs, meanwhile, I've come to find wearing flat shoes to be just as much fun as heels, and sandals of any heel height are a blast. I left a little before noon, heading west into Springfield where I stopped at Arby's for lunch, a roast beef sandwich and a bottle of water, then down to Best Buy for some ogling of gadgets and such before leaving with a Blu-Ray copy of The Great Wall which I had seen back in February and liked, so I was eager to add it to my home video library. And because I had nothing else better to do, other than go home and watch the Phillies lose again (they did), I headed into downtown to kill some time in my regular haunt of Rittenhouse Square Park with my nook e-reader while people came and went without giving me so much as a glance, with the exception of an old lady who stopped to say she liked my necklace and my top, remarking on how blue they both looked. I smiled and thanked her before she went on her way, now it's rare to get compliments as passersby don't give me so much as the time of day, but I got some kind words two outings in a row. Not bad, not bad at all. I continue to be mildly amazed at how easy it is for me to come and go in public in women's wear, even a miniskirt, however, I don't take any success I have for granted, I continue to obsess over the image I present to the outside world, going out of my way to avoid looking silly, clownish or inappropriate, my goal is not to stand out (which can be hard to do in high heels because I'm already tall), but to blend in with my surroundings, to be just another pedestrian taking care of business or simply having a good time. More to come....
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    Very wise words. That's why I wear good looking heels at all times
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    Thank you for all the replies, and especially for your thoughts @MackyHeels. Once again, I hope your experiences and level of acceptance will continue to improve as time goes on. So here is a picture of me and the young lady in question, at her graduation dinner with her parents and about 40 other people. In this photo, she is wearing heels and I am not, which is a reverse of the usual situation. My wife requested that I wear flats for this occasion, so I of course complied. Unfortunately, as far as heel wearing, our cultural norms have been a bad influence. When she first came to the U.S., at age 18, she wore heels all the time, like many Vietnamese women do in Vietnam. Not super high ones, but always something with some sort of heel. Now, the heels only come out for very special occasions! Oh well, what are you going to do? At least we feel comfortable teasing each other about our preferences.
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    Lots of work on today. With a leather business I thought something sensible. A nice pair of Patent Pumps. The heels are 6cm...do these fit the brief being in HH Place...Is it about the Heels or the Shoes ? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. js
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    I just got these wedge sandals. Looks sexy in my opinion. Any thoughts what to pair it with?
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    Great boots. What brand are they? If you don't mind my asking.
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    I am not gravitating to extreme heels. I mean it is mainly the contrary. At first, I ankwardly bought pairs of pleaser-like pumps with a reasonably 4" heel that I wore in private as far as I could. It satisfied my frustration of not being able to wear heeled shoes as a guy with size 45 feet. But then I started to notice fashion. And also that I could go out in public with my heeled shoes. Thus I wanted to build nice outfits. I now not only want plain heeled shoes, but rather fine shoes. The heel is a kind of cherry on the cake, and even with a 1" heel, I am happy to be the guy who wear the coolest shoes.

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