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    Boots season is back! Saw these at Zara today. Definitely going to get a pair once they have them in stock in size 41.
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    Yeah buddy, you look great and I'm jealous! I think skinny/low rise jeans look great on guys, especially with nice long legs like yours...And, of course, those killer boots look great too, very powerful look indeed....You are very fortunate to have a wife who encourages you to look so great....
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    Thanks @pebblesf! I admit my wife is still warming to me wearing heels in our home area, but when I am out of town for work, she doesn't seem to mind. I just found these on eBay... Omg I want them. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Nine-West-Vintage-America-Women-Throwdown-Knee-High-Boots-Brown-Leather-Size-10-/331981800604?nav=SEARCH
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    Great look! I have a similar pair that are almost as tall as yours but with 4" heels and no platform. I love wearing then with denim leggings.
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    Sitting in my office catching up on paper work wearing jeggings and my old beat up crazy heel boots enjoy James
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    Members 15 52 posts Gender: Male Country: United States Posted Thursday at 01:02 PM · Report post I posted this in the everybody forum but I usually post her in "for the guys" forum. Everything else I post on this subject I will post in this forum. As I stated in my last couple of posts. My wife has found out about my high heel adventures. I took a shot and surprised her wearing my heeled boots. I was excited when she said it was good with her and she would like to be more involved in planning my wardrobe. After getting a invite to a Halloween party and my wife stating she was planning our costumes. I was getting ready to go to work she walked in and say that she didn't know where I hid my high heels but to get them out before I left for work. She said she was working on our Halloween costumes and wanted to see my shoe collection. I have about five pair including two heeled boots. I got them out and left them in the bedroom. I tried to get some hint on what she had planned but it was lips sealed on her part. All she would say was I would find out the morning of the party but to be ready for some fun.
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    Is there anyone else out there that is disappointed they walk more/better in heels than their wife or partner?!
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    My favorite postman just arrived with a package from China containing a new pair of blue fabric OTK boots with 3 3/4" block heels. These are the same as the boots I posted about back in September. I liked the black pair so much I ordered the blue pair from the same vendor. Unfortunately these are the only two colors available (I ask the vendor). I'll be wearing them to a doctor's office this afternoon (flu like symptoms) and to a jam this evening (if the flue like symptoms don't get any worse). They were OTK on the Chinese model. New boots for $28 including shipping.
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    Negative way? Nope, not at all. Not everyone here can do what I do, we're all individuals with our own goals and objectives and dreams. As long as you're content with what you enjoy, that's the important thing.
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    Yes, I have learned over the years that trying to hide, or lurking about while looking at heels just makes you seem creepy. It's hard, but very liberating, to ask for a particular style in your size to try on! Any sales help that kills a sale by being rude is just a moron....
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    I keep my boots in a 4 drawer filing cabinet. I lined the drawers with cloth bags or cardboard ankle boots stand upright 5-6 pairs to a drawer long boots lay down 4 pair to a drawer. as far as keeping long boots straight here is my trick. I saw a lot of stores use blow up tubes. For tjose with swimming pools you may have seen a polystyrene 'noodle' kids play toy. About 1800 long x 100 diameter tube. I bought a couple of these for $1 each. Cut them in 4 and they are perfect. Depending on age and quality of noodle you might want to wrap it in cling wrap first to stop little bits of foam coming off
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    So, I wasn't quite sure where to post this since it's not really a new purchase, but rather than start a new boots thread, I figured here might be appropriate. So first a quick little back story. This past weekend I had received an email about Old Navy having a $12 jeans sale on mid-rise super skinny jeans for women. Now I only wear women's pants anymore as my wife thinks they make my butt look amazing. So I mentioned to her about going and looking, to which she decided she needed a new pair and thought I may look good in skinny jeans. Now part of me wanted a pair because I wanted to try and make a decent looking outfit using the riding boots I have. Those pictures I will post another time. Needless to say, we found a pair that was a color I liked, fit me well, and the correct length on inseam so as not to bunch up. Today, on my drive home from work, I recalled I have some black suede-like thigh highs that an ex bought for me years ago. I had never worn them because I didn't own any skinny jeans and refused to wear them under pants because they look so good. So I get home, put on the new jeans and the 'old' boots. Would appreciate feedback, and this would be a good contender for an outfit whenever there is a meetup in Cincinanti once it gets cold enough.
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    Jeff - I hope you didn't take my comments in a negative way, as that certainly wasn't how they were meant. Just trying to indicate that my enjoyment comes from a different angle. I appreciate what you do - personally, I just don;t see myself walking around in a dress or skirt in my otherwise male appearance. But then I am not trim like you, nor am I as young. The whole idea is to enjoy what we do here - be it shoes only or full outfits. So have fun with it!
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    TBH the shoes are just accessories to such a great outfit the shoes compliment the outfit. A pair of heels so outrageous it overpowers your clothes is not needed. Looking forward to your next jaunt
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    Well, I like to think it is as my goal is the complete package, the overall appearance, not just one article of clothing or footwear. I put a lot of time and attention to my appearance, in looking my best, and I'm glad my hard work has paid off. Thanks for the kind words, TBG! Much appreciated.
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    And she sold two pair of shoes and gained a customer who I'm sure will return. By the way... nice shoes.
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    Some new boots from le Silla. And again casadei my personal favorite
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    I couldn´t resist and bought these beauties from casadei. And this is the complete outfit.
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    I wear my heels as much as possible to go out. Not in my daily work life as would not be to good in construction I tell my girlfriend I do wish I could change my career so I could wear different clothes I have worn heels with jeans quite a bit to run around My weekend attired To shop and run around is usually a skirt and heels in a multitude of stores from grocery to Home Depot to clothes or even a Starbucks to do work on my laptop My going out, date nite or into the city is more hmmmmmm,,,, sexy should I say Short minskirt that I'm told not to bend over at all, leather 5,6,and 7" pumps to thigh high boots my shy stage is long in the past my girlfriend and I stopped when I was decked out in a leather skirt and fishnets I walked right in a busy store to get a Coke for the ride home She said when I came back out she is amazed that my confidence is unreal and that every head turned As I have told people in the past I don't and won't fully dress I have no problem with those that do It's not my thing When I'm out I'm just a guy in a skirt and heels,,,,, because I like the look Here is a couple of day time and night time outfits from my albums,,wish the daytime was every day
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    Haha. This. My wife has yet to see me really walk in a pair of decent height heels, but she swears I can't walk well in them. Wait until I prove her wrong this week!
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    Hello everyone; I have stated in several of my past posts that i have not really told my wife about my desire to wear heels , but did suspect that she had an idea that I did wear them. Well on a special night (date night), we went to dinner and a play in the city. I decided this was the night. So i was picking her up at work and we were driving about an hour or so to our dinner plans. I wore a button down shirt, jeans ans my favorite high heel boots, with my jeans tucked inside the boots. A look I have wanted to do on my past outings but haven't done yet. Picked my wife up in the car and I don't mind telling you my anxieties were at there peak. Not a word when she got in the car but I don't think she noticed what I was wearing. I had no back up shoes with so it was do or die. When we got to the dinner venue. I parked and got out to open the door for her. She just kinda stopped and starred for a moment. She looked at me and said; "I wondered when you were going to get the guts to were those boots out with me. " She said she wasn't sure if she would be ok with me wearing them out with her but after seeing me in them and she could tell how happy they made me then lets do it. After dinner she did lean over and tell she thought I looked very handsome in my boots. We talked a lot on the way home after the play. She told me that even thought me getting out of the car in those high heeled boots was a shock, it was ok. Next time she said to include her in the planning of my wardrobe, cause she had some ideas. I could see her mind working but she wouldn't tell me anything else. Wonder what she has planned.
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    After my last post (in for the guys) I told about my wife wanting to be involved in my wardrobe decisions. Well coming home from work a few days ago. I walked into the house and checked the mail that was on the cabinet. There was a Halloween invitation there. We get one every year from our friends and we usually go. It's a adult party and sometime the costumes are pretty sexy! They always have a fashion show with a pretty good first prize. My wife was in the living room watching her soaps and I asked her about the invite and she said to put it back on the cabinet that we were going and not to worry she already had our costumes planned out. She said we were going to win first prize this year. When I asked her about what she had planned. She said not to worry she had it covered but be ready cause it was something I would enjoy. And it did include some sexy footwear but it also involve some other extremes. That's all she would say. Not sure what I am in for but I am excited and will keep everyone posted on what that involves.
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    Thanks everyone for the great support. It's quite a journey and I need all the support I can get.
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    Hello everyone, glad to finally be a part of your community! I'm UK based, but spend most of my working life travelling throughout Europe and the US, and though I'm a lover of high heels, I'm also I guess what could be described as a failed transvestite. When I was younger I had very strong TV/TS leanings, and was lucky enough to have explored it for a while. But I'm also a realist, and despite the girl within, the tall heavy hairy bloke without won the battle and, despite what my fantasy head may have wanted, I realised I was never going to be able to pass or be happy with full on femininity, and I got on with life as a bloke. I've always had some heels tucked away somewhere for those times I could wear them though, mostly in private, though over the last year or two I've taken to a more 'fuck it' attitude to what others think, and I've started wearing them in public on occasion too. Spending a lot of time in cities where I don't know anyone has given me the freedom to indulge my love of heels out on the streets, and I'm learning to just ignore the funny looks and enjoy myself. I'm lucky that my partner is cool with it too, and she's been out in public with me wearing them too, though I'm careful not to cause her any embarrassment if I can help it. I've also found a couple of stores around Europe that stock fashionable shoes in my large size (46/47 depending on height), and they've been happy to let me try on in store, which is so much better than internet shopping. Anyway, thats me, I hope to get to know some of you on here, and I'll get around to posting some pictures when I can. Thanks for letting me be a part of things! Jura
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    I haven't posted on the everybody forum yet so this is my first here. Wanted to post on this one cause I would like a male and female opinion. I have been wearing heels for quite some time but just started venturing out side. I don't cross dress, I just enjoy wearing high heels as a man. Haven't discussed my heel wearing preference with my wife although I thinks she suspects I like wearing them. While shopping online I had written some order numbers down for heels on a note pad and she saw them and asked was I buying heels for myself. Since she wears heels also and I have bought her some heels in the past it could have been for her but she seemed pretty quick to assume they were for me. She has in the past, when I tried to hint about me wearing heels, expressed a non-supportive opinion of me. in heels. We have been invited to a Halloween party and are starting to discuss costume options. In the past we have dressed as a couple. I haven't said anything yet but my idea was to go as Sonny and Cher. Me being Cher and my wife Sonny. This would be a good chance to wear heels out. I'm quite a bit taller than my wife and I think it would be a hoot. Here is the advice part I am looking for. should I use Halloween as a stepping stone to express my desires. What advice could ya'll give me to express this to my wife and not hurt my marriage.
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    Halloween might not be a bad time to crack open the door. Depends on how the discussion goes. Mentioning the heels are kinda fun and you wonder if you could find a more masculine style to try out, etc.
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    Wearing heels for Halloween is like wearing them for sex. If you do either, your wife will associate your heels with those activities and you will have locked yourself out of the chance of wearing heels everyday. So I advise you to disassociate heels with Halloween (and sex) and go in a different direction if you want to keep alive the chance that you could wear heels out in public on a daily basis. The trick with most women is to keep them in their comfort zone. If she's negative, start small, with boots or loafers or clogs that are masculine or unisex, and take baby steps, keeping her comfortable. If she says no, back off, wear them just indoors with her, etc. Over time she'll get used to you in those shoes, and if you can push the envelope and wear them out, and she sees that no one notices, that will boost your chances of her acceptance. But remember, she's #1 and heels are (a distant) #2. So go slowly. It's a long journey. It took me 20 years and involved lots of compromises, but in the end it was worth it! I pretty much wear what I want now. Good luck, and let us know how it goes! Steve
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    Well I finally got the nerve to make my second trip out in heels. It was quite an experience. I traveled to a mall in a very large city about an hour from my house. Wasn't to sure about driving in heels for such a long distance so I changed when I got to the mall. Parked in the parking garage, put my Electra-2020 boots, that I had bought about a week ago, with my favorite jeans. I took a deep breath and headed in. Went in several stores and ate lunch at the food court and not to eventful. One women about my age did seem to notice my heels but just smiled and I think she nodded at me. i would like to think it was a nod of approval. All in all spent about 4 hours there. After what was a very enjoyable day I headed to the car. Feeling pretty good about my heeling i decided to drive home in my boots.
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    Bigfoot, Nice story, good for you. The only way to get used to being out in heels is to get out - in heels. The wife and I just got back from a few days in Vegas and all I wore the entire time were heeled sandals. Shopping, gambling, dining, shows (FYI, saw Weird Al - he was great!!!!), and just walking around - all in heels, had a great time. A few folks noticed but no comments or negatives, as is usually the experience for me. So, keep it up, get out in your heels and have fun!!! Take care, sf....
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    It takes a little time to get used to seeing yourself wearing boots but they are good looking boots (if you didn't think so you wouldn't have bought them) and it seems like a shame to hide them. I suggest the next time you go back to the mall, go ahead and wear them under your jeans until you have lunch then zip them down, wrap your jean legs around legs and zip them back up. On the assumption the boots are black, you might wear black or dark jeans/slacks so there will be less contrast between the boots and jeans. The first couple of steps will probably be worse than getting out of the car, but they are steps you will never forget! Before you do this, wear them over your pant leg at home and make sure you like the look. If you don't like it, ignore this post and don't wear them out. But if, as I suspect, you will like the look... go for it. It is more fun and exciting than I can possibly put into words. Enjoy your boots.