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  2. Another public figure to add to the roster of men who wear heels is Brendan Scanell from Netflix's Bonding.
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  4. As almost anything @HappyinHeels says here... I second these!
  5. Good Morning fellow high heel place members , i'm thinking i may head to the piano bar again tonight and see what's HAPPENING !!!!! will report back if your interested let me know who's interested cheers Malinheels
  6. Leopard wedges and faux leather pants. 



    1. jeremy1986


      A great look. Love the wedges!

  7. peep toe thrift store find.  Unfortunately, $400 is still too rich for me right now.  Absolutely love them!  But Louboutin . . .


  8. Exactly. Cali knows something about projecting confidence and I have mentioned this fundamental belief many times. Just get out there and enjoy and believe in yourself! HinH
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