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  2. Please more info. Will clubs be visible to the public? What topics can be covered in "Clubs?" How do you form one?
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  5. This type of thing, wearing ill-fitting shoes, is why you hear "heels hurt my feet" so often. Never never buy shoes that don't fit to start with no matter how nice they look. That is unless you plan on putting then under glass on a shelf just to look at them. Life is too short for (a) shoes that hurt (b) ugly shoes (c) shoes that don't fit (d) all of the above
  6. Game of what? HA! I agree with you, the sandals are very nice indeed, but are slightly too big, and possibly meant for someone with longer toes. I run into this problem all the time.
  7. Shoes are meant to be used, this guy is doing the right thingy kudos for that @Mitsysun1400
  8. I'd never heard of 'Yours' but, as I normally wear a UK11, I was encouraged to have a browse there online. Alas, I found nothing at all to consider: every style was, to a greater or lesser extent, too frumpy, too clumpy or too flat. And nothing exactly cheap either, given the apparent quality. Rather similar to 'Evans' - but perhaps that is to be expected, given the intended market. Since the demise of Big Shoe Boutique/Priceless (part of Barratts), there seems to be very little for those with larger feet. ASOS is a happy exception, but its UK10 offerings are not very generously sized, even in wide fit.
  9. So I am trying a few new looks. Here is the elana pant with 37 inseam from Alloy. A Lululemon long sleeve jacket over a Nike dry fit top. What do you think. Pleaser Spectator platform booties 5 inch heel. Outfit is very comfy Another with a skirt instead of pants
  10. Cool look indeed Today's look for breakfast at the hotel
  11. I came across this pic of Sophie Turner (who I understand appears in Game of Thrones) at an awards ceremony. Nice sandals (Louboutin?) with what look like 5" heels - but surely at least one size too big for her.
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  13. Also have a pair of these on there way. Most extreme pair I will own. Fun.


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