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  2. Logjam, I get the clear gel on my fingers but get acrylic on my toes. My nail teck takes the clear gel off the same way with a Dremel tool with with a small wheel. Not the way Cali described with the acetone wrap of cotton and foil. She did that at first but says that takes too long, so she uses the tool. It would be nice to get in my salon for a mani/pedi but we're still weeks away from them re-opening here in New York State. Just have to keep doing my own till then. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  3. Very nice chesterx! I like your peep toe pumps. It shows off your red pedi. I wore a pair of black peep toe pumps last night on a short jaunt out with a pair of jean jeggings much like your wearing. My red pedi was showing too. I had to go to Lowe's to get a couple of things. Had a couple looks but just went about my business. I should of worn my anklet like you did. I like that look too. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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  6. Getting back to normal, somewhat. 1st time I have had a sit down meal in a restaurant in months. Went to my local cracker barrel for a fried fish lunch. Then to the grocery store for my weekly supplies. Went smoothly with no comments or noticeable second glances. Seems to be the norm these days. I did see not one, but two of my neighbors at the grocery store, but they didn't see me. I don't really care if they do see me wearing heels, but I'd rather not deal with it if I can avoid it. I wore my nude open toe pumps from Torrid as I wanted to show off my nails a bit. I also wore my skinny jeans by Reba that I got on sale awhile back. They are short enough that I don't have to turn up the cuff to show off my Aporro anklet. Not planning on any other outings so this will probably be it for this weekend.
  7. I also have some acetone, a smaller amount. And Cali, thanks for the suggestion about using acetone. But, as I noted, I got to the point that I couldn’t stand myself any longer and booked an appointment at one of the generic nail shops, actually in just about one hour. If the tech there doesn’t want to mess with the nubbin, I’ll just have it painted and live with that until I get in to see the tech at the new place. Yep, I generally patronize those salons. Well, an update. Just back from my mani/pedi. The very nice lady at the generic place deftly used her little “Drexel Tool” like instrument to remove the leftovers of the broken off artificial toenail, and equally skillfully constructed me a new one with the magic stuff they use. As I’ve mentioned before, I like color on my toes,so I’m now sporting “Frostbite”, a slightly metallic blue, on my toes. Got clear gel on my hands, that seems to work quite well protecting my fingernails from the abuse I manage to inflict. So I’m a happy camper!
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  9. Love them, they look really good on you
  10. Its not really a clasp per se, its a bar that you pass through a hoop. It stays put once you put it on, & its spot welded together, so it will not break easily, that's for sure. Can be a bit difficult to grasp the bar if you have long nails, but you can say that about most items when your nails are as long as mine. The Aporro anklet has springy push together clasp with a hasp lock on either side, so its not going anywhere either.
  11. I thought as much. I don't really "follow" either of them, but I check by every once in a while when I think of it, especially Engineering in Heels. Seems like I remember her doing a video a while ago on how ankle bracelets are not durable enough. Didn't she put some kind of a funky clasp on hers? How do you like that clasp? Can you tow a car with it in an emergency?
  12. Hey @Logjam, I've got about 5 gallons of acetone out in the garage (courtesy of the nail shop) if you want some! Shipping might be a problem, though. Seriously, it's probably not a bad idea to try it yourself, because one thing that nail shops don't give you is a lot of time, unless you're at a high-end place where you're paying a boatload of money.
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