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  3. The video ends with giving the girl white flowers. In Chinese culture this could be a dangerous insult, as white flowers are reserved for funerals. Is it the same for Vietnamese?
  4. did you get that body suit? i have quite a bit of experience with bodysuits.
  5. As a fisherman who has waded through many streams in search of salmon and steelhead, you would kill yourself wading in heels. Imaging trying to stand on slippery round rocks in fast moving water. Or in sandy beds where your heel sinks in like a stiletto does when you walk across a very went lawn.
  6. I'm not sure about truly waterproof thigh-length waders with a heel, but knee-length heeled wellies are certainly available, as the black 'Hunters' below. I suppose they are a neat idea when genuinely wading as they allow a few extra inches of water to be safely navigated! There is also a Polish manufacturer (https://www.fashion-style.com.pl/en/) who offers a very large range of latex footwear and clothing, including many styles of thigh-length boots, such as the red stiletto pair and the slightly more practical chunky-heeled stripey pair both pictured below. There are some boot/trouser combos too. Being latex, they should be good for some careful wading!
  7. I was somewhat surprised to read the online comments (so far) on the article. Almost all condemn the concept of unhealthy/ugly/outmoded high heels and consider CL's promotion of them as merely his blatant attempt to sell expensive shoes. A common theme was to ask why CL doesn't wear them himself if they are so good. There were very few in favour of him or heels in general. But I suppose this is just another example of opponents being more energetic and vociferous than supporters.
  8. I went through this same thing I didnt post much on here about my confusion I just posted about my outing and how they went. I started like you (and many others I'm sure) years ago going out at night hoping no one would be around. And then one day I was driving somewhere in heels and I stopped at a store to get something and I kinda forgot I was wearing my heels. Withing the first 30 feet of walking into the store a younger woman complimented me on my heels. I was completely thrown off guard and I looked down and realized I was still wearing them. Told her thank you and quickly finished my shopping and left. Later to realize how much it doesnt matter that I was wearing heels. After that I started doing all my shopping in heels. Within a few months I was wearing skirt and pantyhose with mens shirts and jackets. To me they are way more fun than pants, more comfortable and alot of the times better looking! The only part that has been a problem for me is my girlfriend hates all of it. Which I've been struggling to get across to her that they are just clothes and why cant I enjoy them. She thinking I must be gay because of it, but those of us here know that isnt the case.. Good luck to you and keep trying to get out and about! It makes everyday things more exciting and enjoyable!
  9. Ultimately there are combined boots and trousers/pants such as: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/tamar-mellon I've seen others in leather throughout (possibly synthetic leather) but can't find the links at the moment.. i think there was a complete "boot suit" in the past made by Atomage. All the way from boots up to the neck. Effectively a cat suit with intgerated boots.
  10. I'm not laughing Logjam, I have often thought of rubber high heel boots...Best of both worlds, classic nice fitting waders with a manageable heel...
  11. Yeah I really like tall boots, and the taller the better, but this is at the fringe of practicality. I think pairing leather pants and boots together could achieve the same effect more easily?
  12. I will stick with 2 to 2 1/2 inch heights, maybe 3 inches...... Thats works for me just fine.... have fun... sf
  13. Exactly! And I feel like there is even an aspect of physical freedom mixed in there. The mainstream view is that wearing heels is like wearing shackles on your feet that prevent you from walking or moving about. At extreme heel heights, this is true, but at more moderate heights, I find the feeling of walking and running about in 4” heels to be freeing, both in terms of expression and seeing the world around me from a slightly higher vantage point.
  14. Haha, I came in from choir rehearsal the other night wearing my newly purchased coat and hat (with boots over my pants, too!), and my wife, who was still at work when I'd left the house, said, "I need to start saving up money to send you to Thailand, so you can finish the job." I think she was joking. . .
  15. Oh, absolutely I think it applies, and probably moreso than for women. Those few of us men who wear heels do not do so because we feel we are obligated to, but rather quite the opposite. I can't think of a thing about wearing heels that isn't "freeing" in some way. Mentally and spiritually, of course, not physically. I can't be bothered to look this up, but wasn't that quote or quotes from quite a number of years ago? I'm not saying that he isn't still to this day against men wearing heels because I don't know, but I know that I have changed my mind about many things as I have aged, maybe he has too.
  16. Glad you like it! Don't alter the knee length skirt, just go and wear it! It may even pass as a "kilt" to some I found that going out at night, although comforting due to the lack of people, also made me feel I was creeping about a bit, so I decided to just bite the bullet, go to a grocery store and buy something, like some milk (I had ran out). You'll find few people will even react to your attire, and if any do, it's compliments! It takes balls for a guy to go outside the usual jeans or shorts look, there's a growing "genderfluid" trend of dress, with instagrammers like @joshohhgosh who frequently are skirted, or EJ Johnson. I wear regular guys shirts / tops, but a denim skirt instead of denim shorts. You have to show us your denim skirt look
  17. Here's a short video The Soul Anarchist did. His real name is Paul Duane. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah if I'm not mistaken.
  18. Aesthetics can be subjective, and finding what “looks good” and being able to justify it with others is something that takes a bit of time and effort, at least for me. This extends beyond just taking time to put together an outfit - there is much to be learned looking at what designers and designing, what people are wearing, and deciding why it looks good or doesn’t. And then there is the personal expression component, taking time to put together what it is you really are trying to say with your clothes. As for shaving, I realize a lot of people here so it, but I also have to ask: Has anyone ever given men grief for not shaving their legs while wearing shorts? Why should a skirt be any different? The same amount of legs are being shown...
  19. It’s way too much too fast. I’m suspending most of my shopping activity for a while and give her a chance to breathe and let her have a voice in all this. She’s a bit shocked that I have interest in fashion and doesn’t quite know what to make of it.
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