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  3. Hi from Perth The pics are of my small collection but doesn't include my boots. Love wearing them when possible and just got the red and closed to black ones (top two pics) from eBay and need to break them in still.
  4. I usually work around at home with a 5 or 6 inch heel but a 1-2 each platform (see pics). I got some 4 inch boots that are nice to wear on colder days. From what I can see gender is changing from the old binary view to a broader range, more like a spectrum. It has begun to change but it will take more time, whether it be in my life time or the next generation.
  5. Name: .... Age: 24 Gender: Male but biromantic (attracted to female but open with sex) Location: Perth , Western Australia Occupation: working on it... Height: 6'4 Weight: fit and healthy Shoe size: 12us (~28 cm) What's your favourite heel style: Stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: Ankle boots Do you wear your heels outside: Only in a closed part of my backyard What is Your favourite heel height: 4-6 inches Your highest heel height: 6 inches How often do you wear: Whenever I am home alone or at night (indoors) Anything else you wished to add: Currently own like 6 pairs and one foot is bigger then the other
  6. Just obtained these 3 new pairs of shoes from uk eBay (even tho came from China), still breaking them in (except the boots).
  7. A warm welcome to you! I am in a similar position, though my wife does know that I love and wear heels. But because of work and kids, I generally land up wearing at night, when I am able. Also means I have to try not make a noise so often opt for more silent wedge heels, which I love regardless! I love that first pair of yours - very sexy.
  8. There is of course an obverse to this topic - ties without suits. I did explore this fashion once, briefly, in my early teens when my aunt and uncle and several cousins came to stay. They were quite rich and very corporate - Uncle was an old Standard Oil man - and their kids all went to military school. You probably get the idea. Anyway, orders came down from on high - stern Uncle, and eldest cousin, by then a lieutenant in the Army - that all would attend church in the morning and ties would be worn. This latter edict was issued with a particularly steely glance in my direction. My mother, who was finding them increasingly obnoxious, left me to deal with that on my own. I did. I showed up at church in a tie all right - tied around my bare neck since I was also wearing a T-shirt. Uncle didn't like it. Neither did musclebound cousin. I was treated to some highly coloured language right there on the church steps - Auntie, Uncle and eldest cousin all chiming in with abuse, and demonstrating a distinct lack of Christian charity. It might have gone worse for me had not the priest - who read the situation accurately - been so obviously amused. And had not my grandfather - whose tie I had borrowed for this little stunt - given them his cool Patrician what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it stare. As it was I had to dodge my evil and sadistic 2nd lieutenant cousin for the rest of their visit and make certain I was never cornered or found myself alone with him. So much for ties as tokens of manly responsibility
  9. I thought so, but your earlier post was ambiguous, could be read both ways. Of course one could always say nothing, but simply show up at the Bar Mitzvah in patent pink thigh-high stilettos and take it from there...
  10. So true, woman often notice subtly before you can realize them observing your or my style outfit. Taken from experience if woman enjoy the view they will stare with a smile. As you said, people can't grasp what they are seeing but many do, but prefer to ignore you or me, only because they instantly disapprove. Think the one's that ignore us believe in fashion sense that belongs to individuals gender. Once you cross that boundary instant disapproval is brought your or my way. If they argue or get upset voicing their beliefs to us for our heels or outfit often than not they are jealous and envious but don't admit it. While people ignoring us is one way of showing disapproval quietly.
  11. Yes, but you're not supposed to take off your tie - according to Megan - unless, I suppose, you're going to take off the rest of your suit as well, which would certainly make for an interesting cocktail party. Actually there is quite a list of potential health and safety issues with ties. Get your tie caught in a subway door sometime and see how you fare. Not so bad if you're inside the coach, perhaps, just slow strangulation, but no fun at all if you're still on the platform. These things have happened. No, ties really need to be optional... As should stilettos. Nobody should be compelled to wear something they don't like. At least with stilettos, there is a transformative effect. With ties, it really does feel like one is putting one's head in a noose.
  12. Wicket keeper
  13. I'm always aware people notice my heels, usually stilettos even though I'm in otherwise male attire. People here often say they are not noticed, but can say that's not reality. Most notice, many simply can't grasp what they are seeing so they ignore. I've overheard many conversations and seen many women sheepishly look me in the face as I approach, but i have the sense they turn and look down after I pass. Good outing and keep going. By the way love the yellow beauties you added to your gallery.
  14. This fair maiden would go for honest up front every time.
  15. Hi all I have been reading forums on this website for sometime. Ive only just recently decided to join. I have been wearing heels secretly for about 4 years now. I only get to wear them when I am home alone (which unfortunately doesn't happen often) so I wear them during the night when everyone else is asleep. I like wearing my 4 - 6 inch heels, I have about 6 pairs (2 boots, 1 open and 3 closed toe). I would have more if I had the money, more time to wear them and if more shoes were in my size of womens US 12. I am already quiet tall (long legs) and young so there aren't many people that I can talk to and show my clothing style. Nowhere days the idea of gender and how its portrayed has begun to change (this website for example) so the ideas of gender and clothing is not black and white anymore. It is becoming more a spectrum rather than binary, which means that in the future men and women should be able to wear whatever they wish. These are a few of my shoes in my collection.
  16. Are you gonna be around Saturday?


  17. Murphy's laws on bars - - -You can't fall off the floor. I've done enough damage to my back and other major joints that frankly, something is gonna hurt regardless. I've done something to one of my Achilles tendons recently, and walking barefoot is a pain. Lucky I have heels because then I can walk comfortably
  18. I get it that some guys say 70s platform style for men they don't like, just like I don't wear women's pumps or heels if I wanted that I would change my gender. But to each it's own I couldn't imagine walking down the street in spike heels a women's style I honestly would be set up to be jumped, or hospitalized, guess it's not mainstream, probably never will be, I don't see any men I know walking in women's heels. Men's style of 70s platforms aren't mainstream either but yo never
  19. AJ First, that is a great combination, very powerful.... Next, I will tell you not to be so hard on yourself, and give yourself some credit for being courageous and confident. I have been in the same position once or twice I guess, kind of like a "deer in the headlights" after receiving a compliment. Look at all you have accomplished, and accept the fact that people are actually complimenting you! I'm sure you will engage more after receiving your next compliment. Trust me, the greeter was paying you a compliment. He would have said nothing if he felt you were strange or customers were poking fun at you.
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  21. Actually, getting down is easy. It's coming back up that's a challenge! Gravity is not always my friend! Steve
  22. St. Louis is another good city on Rt. 66. Plan to spend some time there if your schedule allows it. There is quite a bit to see and do, lots of entertainment, outstanding restaurants, and very friendly people. The shopping is good, and there are Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores, as well as many of the others mentioned above. Safe travels (in heels)! And although Ohio is not on Rt. 66, if you come this far east, I extend an invitation to enjoy what Granville, a quaint little college town, has to offer. PM me. Steve
  23. I think you sense an opportunity lost here. Oh, well, perhaps it was a learning experience and next time you will engage the greeter or the other shoppers a little more. For example, if you had wanted to strike up a conversation with the gal in the shoe department, you could have broken the ice with some line like, "Don't you just hate it when they're out of the size you want!" or try on a pair and say, "Excuse me, but how do you think these look on me." You'll might get a smile and a pleasant reply and take it from there. Or you could get a frown or a deer-in-the-headlights look as she cautiously backs away from and looks around to see if the coast is clear or if somebody is filming Candid Camera. Not everyone is amused. I like the fact that you had the courage to go to the store and wear what you wanted, but I think you might have come across as a bit shy or embarrassed. You don't want to give the impression that you think what you're doing is wrong or could be construed as wrong. You just want to be outgoing and confident, engage in conversation, and include some humor or joking in your conversation: "A guy can't have too many shoes, right?" Good luck in your future jaunts, and thanks for sharing your story. It gets easier each time, it's legal, and it's fun. And some women are impressed with a guy who has that kind of confidence! Steve
  24. Stilettos hurt your feet. Ties only hurt your neck. It's easier to relieve a"pain in the neck" than it is to socialize with sore feet.
  25. So I have been reading all of the comments about wearing heels in public and how to do it and what to wear. I have been going to some low end box stores and wearing really long pants to hind my pumps. I really like to wear very thin stilettos. I feel the pants mostly hide them and I avoid people the best I can in the store and then make a dash for the door when it is clear. Look at my phone and go about my business. So this has been working, no confrontations or anything, not even sure if anyone notices. They sure do make a lot of noise as all of these stores have tile floors. So yesterday I went into a place that I have been to a few times. This time I have new black pants that come down perfectly to the bottom of my shoes. I decided to wear my Black Platform heels. They are rounded toe and very easy to walk in. I have attached photos. So I go in and have to walk by a greeter and I go to the shoe section to see if there is anything I can by for myself or my girlfriend. I have two ladies come by me and look at shoes and make conversation. I didn't thing anything of it, I did find a great pair of heels for my girlfriend and went and bought them. As I was leaving the greeter stopped me and shook my hand, he told me I had everyone in the store checking out my shoes. I didn't know what to say, I just shook his hand and said "thank you". The lady that was looking at shoes with me just said have a good day as I walked by her. Thinking back I wish I would have asked him to elaborate a little more. Was it a good think or a bad thing in their mind? I would love to know what they were thinking. Was I a really weird guy or just that I had crazy high heels on and I am a guy?? Any thoughts from you all? Have you been confronted? I have a few friends that know I do this and they have told me who cares what people think, just do your thing. It was a great feeling to say the least but left me wondering more. Your thoughts...
  26. Who says heeled cowboy boots are for women. I dont go for it bud.
  27. Jura.... Welcome to the USA, it is a great country, hope you have a wonderful trip. Route 66 is a beautiful drive; LA, the Mojave Desert, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains - the drive has it all!! I was just out on Route 66 last week, drove the section from Albuquerque NM to San Bernardino CA. The desert was the greenest (yes the desert can be green) I have seen it in years - we have had a lot of rain out here. You may see some wildflower displays too, but they might be gone when you arrive, since they have a very short - but beautiful - blooming season. Attached is a pic from the Oatman AZ area (part of Route 66 west of Kingman, AZ). I love Route 66!! As for heels and shoes, there are many stores out west that have gals shoes in larger sizes - plus this being springtime, sandals are out in abundance!! Try checking out Payless Shoes, DSW, TJ Max, Nordstrom Rack, Target and many other stores that I have forgotten to mention - I'm sure others here will fill in the blanks. While you are in the Los Angeles area, one of my favorite stores is Marmi Shoes. They have a store near LAX - in El Segundo, another in Newport Beach and one in Scottsdale AZ (near Phoenix). Marmi has classy, well made - but pricy ($100 to 150) - shoes and sandals in sizes up to 13. I have a few pair of their sandals and I love them. The staff at their stores, especially the El Segundo store, are friendly and really don't care if you are a guy or gal. Enjoy your trip, I expect you will have an enjoyable time. Let us know how the trip went - have fun!!!! sf Here's a pic of the wildflowers...
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