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  3. U.S. allows images of people provided they are not a subject, i.e. background. Internet has changed much, but if I take a pic of someone and specificly dicuss that someone, if they find out watch out should they find out. It's absolutely impossible to take a photo in a crowd and not capture somebody you don't know.
  4. W6ish don't understand your jitters. More confident and calm you feel the better you will display the style you so much love. Only decision and anxiety you may feel, what colour heels to wear and regretting it when making decision. I would wear black Slingbacks look really good, wait until you get them legs and feet fully bronzed and tan to wear the white sherberts to highlight the style better. Doubt you need any luck but surely you will have much fun.. Your nerves might be from all the build up and anticipation of the night to come.. Ever think of clear mules which many bikini competito
  5. Hello! I have visited Budapest few times, and had absolutely no problems wearing heels or ballet flats! Got some weird looks from people in West End shopping mall and metro stations, but that was it. I really like Budapest, it's a beautiful (and safe) city!
  6. In the UK you are allowed to take photos of anyone or anything in a public place. And publish them. https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights I don't know about other countries.
  7. You can take photos of people in public. But you must not publish the photo. To publish a photo, you must have the consent of the person being photographed, or you must edit the photo so that the person cannot be identified.
  8. Never be found in public barefoot or wearing sandals with feet and toes that are not nicely pedicured. That's my style. I like reds, but generally trend towards blues, purples and pink shades. When I wear nice looking gals sandals (heels and flats) I want my feet to look nice as well. sf
  9. Indeed, I'm quite happy with my ankle boots with the 3" cuban heels - they feel like more daring versions of my usual hiking boots. It's just what I like.
  10. I agree with RonC. While I really enjoy wearing my heels, my interest lies with wearing girls shoes. I rarely wear flats even around the house, I enjoy wearing wedge heel sandals, boots as well as loafers.
  11. Beautiful boots, but out of my price range for sure....
  12. Last week
  13. i'm getting ready to take off for my evening outing and i'm nervous already! i'm going to wear my new capri leggings and i'm not sure if i'll wear my black sling backs or my white Sherberts. i'm taking both pairs anyway. on top i have a tight fitting black t shirt with the bottom trimmed off so it doesn't come down below the waist band. i don't have a high cut jean jacket here at the cottage so i'll stop along the way and buy something. the idea is to not hide anything of the skin tight capri leggings! i'm in fine form this summer and i don't want to hide any of the curves! this is a br
  14. I don't think anyone needs to be apologetic for wearing "shorter heels". For one thing, it is the current trend for footwear. Second, not all of us here follow the line of higher is better. Enjoy what you wear!
  15. I suppose things come and go with time, which is why you are here! We seem to be relatively eternal for the internet world. It's crazy, it's going to be 20 years very soon, and more than 20 if you count the site that this one grew out of. In other news, I have largely been wearing shorter heels this summer. I am doing this for two reasons. One, because as many of you know, I went on a little spree last spring and bought several pairs of Söfft mid heels for reasons unknown even to me. I now feel like I need to wear them. Two, because I am trying to reinvent my walk, and it seems much easie
  16. Better keep the robots shoes well oiled, don't want them to corrode.
  17. It has been popular (that means streetshots of high heels) in the UK and Germany too, but that was at least 5 years ago. The sites are all gone by now, together with most of the forums with the high heels theme.
  18. They have have a lot of awesome shoes and boots, also very good service and quality! 👍
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