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  2. You are right, of course....The issue I struggle with is finding a pair I like in my size.....While I truly like many kinds of boots, I am extremely particular about the style...Don't know why I am even considering a repair, I have a nice pair of Frye cowgirl boots and a nice pair of Frye booties. I tend to cling to things I like, which is ridiculous of course. It is ironic that I got two compliments on these booties just prior to them failing! The important take away here is that just because shoes have a good brand name, or carry a big price tag, does not mean that they are of quality construction. I think your observation is absolutely correct, manufacturers assume that many of their products will not actually be "walked in" on a regular basis, so they are not all that concerned about proper engineering....
  3. Wow, that is becoming the story of my life, shoes failing catastrophically. It seems I am always gluing something back together, and it doesn't necessarily get better as you go up in price point. Some of my worst offenders have been Michael Kors, which are not all that cheap. I've also had trouble with the Vera Wang "Lavender" series shoes, which are even less not all that cheap than the Michael Kors. As I've said many times before, it all comes of walking in shoes that were really not designed to be walked in. I wonder if it wouldn't be more advisable to find another pair of booties that do not have the walkability drawbacks of these Zodiacs. At that height, I can't think of a reason why you should put up with them being hard to walk in, especially now that they've failed on you badly.
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  5. Why should your blog have to stay strictly on the subject? Book reviews, fashion commentary - no end of possibilities there - people watching, flexibility tips, shoe/boot care, history of fashion, fashion in movies etc etc etc.
  6. Well, that's just it--what on earth would you write about? I am imagining something like a newspaper column, where you would write something every week or so. In our case, be the subject nails, heels, dresses, skirts, &c., I think a person could have strong, interesting material for the first two or three times, but then what? At that point, I think you'd have to artificially create interest somehow, and this seems to me to be the opposite of what we seek as men who sport what has been traditionally women's fashion. We kind of want as little interest as possible--to be left the hell alone. It is difficult enough to come up with something interesting to say on my thread here, without getting completely off the subject. I have no idea what I would say every week in a blog, where I would be expected to be interesting. I think I get a "pass" here if occasionally I write something less than brilliant, because of our long-standing community.
  7. I am thinking of bringing these Zodiacs to the cobbler to see if he thinks the sole can be "glued" back on....I know I will pay more than the booties are worth, but that is OK. Even though these booties are cheap, and not that easy/comfortable to walk in, I kind of like them. Prior to the "blow out", I rode in the elevator with a middle aged (my age) couple. I was thrilled when the husband spoke up and said "great boots"! If the cobbler balks at the possibility of repair, will let him toss them out, can't really do it myself....
  8. Jeff, you look nice in all those dresses, the cami and skirt is cute, though I think a midi pencil skirt would have really suited your figure more! Surprising no one pays any attention, unless you have learned to tune out any negativity. I didn't want you to force to stay with skirts, but I think it's just a more balanced wardrobe with both skirts and dresses, but the choice is yours. Mark, pictured below wears skirts and skirt suits, but not dresses, so I guess we all have our preferences. Looking forward to seeing your next sartorial gem
  9. Sorry for your loss @pebblesf. When you get over your morning go to DSW or Macy's and get yourself a nice and fun bootie, like this klick
  10. It’s amazing how companies get away with making such shoddy things. But of course we let them, by making price the sole criteria. Horribly wasteful of the materials and energy that go into the making of them. I think I could probably hazard a guess at the country of manufacture.
  11. Well, was roaming around downtown Denver today, among many others while wearing the Zodiac booties. Suddenly, one of thee soles "blew out", just like a flat in a car....I had about 1/4 mile to get back to the hotel, managed to drag my right foot to keep the sole from flopping back while trying not to draw attention to myself. Oh well, they were fun while they lasted....
  12. Is there any other way to enjoy a cup of coffee on a weekend morning?
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  14. KneeBooted..... Better yet, I really like the coffee mug !!! You liking CA and the Bay Area?? Someday when I get up there maybe we can meet and compare notes.... Enjoy your morning coffee and heels !! sf
  15. Sharp indeed! You wear them well.
  16. Great job on the blog @Tallboots I enjoyed reading the entries and looking at the generous pics. I haven't thought of blogging... I think this site covers it for me too.
  17. Those are a great pair of booties
  18. Most interesting. I’ve seen the Marmi store at King of Prussia, but I didn’t know they offered shoes in size 13. I might have to investigate the next time I’m there. Thanks for the information!
  19. I have never bought anything such as Louboutin off of Poshmark. The scary side to spending that much money is not knowing whether they are real or not. I do not know if they have any protections for a buyer who buys with the intent of getting a genuine designer name, but ends up with a pair of knock-offs. I haven’t had any experience with the site called ‘TheRealReal,’ but they claim that they verify all of the products listed are genuine and not imitation. They also have good pricing as well on there. -Jeff
  20. Thank you everyone! This is all good to read! I’m seeing like Louboutin’s and some designer heels on the not so ridiculously priced side as well! But also other really cute shoes. I appreciate the feedback
  21. Ok, so I know I need to update this and cover at least the topic of heels at work; a subject I brought up a while back. However, I felt I should post this picture because this is my mood this morning. I believe I have posted a picture of the coffee mug before, but sitting out back enjoying some coffee this morning, it just felt right in heels.
  22. Jeff, You ever try shopping at Marmi Shoes?? There is one at the King of Prussia Mall. I have shopped Marmi for several years and have several pairs. Most of their shoes go to gals size 13. The shoes are a bit pricy, but great quality. The staff in the stores are great, very kind and helpful, at least that has been my experience out here in the west. Let me know what you think.... Marmi Shoes King of Prussia, PA - The Court at King of Prussia 344 Mall Boulevard, 19406, King of Prussia Have fun..... sf
  23. I wouldn’t mind creating a blog, after 20+ years of wearing high heels in public, I probably could offer some valid advice. But alas, I am so technology impaired I would not know how to begin setting one up.... Like mlroseplant, this site will have to suffice..... sf
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