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  2. Picked these 2 pair from ShoeDazzle. They changed the membership rules which allow you to opt out every month if done by the 5th of that month. Opted out of August and will continue to do so until a style I really want comes up. These cost $12 each for 1st time purchase.
  3. I’ve had the same thing happen in Costa on the odd occasion I’ve popped in without my boots on, think they just come to expect that i wear them all the time
  4. jeremy1986, Nice to see you have returned to the forum. Thanks for comments on my postings as well. Did some camping last year and this year (though not in a national park in 2020) and never that "camping style" sandal. Irrespective of that it looks nice on you which is the only important thing. As to lockdowns and the like it is strange watching sports on TV with no crowds. It will be even stranger when my son and I are NOT attending football games in Green Bay as we are season ticket holders. It actually was an easy decision to sit this one out and our monies paid will be applied to 2021 instead. This time is also an opportunity for people the world over to reinvest in their families and perhaps invest in their own creativity like maybe they have never done before. The chance is there to thrive by ingenuity or wilt by dependence. The choice is up to the individual. HinH
  5. Suppose different party needs different outfit. How do you change the style without getting bored wearing same stuff? W6ish you showed dissonance to the cranky gal. No wonder gals get jealous loving your footwear wishing they too could wear such high heels. Often is the case of woman agreeing with other females in packs. When one gal finds your shorts distasteful, other females join in agreeing to the point it' becomes justified and they bond with agreement against you. That is if they find you awful wanting nothing to do with or any trait that they see, only mock with disrespect discussions against you. Most often then not, gals in packs have the same viewpoint on how someone should dress or be. Lucky for you the other gal had different belief system. Or very least thought things through, not to judge negatively your style what the consequences would be. Like they say, prize goes to the victor. Cranky gal knew she played her cards wrong being to honest nothing she could do to repair the initial damage to your ego. While good gal might of felt the same but new she could win W6ish over to get what she clearly could see and desired so much, Lol.. As analogy feel your sitation as me seeing hot gal in very short tiny tight dress showing her buttocks off. Her asking if i like her outfit. If i said no, how would i expect to be in her good gracious? How would she give me the time of day let alone any attention. Yet if i persisted after her it would only make me feel like a bigger heel, pardon the pun.. W6ish hope you put cranky gal in her spot fetching you drinks etc... Like teasing a kitten on a string, sort almost having it, yet pulled out from under it at every attempt... Fun night W6ish played things cool with kitten and cat, think they both found the mouse...Lol...
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  7. Hey Jeff, Thought about you as I was just in PA at my sister's place for a week. Went out to eat a few times and saw the method used there. Enter restaurant wearing a mask, sit down to order and eat and unmask, then put mask back on when leaving the restaurant. Reduced capacity was clearly evident. Also glad to see you out and about. Visited two malls recently, one in Indianapolis and one outdoor mall near me wearing a mask and wearing some of favourite wedge sandals for shopping walks. Bought a maxi dress in Indianapolis but nothing here. People often seen outside stores waiting for people to leave. HinH
  8. these shorts in black: awesome! and with a super tan: even more awesome. but with long black hair-priceless! and black 6 inch heels: BOOM! so no other colours needed! i'm not much in for flashy colours though. if it isn't all black it would be a little bit of denim and maybe a splash of white, like a t shirt skin tight. my high heel outfit is pretty basic. it was a blast at the party but i knew! she was cranking about being too showy but when another gal, the one who said: you look amazing, started chatting me up and getting very friendly and hands on, that got cranky gal into the mix. classic moment of jealousy taking over! i ended up spending my time with the gal who said i looked amazing and that really ticked off the cranky gal. ha! she tried to keep up but it didn't work for her. fun times! but we're still at the cottage! my new black bikini is working wonders and my tan is coming along super nicely! going back out there for more tanning before tonight's party starts. photo of fun shorts to follow soon but not with me wearing them! i'll put them on the floor next to the shoes i'm wearing! (i should have brought my black 7.5 inch heels!!!) (these ones!!!)
  9. Shiny wet look leggings and mules with lots of bling.



    1. heellover00


      wow. nice and sexy heels and outfit.

  10. Store 1 and 3 seem to have nothing higher then 10cm, while the OP is looking for 5 inch, or 11,5 to 12cm. Store 2 and 4 have something in this range, but its A: either pricey, €75 to €150, or limited availability. Even then, with Italian heels. as these all are, its a kinda crapshoot getting the correct size. For some strange reason Italian shoe manufacturers refuse to accept that there are people out there with wide feet. They always tend to run narrow. Which means having to order larger, which means having the dreaded heel gap. Overall I'd say that the OP is better off with the webstores that at9 listed.
  11. Last week
  12. My Stardusts arrived....not taking them off all day. Simply love the color and bling.😎


  13. https://www.piccoligrandinumeri.com/it/ https://www.ghigocalzature.com/en/ https://www.pierocalzature.it/ https://www.nolimitshoes.com/
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