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  2. RonC

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    I wear my Bandolino booties in a number of locations, including hard tile and polished concrete floors in a few stores. I guess I am lucky as I have never had a slip incident. And these have pretty hard heel tips as well, as they are quite loud on hard surfaces. Fortunate that I don't slip as it could get ugly for this 67 year old man...lol.
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  4. Shyheels

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  5. I go to quite a rough looking gym in an industrial estate, with an eclectic mix of people - about half look like Hell’s Angels, with shaved heads, tattoos, beards, huge muscles and big bellies. There’s very fit women kick boxers, some elderly couples, a couple of young mothers, old hippies, and a muscly middle aged somebody (gender unknown) who generally wears pink tights and occasionally sports some PVC. And guess what? Nobody gives a damn. Everybody gets in well together and does their thing. I’ve never heard a single cross word there. All friendly and relaxed.
  6. p1ng74

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  7. Today
  8. The last time I was in a fitness facility was in high school. Based on all of Macky’s experiences I will continue to stay away That is way too much drama just to get some exercise. I’ll stick to my private routine and maybe go on a run in my boots...
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  10. docs41

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Happy in Heels--Those wedges are incredible. It,s great to find something on the clearance rack. c
  11. Yesterday
  12. Sunday night relaxing in my black pumps and new faux leather pants. Did a little Sunday shopping with my wife and found these booties. Normally do not buy too many single sole heels but really liked the accents and they fit perfectly.





  13. meganiwish

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  14. Cali

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    Pink Panther
  15. nzfreestyler

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Sounds like if you in mixed terrain that a larger heel is more practical. I don't go anywhere that hasn't got hard surfaces/pavements/sealed roads etc so I can get by in stilettos readily without issues. I only have to take my heels off for health and safety reasons now and again. (I think my skirt/hemlines give me more trouble than my shoes do! This is exactly why I love my stilettos. They are rock solid from the heel to the toe - no weight but solid and the toe bends making them easy to wear. Only poor quality stiletto will flex - the shank itself will always be solid as compared to flat shoes. (But obviously a tall heel is not as good as a lower heel for our feet - so its moderation all around!)
  16. p1ng74

    Reason for wearing heels??

    I’m so deep into wearing heavy knee high boots now that I doubt the additional weight of a 4” underslung heel will make much difference lol. I suppose if I am doing any serious competitive sports then yes the weight of my footwear will be a handicap. But for what I do Day in and out I don’t mind the extra weight, and maybe it will help me stay fit? I have falling arches and my wife’s podiatrist says that firm shoes and shanks are actually better for your feet than flex, so I’m not too worried about that either. I have honestly not spent any time in a stilleto. My “women’s” shoes have way thinner heels and yes I have been impressed with how stable they are, and they even work on structures like cattle guards! But the “block” heel is probably where I need to draw the line, as I do a lot of walking around in fields and places where a stilleto will sink and generally be a mess. But I suppose I will never know unless I try?
  17. Jkrenzer

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Agreed, single soled stilettos are easier to wear, better balance and single point of contact. Spike heels with a slight forward heel are classic for a reason.
  18. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  19. Nzfreestyler You hit bang on! Take example of women that go to horse racing events at the track. Not the daily races but the special events like the Kentucky derby look at the hat wearing woman in pink, cream coloured outfits and court stiletto heels. These woman put lot of effort dressing much more formal than any wedding party just watching horses run around a grass, dirt track. Take your point most woman outfit themselves for her not deliberately for others only to get rise out of them, yet undoubtedly some do it anyway. You wrote Nzfrrestyler that you appreciate being beaten so it only makes you try harder next time. Guess that is the trap we all fall into unless you didn't put effort in your outfit in the first place, then just instincts tell you to sharpen up or feel awkward wearing same thing next time. Countless woman feel that way feeling OMG i need to go shopping look at the room i'm in with all these ladies in new trendy outfits. Sometimes stokin envy becomes class warfare. Usually if not always, the one wearing expensive designer rags and shoes wins even if the body is worn and tired displaying such attire it becomes a winner nonetheless. Queen of UK comes to mind. There is distinction of fashionista trendy conscious fashion woman all to consumed what they are wearing needing to purchase unique rags to make the outfit work. Usually these ladies are very competitive and deep down very evil, egocentric, selfish. not wanting others to look the same as them. Trumps wife comes to mind. Maybe i'm legging fashionista and some percentage of women sense it quietly respecting my taste, style and choice of colour as if taking credit designing leggings myself. Sometimes i can sense and assume woman wearing new leggings want my reaction because what they seen me wear in the gym boldly no male would dream of or have the guts. If i look shocked stunned they figure they did something right, me being envious, jealous beaten to the punch. If i totally ignore don't recognize there outfit or stare longer upon them with a usual confused sneer as what are you wearing that for reaction, they figure shamed to buy a new outfit. My motivation is know your audience and dress according to get a reaction. Yes i need to pass few personal rules of my own before i wear it in public does it compliment my body or am i wearing it for the sake of any reaction. Yet being observant of many females in the gym keeping close eye on them versus me wearing different colours styles. Often i make assumptions what these females love hate, when wearing specific outfits. Some woman like bright cheerful colours telling me so, all while disparaging others looking like crap in dull, effervescent colours with muted pastel tones. While others enjoy the subtle conservative style and colours not wanting attention yet still looking unique. Very tight rope to walk on but wearing certain things makes others envious jealous while other days laugh disliking the range of choices i choose to wear on any given day. Just once or twice a year i may hit the mark hitting home run wearing complete outfit almost anyone will have to admit envies. The expression on woman faces upon me is worth the effort and purchases needed to get me outfitted so well. the overjoyed feeling that i found an new outfit that clicks for everyone looking is remarkable thing. Yet i know these feelings from others will pass tiring of the outfit in days following. Yet the road continues to be traveled looking for the next big thing.
  20. Cali

    Who's partying into the New Year in Heels ?

    Don't know where I going or what I will be wearing other than a heavy coat and knee high heels with a 4+ inch heel, of course.
  21. Cali

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    Green Hornet
  22. I will be. Don't know what clothes I'll wear - perhaps something simple like a 3/4 sleeve dress with heels - it will depend on the weather but it looks mixed weather for New Year here.... its supposed to be summer but its not really here yet !
  23. nzfreestyler

    What Happened to White?

    I prefer a pointy toe on most of my shoes - just for aesthetics. I do like the contrast of a round to in a nude pump as long as it is complimented with a fierce heel to offset the innocent look of the round toe. The funny thing is I don't particularly like the white heel-less pumps above - I bought them because they were trendy a while back and I have had them for ages now. Whenever I wear them they get so many ooohs and aaaahs.... so they are a bit of spice up a basic outfit shoe now.
  24. I think most fashion conscious women are fashionistas - they wear what they do more for themselves and other women who are also fashionistas - primarily not to lure men or to fuel envy in other women - but because they like to look good in their own eyes. Naturally they swim in circles of like minded women. And in the larger fish tank - well we have a lot of women who don't get into that because they have never tried, just knock the fashionable ones back because it easier to be critical than to make an effort yourself.And as for the guys - well most don't notice the effort, those that do still don't get the styles, and a very small percentage of guys can probably appreciate it. I don't think its about stoking an envy - in my experiences women know I am not trying to outdo them. I actually do try to outdo them as I like to have the best legs, or the nicest outfit if I can but I appreciate being beaten and it makes me try harder I appreciate the fashion and the style of clothes and shoes - and if women sense that I do - then they get it - a fellow fashionista - not a enemy. Hard to explain quickly but that's what its like for me.
  25. nzfreestyler

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Ever thought about a thinner heel? If you are going to wear heels a lot - as I do - I prefer the light weight of a stiletto. No harder to wear - in fact I honestly think they are easier for me, but the beauty is the comfort of a solid heel without the weight and clunkiness of a block/wedge heel ? and the shoe can flex better which is kinder on your feet if you spend a long time in your heels. Just a thought if you are long term looking at wearing ea lot a stiletto might be a good option for a heel as well. Most women who are permanent heel wearers etc opt for a stiletto and I think that the light weight option is part of the reason. The other is obviously the style choice, or perhaps it is the style they most want to wear - but I am believe comfort is a big factor. Regardless I can imagine you'll be exited waiting for these new boots !!!
  26. You haven't seen angry woman only because what we are wearing doesn't suit her particular taste. Yet we have the right to wear what we want but they stand against it no matter what we say or wear, slowed down as you put it. My experiences have taught me, as many here on forum repeatedly wrote, don't care what others might think, just continue wearing what you enjoy. Yes, the consequences can be steep depending on your intentions towards others. Often talking to few older mature ladies with euro background tell me repeatedly they are so envious and jealous observing my style, taste, and body wearing feminine outfits in the gym. In a good smiling way, giving me thumbs up often and compliments making me blush. Some tell me being so inspired knowing they can observe me from a distance, knowing i will continue to visit the gym daily wearing my sexy feminine outfits, thus helping there lack of motivation to exercise. While other married younger females tell me for some odd reason they feel in competition about the clothes they see me wearing in the gym. They tell me they hated me at first, angry, because i better them wearing my outfits. Since they started to purchase my brand of feminine outfits they become happier inclusive of me, chatting me up, complimenting that i look better in these feminine outfits then they. Even seriously encourage me to purchase same bright colour outfits, laughing asking me to wear it on the same days as they visit the gym. Some woman who kept their distance for years never speaking to me, now can't stop giving me compliments, noticing my cologne, outfits, physique, even gossiping about overhearing other woman talk about me privately to others in a positive light unbeknownst to me. Although sometimes i slightly regret it, regarding to stoke envy, going too far for some innocent young woman trying to better her body. They get frustrated at there results not achieving a goal (there fault not mine), while feeling depressed looking upon there old worn, pilled, basic black, gym clothes compared to my new refreshing impeccable outfits seen on a daily basis. Observing recently some young attractive lean blonde asian woman copying my leggings style. Purchasing the same brand, colour, style, leggings walking into the gym feeling self conscious seeing me around, modeling her pretty self in gym floor mirrors, staring upon her backside and flattened bootie, feeling deflated, avoiding me. Probably asking herself why she can't look as good as "that guy" (me) accompanied by her paranoid boyfriend. Often seeing the troubled meek females wanting opportunity to chat with me pick my brain about diet, exercises, clothing, or closely examine me subtly while working out nearby, nothing wrong with that. Although always the jealous asian boyfriends notices stares her down jumping to get in between us, forcing her to move away, telling her she has no business doing exercises uses this or that nearby. Telling to move another piece of equipment so happens to be other side of the gym, seen this phenomenon many times different asian young woman twin sisters and friends.. Shaking my head why these young males are so defensive upon my presence, looking out for their girlfriends not getting to close, watching over me like a guard dog. While times the boyfriend is not in eyesight watching over his girl if circumstances are ideal i may exercise next to her observing her in the corner of my eye. Telling that she observes every movement of me sitting on the gym bench Yet i continue to parade around in the gym floor, pool, whirlpool flaunting my body in feminine leggings, tight tech tops, thongs overhearing woman discussing what they think in positive lustful manner or observing there stare walking behind me.
  27. I like that. If I’m going to wear something controversial, it is best to wear it well, wear it deliberately, and wear it boldly....
  28. Shyheels

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