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    Cali, You certainly did well and those knee boots look so good on you. Have only ventured out once with jeans tucked into knee boots. Don't know why though since I have worn knee boots with a dress. I do a Macys card so perhaps I'll look for these. Haven't used the card since June when I got my tan coloured wedges which I posted here back on 2 June. Your Halloween outfit looked nice and you certainly appeared comfortable. Keep up the good work my friend. HinH
  3. They don't make them in leather any more. At least the boots. I still have an old pair, I should on what they look like these days. I love the matt leather look. Never been a patent guy myself. And they really were the most comfortable 5.5" heeled shoes you could and probably still can find.
  4. For the first time in six months, I actually got some new shoes. It was long overdue. I'm done buying more brass instruments and vintage lawn mowers for a while, and I got some overtime at work, so I decided to update the collection a little. First pair that caught my eye a long time ago was the Diane Von Furstenburg DVF (I assume the initials denote that it's the cheap line) clogs in a sort of gentle olive green. Model name unknown. That's a new color for me, but it is still very neutral, so I would say it will go with just about anything. The ebay seller has been trying to unload these things for several months, and the price came down from something like $60 to $23, so I decided to buy. Heel height is right at 5 inches with about an 1 1/8" platform. They seem comfortable, but I haven't really worn them, so we'll see. At least they fit. Second pair is something called Michael Antonio Studio, model name Tedrick. They are a medium gray color, also a first for me, at least in leather. I have some gray fabric shoes, but nothing in a leather sandal. I gave a whole 8 dollars for these, plus shipping. The exact heel height on the mules is somewhat difficult to determine due to the design, but is definitely somewhat in excess of 5 1/2", possibly 5 5/8", but maybe not quite that high. Platform is 1 1/2", which is a little thick for my taste, but is not ridiculous looking. Probably because a lot of that height comes from the deeply lugged soles, which is kind of like a mini logging boot sole, and a good portion of the platform is covered by the attachment points of the sandal straps. If it were 1 1/2" of solid wood, I think it would look way too clunky, but it looks all right. These fit me very well, have a soft cloth lining, and I really wanted to take them out for a short spin last night, despite having pulled a 13 hour day at work, but it was pouring down rain, so I didn't instead. Edit: The photos keep displaying in a random sort of manner, but you'll figure it out.
  5. a very cute pair @RonC - enjoy!
  6. Before I talk about my recent heeling endeavors, I wanted to take a minute to discuss a topic that has been talked about before, but until recently, I wasn't quite sure why I felt the way I did. The topic is complimenting women who I think wear cute heels/boots. For some reason, I have always felt that paying a compliment was in someway awkward, and I never knew why. I always worried that the girl might find it creepy or strange. Thoughts of "Why would a guy notice my shoes? Is he gay?" "Weirdo" "Creepy" etc. would always swirl in my head to the point where I freaked out just to pay a compliment. But over these past few weeks, I've realized that it's the fear of exposing my own heeling that has made the scenario awkward. Let me expand: Over these past few weeks I have been more courageous in wearing heels other than my Converse wedges at work. 1. I started with wearing my Sorel wedge ankle boots into the office, only to change them after getting in. 2. From there, I progressed into wearing them after my Friday morning workout when I would leave the office for a Starbucks and then return. 3. Then I started keeping them on when I would go to the cafeteria at the office to get my coffee, potentially exposing them to more people. 4. From there, I started wearing the Naturalizer boots that I bought to match my wife's boots into work on Friday mornings. 5. Then I added them to my Starbucks run. 6. Now I keep my Sorel wedges on most of the morning, including my morning coffee chat with a coworker who I'll mention more about later. In this span of 3-4 weeks, I have discovered that my comfort level for complimenting my coworkers has gone up. I can only assume that the increase in comfort has gone up due to the increase in comfort with wearing my heels. With that being said, I have a coworker who I usually chat with in the morning when I get my coffee from the cafeteria, and she her tea. She is aware of my heeling and indulges me in my discussion of cute footwear that I wish I had, etc. Well, it turns out that we are the same shoe size! Over this past weekend, she had sent me some pictures of some heels that she owns, saying I could borrow them anytime I wished. In return, I sent some pictures and told her likewise. One pair that she had which are super cute happen to be a pair of extremely comfortable Dr. Scholl's booties. She really liked a pair of Kelly & Katie heels that I own that I unfortunately would probably never wear. So today we each brought our respective pairs into work, each wore a shoe, and then proceeded to take a couple of pictures. I think they turned out really good! As we 'swapped' each other's shoes for a brief moment, I actually told her she could keep the shoes as an early birthday gift since I am unlikely to wear them. She was ecstatic and very grateful. It was a good feeling to know that someone else would be enjoying the shoes! The instagram pictures are posted below.
  7. Heck, I forgot about all those outlet stores. Don't get up around Conroe much these days. Thanks for the heads up, always open to new shopping opportunities.
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  9. Cali

    Cali World

    "I can do that" and "Just Do It" are two phrase to use. Years ago there were certain things I wish I had the confidence to do. I am finally getting the confidence to do many of these and I am much happier because of it. Last year I was a "want to expose my knee highs" type of person, this fall I got the confidence to break that self imposed glass ceiling.
  10. pebblesf

    Cali World

    I have only gotten a few compliments from guys. Am kind of hoping to get one like you describe, will do my best to encourage the fellow so he doesn't succumb to all the BS I put myself through...
  11. Thanks for the info, will have to remember this on my next long houston layover...
  12. Nice - The Woodlands is where I first started wearing heels. I’ve been into Chuy’s off of I-45 and I’ve bought a pair of heels at that Nordstrom Rack up North before. I also had a habit of walking through The Woodlands Mall once a week. There is a friendly shoe salesman working women’s shoes in Dillard’s that I eventually bought a pair of boots from. Saks Off Fifth at the Premium Outlets at 290 and Grand Parkway is also a nice place for larger shoe sizes.
  13. Did you find your were treated in a different (better) way, more like a viable customer, when shopping for heels in heels?
  14. Totally agree with you!!!!!!
  15. The fun starts only when you walk in the heels to the street. Why wear heels at home when no one sees them.
  16. p1ng74

    Cali World

    I’ve heard that comment a lot. I always respond with “Do it! It feels great!”
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