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  2. I don’t think the shrinking thing will work either. I think you’ll need to get a cobbler to take them in a bit.
  3. They actually look like really nice boots there, I’d see about sorting out those worn soles and wearing them regularly, can’t really see the heels in that picture and is that a back zip i can see too, good luck with the shrinking although I’m not too optimistic about that I’m afraid
  4. Nice boots. I see what you mean about the gap though. I've skinny calves and find that a problem too.
  5. We closed on 9 April and signed the title paperwork in our car in the parking lot. Such is/was the real estate trade during the pandemic. We got used to the new place, furnished it, and did some exploring around the Yuma area and left on 23 May to return to Wisconsin. 43 days and all had sunshine. I didn't see any guys in heels yet out there but I can tell you about the actual climate. 28 of the 43 days were completely cloudless. Some solar spotlights I bought designed for up to 8 hours on a full charge would stay on for 9-9.5 hours because it is so sunny there. I recorded 19 days with maxima of 100F/38C or higher, 13 days 90-99F/32-38C, 8 days 80-89F/26-31C and 3 days of 70-79F/21-26C. It rained once on the 12th of April and not a drop after that. I walked around our property nearly everyday in shorts and wedge sandals. A nice place to sit in the morning was the "Arizona" room or a completely screened-in addition. I'd eat my breakfast there while the morning sun illuminated my legs and my toenail polish. It was really nice walking everywhere and the ground was never cold. Of course, one doesn't want to walk across a brick surface when the temperature climbs to 107F/41.6C as it did a few days before we left. Lots of seasonal residents from Washington, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, and Minnesota and a large contingent from Canada particularly the four western provinces. Really nice folks. I am about the youngest one on the block or so I am told. I saw many sandals in the various stores which were open before everything opened up on 15 May. I did miss posting here. It's a little different trying it on a tiny cellphone like mine (Iphone5 or my wife's old one). It didn't cost a dime so I gladly took it and it works fine. I would think we would normally be there from mid-November until mid-April give or take a few days. I was stunned to learn that, at least according to the Guiness Book of World Records Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest spot not in the United States but on the Earth. It averages 11 hours per day or an amazing 4,015 hours per year. 3,000 hours is considered a sunny climate. One doesn't seem to run into grouchy people in Yuma at all. Has to be all that vitamin D. HappyinHeels
  6. Good choice, cute shoes. Be ready to wait for several weeks before receive your order.
  7. Sorry, previous post might sound condescending, ironically, I have been caught before... just take it easy
  8. Thank you for your feedback, as well as Pierre1961 & Jkrenzer! I have placed my 1st order. After scrolling through several pages this pair jumped right out to me. I just got in a pair of baby blue skinny jeans & I think these heels are going to be a lovely match with them. These are the Nara pumps & I chose the color as pictured.
  9. Well before trying it this method out on the boots I don’t want to mess up, I found a cheap pair of Frye knee high boots on Poshmark for $20 to test on. They’re worn out on the soles but will be a good test for shrinking in general Here is a picture of the gap
  10. Was wondering why we hadn't heard much from you lately. Nice to have a winter place in Arizona! I should be so lucky. Did you do much healing under those cloudless skies? Just wondering what the men in heels climate is in Yuma AZ.
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  12. Hello i have ordered in 2001 for the first time, and never disappointed after 6 orders. Always with 12 cm Heels (13,7 cm for size 43). Very well made, designed to look good and to be wearable. They fit like gloves. Like you i have tried China shoes but the quality is not equal with Italianheels, very far. my personnal collection
  13. Jumping is not the problem, its landing on a surface that can handle it. Only got hurt twice by jumping, but never from the roof, two story house. It's more sports, like sliding into third and getting your cleat caught in the netting they put in sod, or back packing 10 miles in the Sierra wilderness and the rock ledge you are hiking across decides to give way. I stopped ski jumping after I caught a friends head between my legs. I not a couch potato.
  14. Earlier I posted about my new sandal slides from Aerosoles, "Erie" well I liked them so much that I bought a pair in white. Just in time for summer wearing. I guess I'm just like JeffB, who brings out his white shoes after Memorial Day.LOLhttps://www.aerosoles.com/collections/shoes-sandals/products/erie?variant=32110649081940 Happy Heeling, bluejay
  15. Too sad! I will more than likely be heading over this place on Monday evening!!! IN case of... i will be in Zaventem Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 in the evening.
  16. i thought it was peculiar, hearing what sounded like the same voice AND the same words! back in 015 or whenever it was, the rest stop was packed with travellers on a Friday afternoon but last Friday night the place was nearly empty. weird. an exciting weekend though and fun to be running around in 7.5 inch heels. those snake skin boots look good!
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