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  2. At last, the outfit I have been trying to put together for some time. The boots you have seen....I also have a new Lambskin Leather Skirt and Top. The hat I borrowed, I'm not a hat person, nor is it a hat outfit, but for privacy and not to chop off at the head... Although Maril might chop my head off if she finds me wearing her hat, with my skirt. I can wear my leather dresses, pants, shorts and coats, but not keen on the skirts. I also have a nice leather jacket to match but a bit too much today. Thanks all. js
  3. thrift shop treats !

    Hi there. The brand is DUO. It does not say where they are made. They have a nice aqua lining...well made boots. js
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  6. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    I love it because the sun can shine under and the wind and the falling leaves can blow under my feet.
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Well, I can certainly relate to what has been written so far. My "interest" in women's boots began when I was a kid, much before puberty...So, I guess I am wondering how I could have developed what might be referred to as a fetish before I had even developed sexually. I too, have spent/wasted so much time and emotional energy trying to "figure this out". I should try harder trying to find written material on the subject written by those with psychological knowledge on these things. I guess your best explanation is the simplest one, much like you have written.... You like the way you look in heels/boots You like the way heels/boots make you feel about yourself You think high heel boots look great These same explanations could be applied to why we make several purchases, such as cars, homes, jeans, sneaks, glasses, etc. I guess societal norms have been drilled into us so effectively, we make ourselves crazy trying to figure out why we would like to ignore what is "acceptable male clothing". I guess one big reason is that we question our "manhood" or sexual preference because we like to wear what society has labeled "female clothing/footwear". Being a member of this website has shown me a very important lesson, many different types of men enjoy wearing heels. There is no direct correlation between guys who enjoy wearing heels and sexual preference. The way I see it, a guy who has the guts/confidence to wear the heels he likes publicly is truly masculine and confident man indeed.
  9. thrift shop treats !

    Those look just like my Ralph Lauren boots that I like so much, what brand are they?
  10. First Time Heels in Public - Scotland

    Sefir Welcome buddy, glad to have you here....Those Amazon boots look great buddy! The question is: how well can you walk in them? Please do not attempt any public heeling in heels you can not walk smoothly/relatively confidently in. Stumbling, or being outwardly nervous in public can be a big set back when it comes to public heeling. Trust me, I DO understand, we all really want to jump out into public and show off our killer 5" heels. But, like all have said, the best approach is to start slowly in lower heels that you can walk reasonably well in. Starting off by fueling at night is a good idea. Throwing yourself out into a long walk in a heavily populated area is sure to create a lot of stress, you want to avoid emotional/physical set backs at all costs buddy. So, to answer your question, don't wear those heels to fuel up unless you can walk reasonably well in them... don
  11. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    As you will find out, most of us started when we were young. I have a picture of myself wearing my mother´s boots. When I was younger I loved the feeling of having boots on, I can´t really explain what the feeling was. When I got a little older I was attracted to the boots and heels. Again, I can't explain the feeling but it definitely got me really excited and turned a little more into a fetish. I forgot about my love about high heels for a while but when the internet started getting more used I started looking for shoes in my size. Most of the shoes in my size were thigh high boots and I bought a few pairs of them. I definitely felt really excited wearing them. After wearing them I would feel as if though I was doing something wrong, and I got rid of most of them. When I became an adult, I told my then girlfriend about it. It was a little complicated but she accepted my interests, not really enjoyed them. I started buying a really nice collection of boots (knee and thigh high). I have ventured into trying all types of female attire, which makes me feel really good when I wear. In trying to figure out what I feel I can tell you; I like the way I feel more with this type of clothing that with male attire. I put it this way, this type of clothing makes me feel sexy, comfortable and good about myself. Unfortunately, I feel really sexy and nice when I wear them, but I don't feel quite as good when I see pictures of myself using them. It is contradictory but that is the way I feel. I love the way I feel with this type of clothing, it makes me feel good.
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  13. Word Association Game

    Black Friday
  14. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    What a cute look - you look so natural and comfortable!
  15. Do you girls like these??

    No beating around the bush with @Amanda
  16. First Time Heels in Public - Scotland

    Let me guess - she wore slip slops
  17. Word Association Game

  18. Do you girls like these??

    I think they look very cheaply made. I think the heel is disproportionately high making them look quite ugly. I think they are something that a hooker or crossdresser might want to wear.
  19. Hello HHP I seem to have returned here for some reason and unspecifiable period :-)


    1. Cali


      I'd like to see more women pop their heads in.

    2. Amanda
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  21. Sussex, UK

    I'd love to chat/meet up with another heel wearer within 50 miles or so of Brighton. I'm in heels most days.
  22. First Time Heels in Public - Scotland

    I bought a pair of those. Great shoes. I'd advise something a bit more subtle for public wear, even if only ordinary leather rather than patent, if you can handle heels that high confidently on varying surfaces. Remember that wearing them indoors is very different from wearing them on hard and varying surfaces, with rough ground, cracks, slopes, steps, etc. I've worn stilettos a couple of times for shopping but usually stay with wedges or block heels about 4-4.5 inches, and I've never had a comment. Most people don't even notice. My wife accepts that sort of heel and I think occasionally makes me walk on difficult surfaces with her on purpose. Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach, which is a mixture of shingle and sand, with me in my 4.5 inch wedge boots. They're old ones so I didn't worry about the damage from the stones!
  23. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Thanks for the kind words. As always, much appreciated. Jaunt #407, 10/22/2017: As long as the weather keeps on being sunny and warm, I'll take advantage of the opportunity to go outings like Sunday as I decided to dress up, sporting a black crepe blouse, a black and white print skirt, the Payless “Tawny” wedge slides n black and a black handbag. I've probably said this before, but I can't help feeling a strong sense of freedom when I wear women's clothes in public, being able to cast aside the clothes society forces me to wear in favor of clothes I love wearing is extremely liberating, and I won't deny that I pull off a feminine appearance with both style and panache. After all, it was Thighbootguy who said the reason I almost never attract any attention while out and about is because I successfully present myself as a middle aged woman, and that people accept that presentation. Hey, who am I to argue with that rationale? But, I digress. I headed downtown and my usual haunts at Rittenhouse Square, because it was Sunday, it took a wee bit of time to find a parking spot, twenty-five minutes to be precise si de I'm extremely loath to pay ridiculously high prices for garages or lots. Once I found a spot, some two plus blocks from the park, I took a leisurely stroll down a crowded street to One Liberty Place for lunch where I enjoyed a salad and a bottle of water, then I made my way up to the park where I found a bench and sat down to relax with my nook e-reader and read for a solid hour. It should be noted that the only person who took any sort of notice of me while I was there was a homeless man who gave me a long, disapproving look as he shambled past. Oh, well, I guess you can't please everybody, but, I can live with that, since no one else in a park chock full of people on a delightfully sunny afternoon gave me so much as a first or second glance. The only downer was that two plus hours seemed to just fly by, before I knew it, I had to pack up and return to my car before my time expired as, even on Sunday, the city’s Parking Authority were out and about ticketing violators. Still, it was a good time, and that's the important thing. More to come....
  24. Who has bought some new shoes

    Nice subtle heels you can wear anywhere.
  25. thrift shop treats !

    They look great. Agreed - the top did look a little off at the beginning, but the rest of the boots makes up for it!
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