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  2. Happy, actually that was Tim0578 that made that comment - I just added that I liked his choice in heels. I am with him though. 4" is my limit of comfort. I've tried the gel pads. Problem is most shoes are not really wide enough for my feet - so putting a pad in the toe box just takes up too much space, so they end up being very uncomfortable. Ho the woes of cramming a rather wide male foot into a shoe designed for the narrower, more delicate female foot! Boo
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  4. Beautify shoes...they got to get out on the town.
  5. Hope you're not melting the soles of your heels with this recent weather!
  6. So it's time to bring heels back! I'm doing my part are you? But the premise is false.
  7. Welcome. Glad you have an accepting spouse! Nice to be able to wear heels out without too much worry about what your mate will think.
  8. Heels for men went out of fashion decades before the French Revolution. Sometime around 1730 or even a bit earlier. Their popularity was actually declining by the end of the 17th century.
  9. This gold pair showed up today. Liked them so much that I went and ordered the purple metallic ones too. My wifes gold chrome ones look great but sorry I have no pictures.
  10. HappyinHeels, Yes but women are supposed to be emotional, lighthearted and illogical. That is what it is said to explain why women kept wearing high heels, while men discarded the idea after the end of monarchies centuries ago, when wearing heels was a symbol of aristocracy. Who wants to belong to aristocracy when republicans behead them ? That was reasonable. Now we want to explain to women that they should stay with a man wearing heels, a type of shoe said to be uncomfortable, unhealthy for your feet, back and ankles, and that prevents the wearer from moving as quickly as he/she could ? You could directly say that her man has become emotional, lighthearted, and illogical, and she now has to deal with seriousness and reason. They should be allowed to discuss this with each other.
  11. You didn't offend me, I wear heels daily in public, have manicured and painted both fingernails and toenails, shave my arm pits, blend my clothing, and wear some light make-up, yet I'm not feminine and I feel what I do as expressing myself, not feminizing. Many here call it freeI need to remove the hair in the winter, so I get waxed 3 - 4 times a season and now I'm enjoying some of the "side effects": thinner and finer hair. And I think it makes my legs look better in my heels and shorts.
  12. Welcome fellow Californian. Use whatever you can to lose and keep weight off.
  13. I hear what you say and totally agree with you, thanks for replying and for the encouragement, my main point is anyone can wear anything regardless of gender and men don't have to feminise themselves to wear a dress/ skirt and heels (unless they want to of course) in the same way women don't have to be masculine to wear jeans and sweatshirts with trainers, just be who you want and wear what you want
  14. I was pretty sure that I knew what you meant the first time, but I just had to poke you in the ribs a little bit! I did try to resist, but my baser side won out in the end. I guess the problem with the whole concept is that what is considered "normal" and what is not normal is so artificial anyway. Most modern Westerners (male or female) prefer it if women shave their legs. It just looks better. Why is this? It certainly wasn't always this way, and isn't this way everywhere in the world. I am certainly not immune from my cultural bias, I buy into it also. Shaved legs just look better to me. I figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander. But then, most ganders do not wear shorts as short and as tight as I do, so go figure. Don't worry about it brother, I was winding you up a bit.
  15. Welcome to the forum. Although we are primarily about shoes/boots and heels, there are a bunch of folks that enjoy your hobby. You're wearing great shoes, and by the way, makeup is fun.
  16. Hey HIH, I was also living in AZ, specifically north Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I remember that day well - I had been in Tucson and was driving back that afternoon, tracking the temps, heard on the radio that Sky Harbor was "shut down". I also still have a t-shirt, wonder if it's the same design - skeleton sitting under an umbrella on a block of ice, wilting cactus in the background, slogan says " fortunately it's a DRY heat!" Same as yours? Logjam
  17. Willing to accept $260 (£210) - price they were puchased for. Please feel free to PM me or ask any questions here too.
  18. Looking great! if it makes you feel good, and gives you motivation to be healthier, than its gotta be a good thing
  19. Welcome!!! There is a lot of involved fantastic people here. Hope you have fun with he heels and at some point like most of us,,, wear them outside the house!! They are just shoes!!! I wear mine with skirts all the time CAT
  20. Sorry it probably didn't come across as i wanted it to, i just basically meant that as a man i am covered in body hair and personally have no desire to remove it, I'll wear any style of male or female clothing along with high heeled boots or shoes but don't feel i have to alter my appearance in doing so, sorry if I've been misinterpreted or offended anybody
  21. Thanks. Ever since I started CDing again, my mind and mood had been at an all time high, even after I "logout" of girl mode to go back to my regular self. This is a good hobby even if I'm just doing it privately. It's giving me motivation to start exercising again to lose some weight. Just took these pics tonight with a new outfit.
  22. Welcome, @Nikrista Sorry to hear you are alone, but happy to hear you are able to endulge yourself again. You look great - that's a cute dress, and those heels look fab too (as do your legs )! Happy heeling, as they say here!
  23. High heels are my footwear, not my fetish. I want people to see them as "just my footwear", so I must treat them as "just my footwear". I can't ask others to do it if I don't do it, you've got to lead by example. That being said, there is no reason (except space) that I can't have 35 - 40 pairs, specially if this is what I wear.
  24. While waiting for registration here, I made the same intro post on reddit. Trying to share across multiple communities. Just gonna copy paste that over here A little history about me. I first started experimenting with dresses and heels as a teen-ager over 25 years ago. Never did make-up. Mainly just clothes only to see how they feel, and it felt great. The reason why I stopped was I didn't have any alone time until about a month ago. Now that I do, I've been getting that itch to dress up again. I'm a gamer, and as you can guess, I play a lot of female characters to dress them up. This user name is one of those I've used. It's only fitting to use her as my other self. Here's a sample pic I took earlier today. It's not much, and could use work. Shoes are a little tight, so next pair I'll go half a size higher. I'd also try out some stockings just to hide those legs too lol. How did this get this long. Normally I don't say much
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