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Getting Tired Of Posting In The Guys/everybody.




I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting tired of posting In the forums. Its the same old, same old! People too scared to wear heels outside, worrying what others think and so on. If I find something interesting, I might post, but not right now. Some people might be upset by my comments, but its just shoes and you have nothing to be ashamed of!

I'm going to concentrate on my blogs. This way I can talk about everything I'm into. Heels are I small part of what I'm in. To be honest, I like high heels, but not sandals, clogs, strappy slingbacks or pumps with a ton of toe cleavage. I like chunky heel pumps and boots with platforms and with a goth influence. I'm sure everybody have their favorite type of shoes.

I'm trying to make my own designs and don't want to follow a crowd too much.

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Sounds to me like you discovered the basic truth. But the other truth is that guys need to see examples of guys who are fearless about wearing high heels in public, including the sexy stiletto.

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Shafted is right. I am one of those - I've been living with it for 20 years! It's reading the about people like you and shafted that inspire the rest of us and help us get over whatever fears we have about exposing ourselves how we want to. What's socially acceptable is something that's drilled in from early age and is hard to get over.

I do, however, see where you are coming from. I find myself getting occasionally bored reading the same stuff but then something interesting always comes up eventually.

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Not everyone can be as amazing & daring & courageous as you are, haha.

I can only second what the previous two said while adding...You guys are vets so of course you might be getting bored. But are you getting bored of reading, or bored of helping? Because if you're bored with helping, then you might just be done around here for a little while, Not saying that you are because only you know that. But it takes patience to get the "new kids on the block" to up and go about, not caring what the world thinks. As they stated, that's when you & other active high heelers come in.

But then also realize that we're not As lucky as you are. Some have friends & family they worry about running into, and moving is not always an accessible answer; and then the select few that would like a relationship to be kept with certain friends & family so you gotta kind of consider our needs as well. Sure most of their family aren't very considerate when it comes to the subject, but the person's current state of affairs say to lay low for now, be patient, and when the time is right, strike with all our might.

They will get there. Things are looking great with the growing number of members on this forum. I bet you haven't noticed any of the people who posted a month or two ago being a newbie, Now posting about their first Outing? Goodness, I love those! <3

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Hey Cat,

To be honest I read the site from the "All activity" panel, so that I can also see your posts on your blog !

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15 hours ago, Gudulitooo said:

Hey Cat,

To be honest I read the site from the "All activity" panel, so that I can also see your posts on your blog !

I usually just throw an album together but occasionally I will post on a specific thred.  My last outing had more picks from the stores I was shopping in but even when I cropped them down I kept getting it thrown out because the file size was to big. UGH!!!!! Had some great pics too!! 

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