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Dirty Looks From People




I was walking through the Bay(store in toronto). When you are walking thru the cosmetics department, you're always stopped by someone trying to sell something. All the designer outlets are very close together, its sort of like saks 5th ave. In new york. Anyway, I wanted to check out the new christian dior perfumes and then check out the new swatch watches. But a woman from Estee Louder caught my eye. She said if a spend $36. I get a free gift. So I told her I need a good concealer. She did a whole makeup application. With eyeliner and mascara. Almost every man that walked by gave me a dirty look. But the women seemed to love it. What's wrong with guys? Its my own business what I want to put on my face! If you don't approve, then screw you. The girl loved my look with the flare jeans, heels, and cool hair. She had to wash off the makeup I put on in the morning. She said I did an amazing job putting it on. She said guys should have this kind of fun just like the girls do. She had so much fun working on me and I loved it. We talked about an hour. I told her of my fashion ideas and the type of look I'm going for. She told me I'm high maintenance. Sort of like a Kim Kardasian type. I'll take that as a compliment. I know I'm vain and ego driven, but that's just me. Got to be like that in the fashion world. I made her day. She probably went home and forced her husband to wear makeup. I tod her I'd be back to get pampered again


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" She said guys should have this kind of fun just like the girls do."

Sounds like she knows doubling her client base is good business.

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