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  1. My girlfriend found this - don't know if anyones posted it already so sorry if they have. http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/how-high-heels-went-from-menswear-to-womens-torture-device
  2. Since my last entry, quite a lot has happened. I met a lovely lady who is now very much part of my life Not long after meeting her I had a moment of weakness and confusion and went against my self imposed promise of never getting rid of my entire collection of heels and purged my flat of all womens shoes. Gutted. Especially since doing it I told her all about my passion for heels and womens footwear in general and she is totally cool about it. She said she's happy for me to wear them around the house but wasn't too sure about me wearing them out locally with her around which is totally fine with me because I'm not particularly confident about doing that either. She did however hint at us going out in a town where we don't know anyone and going walking in heels. I still feel a bit weird about wearing them around her which I put down to years of feeling shame about it. But it's getting easier as time passes and I feel like I can openly talk about it whenever I want. It's quite a relief just being able to rabbit on about it whenever I want. I have since invested in a couple of new pairs both of which were imported from the US from Barefoottess.com (great website for the larger footed man/woman!). Expensive but well worth it. Pics below... I've not done any public walking in heels or flats since my last outing but I feel like I'd like to again sometime. I'm really gutted I don't have those Steve Madden flats I went out in the first time because they were great for that. I'm sure a similar pair will turn up somewhere. Anyway, more to follow....as and when stuff happens. Happy heeling folks!
  3. Awesome shoes dude! Very attractive. . I just ordered these from Barefoot Tess: http://www.barefoottess.com/shop-all/shop-all-heels/9west-flax-bk.html
  4. Not worthy of a complete new entry but today (Sunday 6th October) I went for a walk round the block near my flat in these shoes. Nice early Sunday morning stroll to clear the cobwebs!
  5. Indeed Jeff - that's exactly how I'm approaching it. One little step at a time. Just been looking at rubber heel tips on ebay for some of my heels. I think I'd feel better about going out in them if they didn't make so much noise - although I do love the sound! Thanks for the encouraging words!
  6. It's a double edge sword for me. I do love the sound but would prefer to go stealth when I do go heeling. Not ready for attracting too much attention. Yet.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments guys. I did it again this morning. A nice Sunday morning stroll but just around the block this time so no great distance but enjoyable none-the-less.
  8. 54?? No way! Mind you I get the same - I'm 37 and most people take 10 years off that and are surprised to learn otherwise. Go on Jeff B!
  9. Happened again! Photo seems to have rotated itself again..?
  10. Today I walked publicly in "womens" shoes for the first time! How cool is that? Now, last night I was reading ILK's post called "the suit" and there's this whole bit in the middle of all the banter about suits where he goes on a big rant about how the reason some of us fellas are scared about wearing heels publicly is all in our heads and not to do with what society deems to be acceptable - or in other words we create the notion that society disapproves in our heads and that 99% of the population don't really give 2 shits. Jeff B and Pumpcat and all the other guys on here are testament to that fact as you will see from their stories of all the high heel outings they have made over the years. And none of them have ever reported any seriously bad times doing it. Funny looks and the odd comment, perhaps, but nothing really bad. It was a really inspiring piece of writing! (I think I summarised it OK?). So anyway, I took my Steve Madden flats with me when I went to town with the intention of wearing them at some point - I just didn't know when. I nearly went for it a couple of times whilst walking in more quiet parts but didn't fancy the idea of getting caught changing into them. So after my swim I thought I would just wear them out of the pool which is exactly what happened. It was a good 10-15 minute walk back to the town centre where I went about looking in a few charity shops for some clothes ("womens") but found nothing. Then I walked home and changed back out of them before getting back home cos my dad was in. Altogether it was a lovely experience. I felt very relaxed about the whole affair and made a point of not looking around to see if anyone was watching me. Nothing happened. No-one said anything or even looked at me in a funny way. That relaxed-ness was even there when I was shopping as I often feel like looking over my shoulder when I'm shopping but not today. But then I often go shopping in my home town and find myself worrying that someone I know might bump into me.. bla bla bla.. I'm not ready to take the plunge into heeling proper yet but this was the first step. I've lived with this for about 25 years now and it's only in the past 5 or so, and especially since finding this site, that I have felt going out publicly in "womens" attire is something that I could actually do. I was so paranoid about the thought before that that there was no way it was ever going to happen. In fact, it wasn't even a consideration! But now....
  11. Well, almost-heeling-escape. Finally, I took the plunge and after going swimming I put on the Steve Madden ballerinas I have with me and walked from the pool, right through the town centre and then half way back to my folks place (I am away from home at the moment). Yes! YES!! Double YES with beans! Ok, they're not heels but they are awesome "womens" shoes and I love wearing them. It was great. And guess what happened? That's right - sweet FA! It started on the train down yesterday. I'd thrown the shoes in as an after thought as I was leaving the house as my dad is a bit tight and won't heat the house properly and the floors are always cold so I thought I'd wear them once he's gone to bed and the house starts getting really cold. So I wore them on the train for a bit and then after swimming today I just thought "F*ck it, I am going back to town in them" which I promptly did. It's a bit weird walking in such thin flat shoes but once I got into it, it was a lovely walk. Went and browsed a few charity shops (I think you call them thrift shops over the pond) for "womens" garms too but didn't find anything I liked. I am keeping a more comprehensive record in my blog should you wish to read more but I haven't written about this bit yet. Sorry about the twisted photo - it just rotated itself when I posted :/
  12. Great speech dude - that's the most enjoyable read I've had on here! Made me laugh! And made me think... I do like a suit but I prefer a manly approach in them - 50's style gangster vibes and they really don't work with heels.
  13. Awesome shoes dude - a good buy in my book. I often wish I had smaller feet so I could buy more shoes on the high street. But then I'd also have an unbelievably large collection of heels!
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